About The Forum

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Tourism industry is important for the benefits it brings and due to its role as a commercial activity that creates demand and growth for many more industries. Tourism not only contributes towards more economic activities but also generates more employment, revenues and play a significant role in development.

Moreover, tourism has the potential to improve relationships between nation states or businesses, to create opportunities for entertainment and recreation, and to improve the value of a currency. It can also open up cultural exchange opportunities.

In an ever changing, innovative and evolving climate, tourism and entertinment industries are yet another part of the global mechanism undergoing this ongoing transformation to enhance and improve visitors’ experience. The move towards Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has led to speculation about the potential of truly futuristic technologies, from augmented and virtual reality solutions.

Understanding your need to stay ahead of the technology curve and prepare your organization for successful transformation, transition and implementation, Clariden Global cordially invites you to our ATTRACTIONS AND ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE TECHNOLOGY FORUM: Re-Defining Visitor Experiences With Experiential Attractions And Multi-Sensory Technologies this coming November 2020 at Sydney, Australia.

Throughout the 2 days of thought leadership content-filled event, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking and experience sharing. You can maximize your forum experience by attending the keynote sessions, panel discussions, interactive roundtables and site tours providing actionable takeaways to bring back to the office. You will also acquire insights, solutions and strategies to gain a deeper understanding on how the region’s amusement, attractions and entertainment developers can attract and engage the next generation of visitors.

Why You Must Join Us At This Forum

5 Powerful Reasons  To Attend The Forum

  1. International case studies and success stories featuring the latest advances in tourism and entertainment experience
  2. Discussions and insights on technologies like mixed reality, analytics, chatbots and wearables that are revolutionizing the visitor experience
  3. Actionable best practices around implementing effective guest/visitor experience models and methodologies
  4. Understand the modern tourist and visitor: what they want, how they want it and how you can overcome key stumbling blocks to offering it
  5. Network with global leaders in tourism, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment to catalyze new ideas

The Forum At A Glance

MAIN FORUM DAY 1: Tuesday, 24 Novmeber 2020

  • Art You Can See, Smell and Taste: Reimagining the Gallery Experience with Multi-Sensory Digital Art
  • Blending Augmented Reality with Multi-Sensory Technology: A Case Study from Wanneroo’s Award-Winning Smart Playground
  • How Casinos Are Using Predictive Modelling and Data Analytics to Redefine in Entertainment Experience
  • Cruise Experience of the Future: How Royal Caribbean Combine Novel Technology With Fun at Sea To Create Compelling Experience
  • Novel Technologies Transforming Cruise Entertainment Experience, Including Geo-Locator for Kids
  • How a Cheeky, Chatty Seal Bot Drove Up Visitor Interest at the Sydney Opera House

MAIN FORUM DAY 2: Wednesday 25 Novmeber 2020

  • How Theme Parks Uses Gamification Apps to Amplify User Engagement
  • Enriching Heritage Museums With Augmented Reality and Immersive Gamification Experiences
  • Delivers Ultra-Personalised Guest Experiences with Wearables
  • How Facial Recognition Can Transform Customer Experience in Theme Parks and Attraction
  • The World’s First Ridesharing Submarine: Uber on Demand at the Great Barrier Reef

Unique To This Year's Event


SITE TOUR A: VR Experience for Theme Park 

The theme park race to build the highest, fastest and loopiest ride has climbed to new heights with the arrival of VR. Virtual rides offer a world of opportunities for both entertainers and customers: breathing new life into existing rides without massive investments, creating novel experiences unachievable with physical rides and even enabling visitors to enjoy their favorite rides from the comfort of home. From immersive VR-enhanced rides like The Kraken Unleashed at Florida’s SeaWorld and The Daemon at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, to completely VR-dedicated attractions like Guizhou’s VR Star Theme Park and Dubai’s VR Park, virtual reality is here to stay as a transformer of the theme park experience.  Join us in this exclusive site tour to discover how Virtual Reality can be integrated to engage your visitors and re-define their experiences.

SITE TOUR B: Technology and Innovation at Sydney Zoo

Developed in the heart of Western Sydney, the new world-class Sydney Zoo exhibits a wide range of iconic animal species in a 16.5ha safari-like setting, augmented with modern exhibit design, water features, and elevated boardwalks to bring visitors closer to the animals than ever before. Hidden behind cleverly designed barriers, an array of technological innovations provide an experience more immersive and engaging than traditional zoos. Join us on this exclusive tour of Sydney Zoo to see this technology in action and what it brings to the visitor experience.