09:00 – 12:00 ANCA Smart Manufacturing Plan  
In this Smart Manufacturing site tour, you will see how ANCA’s state of the art Smart Manufacturing Plant, is deploying technologies such as large scale data analytics, industrial Internet-of-Things and advanced robotics to transform and innovate their manufacturing site. One of the lead designer of robot development project companies in the world, delegates will witness the transformation of smart manufacturing process and how they deploy innovation to improve manufacturing efficiencies. Delegates will have the opportunity to tour around the entire production facilities.
ANCA Site Tour
13:00 – 17:00 Swinburne University’s Factory of the Future  
Swinburne’s Factory of the Future will bring the delegates to the next level of innovation experience by touring around state-of-the-art $100 million Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre (AMDC). Delegates will discover the diverse industrial applications of 3D printing and additive manufacturing that enables rapid prototyping, innovative products and better manufacturing yields. This state of the art facility also offers immersive virtual reality environment, innovation, 3-D Visualisation and state-of-the-art inspection equipment for developing high quality component.
factory of the future site tour


09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:15 Keynote: Smart Manufacturing Success Stories – Championing Industry 4.0  
  •  Brand hits and misses on optimizing the smart factory
  • Plans and implementation of solutions for the digital transformation
  • Unlocking the potentials of industry 4.0 – Productivity, Skills and Profits
  • Making the business case for smart manufacturing and achieving buy-in from top management
Michael-Grogan-roundedMICHAEL GROGAN
Managing Director
Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre
09:45 Smart Manufacturing & Innovation Roundtable discussions: Industry 4.0 PIllars for Success  
  • Challenges and opportunities with uptake of Industry 4.0 in Australia, especially for small and medium companies
  •  AR/VR
  •  Robotics Process Automation & Vision Systems
  •  IIoT & Cloud Computing
  •  Big Data Processing & Predictive Analytics
  •  Autonomous Vehicles
  Jason-Coonan-roundedDR. JASON COONAN
Chief Operating Officer
Innovative Manufacturing CRC
Andrew-Glynn-roundedANDREW GLYNN
Program Manager
Phantom Works International-Boeing
Steven-Kennedy-Cochlear2-roundedSTEVEN KENNEDY
Head of NPI
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:30 How Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing Will Upending Traditional Manufacturing  
  • How 3D Printing is disrupting and reinventing various industries to meet the challenges of our rapidly-evolving markets
  • Massive benefits offered by Additive Manufacturing: Increased speed to production, manufacturing design freedom, and supply chain reductions
  • Replacing redundancy and large volumes of unused inventory with new efficiencies and just-in-time manufacturing
  • Bringing manufacturers closer to consumers in the ever-increasing hyper-global and hyper-local world
 Don-Moloney2-roundedDON MOLONEY
Deputy Director
Department of Defence of Australia
11:00 Additive Manufacturing as Game Changer: Rapid Prototyping, Mass Customization and Distributed Manufacturing
  • New processes and techniques that transform the Additive Manufacturing industry by moving from prototype to production
  • How additive manufacturing pushes manufacturing status quo and enables rapid prototyping, mass customization and distributed manufacturing
  • Incorporating advanced materials and composites to build functional parts and final products
National Secretary
Australian Workers Union
11:30 Advanced Manufacturing and 3D Printing Case Study: How HP is taking its manufacturing processes to the next level
Jamie-Neo-roundedJAMIE NEO
Director of Engineering
12:00 How Konica Minolta Support The Manufacturing Industry Through Technological Disruption
  • Convergence of Additive manufacturing and robotics
  • The shift to end use part Additive manufacturing production
  • How the manufacturing industry will be supported through the disruption
Matthew-Hunter-roundedMATTHEW HUNTER
National Manager – 3D
Konica Minolta
Networking Luncheon
13:30 The Future of Additive Manufacturing – Recent breakthroughs and Key Advances
  • Development of new materials for 3D Printing and multiple material additive manufacturing platform
  • Simulation and modelling of new additive manufacturing processes
  • Impacts of recent advances on the manufacturing industry
Gordon-Wallace-roundedGORDON G. WALLACE
Executive Research Director
Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science
14:00 How Robotics and Automation Will Enable Factory of the Future  
  • Upgrading production efficiency and meeting better quality standards in manufacturing process with Robotics and Vision Systems
  • Enhancing profitability and growth through effective use of Robotic automation technology and vision inspection systems
  • Problems faced by local manufacturing on how to overcome production efficiency and energy costs to meet global competitiveness
SSS Manufacturing and IR4


