Summit Highlights

5 Unbeatable Reasons why this is an uniquely different Must-Attend Healthcare Summit of the Year:

  1. Fresh, novel, first-time topics directly relevant to hospital efficiency, clinician effectiveness and positive patient outcomes

  2. At one singular platform, meet with so many CEOs, Managing Directors, CIOs, CTOs, Directors, Clinicians, Investors, Innovators, Technology Leaders, Life Science Researchers, all key decision makers in the whole healthcare ecosystem

  3. Practical real-situation best practice experience to be shared, with many successful medical AI and robotics case studies

  4. Take the front seat as new Healthcare Technologies are being showcased

  5. How digital health models would have to change, with the full application of special medical innovations, with good patience outcomes as the goal

Hot Topics to Be Discussed

DAY 1 – MAIN SUMMIT (4 APR, 2018)

  • Disrupting Medical & Health Care with 5G
  • The Use of AI to transform Social Care
  • New Medical Innovations Exemplars
  • Using AI to build a Living Hospital
  • Disrupting Drug Discovery with AI
  • The World’s Smartest AI Health Information Service

DAY 2 – MAIN SUMMIT (5 APR, 2018)

  • The Uber of Surgery
  • The Development of Human Organs
  • Genomics for All
  • Robots in Connected Healthcare
  • AR for Medical Training & Therapy

Companies Expected at the Summit

  • Carl Zeiss Vision
  • Derby Hospital
  • Ecolab
  • eHealth Ireland
  • Essex Healthwatch
  • FISC Healthcare
  • GSK
  • Heartway Hungary
  • HomeSmiths
  • Insequa Ltd
  • JS-Medical
  • Mears Group
  • MED e-care Health
  • Medica Humana
  • Medicaltex
  • Medicom Healthcare
  • Medtronic
  • NHS Digital
  • NHS England
  • NHS Improvement
  • Norfolk and Waveney STP
  • Northumbria Healthcare
  • Nostra
  • Opis-Med
  • Ortobrace
  • Philips
  • Sala-Med
  • Sanofi
  • Smith & Henderson
  • Somerset Care
  • Synergy Health
  • Tricuro
  • UCL