About the Forum

Leveraging on technologies like 3D printing, robotics and industrial IoT, smart manufacturing enables the building of the factories of the future: smarter, more connected and highly responsive to changes in the ecosystem.

Understanding your need to stay ahead of the technology curve and prepare for the imminent Industry 4.0 disruption, Clariden Global cordially invites you to the inaugural Smart Manufacturing, 3D Printing & Industry 4.0 Forum 2018: Embracing Transformation: Smart Factories of the Future this coming November, a global gathering of manufacturing experts and thought leaders in the region to better understand, incorporate and devise strategic customer-centric manufacturing strategies. This event is carefully researched and crafted with the most desired and unparalleled insights on smart manufacturing, featuring the latest innovations, challenging issues and insightful keynote sessions that will help you ignite a successful Industry 4.0 transformation.

Mark 28 – 30 November 2018 in your calendar and book your seat now! Join us in harnessing the promising potential of the Smart Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Industry 4.0 Forum by tapping into the expertise of manufacturing professionals and digital innovators with local and global case studies and proven solutions.

Why You Must Join Us At This Forum

5 Key Takeaways from Attending the Smart Manufacturing, 3D Printing & Industry 4.0 Forum 2018

  1. Stay ahead of the technology curve and prepare your manufacturing capability for the imminent smart manufacturing disruption
  2. Discover the latest advanced manufacturing innovations to create plant-wide optimization, sustainable production and data inter-operability
  3. Embrace new digital technologies intelligently to achieve growth and profitability in a tumultuous time
  4. Acquire practical insights, proven solutions and effective strategies to aid in your organization’s digital transformation
  5. Engage and network with some of most innovative industrial minds in the thriving times of smart manufacturing solutions and activities

Discover These Key Themes at The Forum

  1. Building an Industrial Digital Ecosystem: Manufacturing’s Next Big Act
  2. Smart Manufacturing Success Stories
  3. Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing as Game Changer
  4. Advanced Robotics, Automation and the Factory of the Future
  5. AI and Machine Learning in Revolutionizing Smart Manufacturing
  6. Smart Factory & Interoperability
  7. Integrating Smart Warehouse Logistics with Autonomous Vehicles
  8. How 5G & Robotics Will Truly Revolutionize Industry 4.0
  9. AR & VR in Re-Defining Manufacturing Design, Safety and Operations
  10. Unlocking True Business Potential with IIoT and Rising Interconnectivity
  11. How Big Data Analytics are Transforming Manufacturing
  12. Bridging the Gap Between Use Cases, Technology and Culture Change

Unique To This Year's Event


MORNING | 09:00 – 12:00 

ANCA Smart Manufacturing Plant

In this Smart Manufacturing site tour, you will see how ANCA’s state of the art Smart Manufacturing Plant, is deploying technologies such as large scale data analytics, industrial Internet-of-Things and advanced robotics to transform and innovate their manufacturing site. One of the lead designer of robot development project companies in the world, delegates will witness the transformation of smart manufacturing process and how they deploy innovation to improve manufacturing efficiencies. Delegates will have the opportunity to tour around the entire production facilities

AFTERNOON | 13:00 – 17:00

Swinburne University’s Factory of the Future 

Swinburne’s Factory of the Future will bring the delegates to the next level of innovation experience by touring around state-of-the-art $100 million Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre (AMDC). Delegates will discover  the diverse industrial applications of 3D printing and additive manufacturing that enables rapid prototyping, innovative products and better manufacturing yields. This state of the art facility also offers  immersive virtual reality environment, innovation, 3-D Visualisation and state-of-the-art inspection equipment for developing high quality component.