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Why Join Us

  1. Meet Industry experts, policy makers, specifiers, producers and other building professionals at our singular platform
  2. Discover new trends and opportunities affecting the sector’s transformation
  3. Explore financing options available for pre-fabrication projects, and overcoming present bias.
  4. Discover best practices from modular projects from across the region outside New Zealand.
  5. Find out how pre-fabrication techniques are applied in healthcare and education project construction sectors.
  6. Gain Insights on the country’s building code compliance for modular construction.
  7. Explore how Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication Can Solve New Zealand’s 30,000 Labour Shortage and Housing Demand problems
  8. Understand Building Cladding and Fire Safety Considerations for Modular Projects.
  9. Explore 3D Printing, BIM and other Digital Innovations in Modular Construction.
  10. Being part of the innovative and burgeoning design and construction industry at the forefront of modern modular and offsite construction methods of productivity and sustainability

Hot Topics to be Discussed

DAY 1: WEDNESDAY, 24 October 2018 – 3 Pre-Summit Site Visits:

  • TLC’s Modular Housing Project. Unique to this year’s conference is the exclusive site tour to Hobsonville Point where you will see how New Zealand’s first pre-fabricated multi-tenancy two storey duplex building was built in just three days using the latest modular construction technology, compared to 22 weeks for a conventional build
  • BIM Lab. Visit a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Lab to explore how BIM can integrated into modular construction and prefabrication to help architects, developers, construction companies and design agencies develop plans to meet the demands of their projects
  • CLT Factory. View the development of pre-fabricated Ghulam and engineered timber structures, which can support heavier loads and be applied for structural and structural components in buildings

Day 2: THURSDAY, 25 October 2018

  • Lessons for New Zealand: The International PPVC, DfMA, Flat Pack Experience in Singapore, Australia, Germany, Finland and Japan
  • Understand the new Government’s thinking and support for the modular construction and offsite fabrication sectors in New Zealand, Industry Transformation Agenda, and business implications for ramping up modular initiatives in New Zealand
  • New Zealand’s First Modular Hotel – Lessons Learnt & New Opportunities for the Future
  • Case Study: Modular construction in the New Zealand’s health & aged care sectors, student accommodations and affordable housing

Day 3: FRIDAY 26 October 2018

  • New developments and lessons from Bathroom and Kitchen Pod Leaders
  • 3D Printing, BIM and other Digital Innovations in Modular Construction
  • How Modular Construction help in the Seismic-prone Areas and for Disaster Recovery from Cyclones/Floods
  • Fixing the Constant Pain Points: Clearing New Zealand’s Imported Prefab Product Compliance Pathway
  • How banks and insurers can be further incentivised to finance and cover prefab projects

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