14:30 Deploying AI and Machine Learning for Smart Manufacturing: How Siemens Leverages AI and Industries 4.0 for Smarter Manufacturing
Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
15:30 The Factory of the Future: AI-driven Robotics  
  • Human-robot interaction in unstructured environments
  • State-of-the-art developments in fundamental capabilities in both electro-mechanical hardware and artificial intelligence
  • Challenges in science and technology to further accelerate the robotics revolution
Todd-Hacking-roundedTODD HACKING
Chief Executive Officer
Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia
16:00 Cochlear Smart Manufacturing Case Study: Increasing Production Capabilities with Automation, 3D Printing and Industry 4.0.
  Steven-Kennedy-Cochlear2-roundedSTEVEN KENNEDY
Head of NPI


16:30 Industry 4.0 Panel: Biggest Challenges and Implementation Hurdle Towards, Smart Manufacturing, AI and Robotics  
  • Re-Skilling: How can we re-train or up skill our current workforce in the industry, primarily those who are at the lower spectrum to keep in pace with where the transformation is heading
Megan-Lilly-roundedMEGAN LILLY
Head of Workforce Development
Australian Industry Group
  • Cyber Security: A connected system might be vulnerable to Cyber-attacks. How do we prepare our manufacturing facilities to handle such attacks?
Managing Director
Enex Testlab
  • Legacy Systems: Despite current systems working well, how do manufacturers enable legacy system to transition to Industry 4.0
Bill-Skandalakis-roundedBILL SKANDALAKIS
Head of Manufacturing Systems
  • 3D Printing: Will 3D Printing be a Threat or Opportunity for Future Manufacturers
17:00 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:15 Champagne Cocktail Networking Session   
Champagne networking session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.


09:00 Forum Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson
09:15 Keynote: Smart Manufacturing Success Stories – Championing Industry 4.0  
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Food Manufacturing and Processing Industry
  • Precision Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Mining, Metals & Resources Industry
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
At Kearney 
Managing Director
09:45 Big Data Analytics: How Big Data & Analytics Will Empower the Next Generation Smart Manufacturing  
  • Improving capture, collection and analysis of data to its full potential
  • What can advanced analytics provide to manufacturing decision making?
  • How big data analytics enable better forecasting and strategy building at lower costs, using fewer resources, and improved return on investment
  Michael-Freyny-roundedMICHAEL FREYNY
Executive General Manager, Digital Factory and Process Industries
Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:30 Using Big Data Analytics To Improve Manufacturing Production Yield  
With the right analytics, manufacturers can zero in on every segment of the production process and examine supply chains in minute detail, accounting for individual activities and tasks. This ability to narrow the focus allows manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and reveal underperforming processes and components. Big Data analytics also reveal dependencies, enabling manufacturers to enhance production processes and create alternative plans to address potential pitfalls.
  Ruchika-Arora-roundedRUCHIKA ARORA
Solution Architect, Data and AI WW CTO Office
11:00 From Predictive Maintenance to Manufacturing Efficiency: How IIOT & Intelligent Sensors is Transforming Manufacturing to a Smart and Intelligent Landscape
  • Leveraging sensors and advanced analytics to flag deviations quickly to reduce unplanned downtime
  • Delivering an enhanced customer experience through predictive maintenance and performance monitoring of equipment
  • Improving manufacturing efficiency through automating data-driven decisions
Director, Key IoT Lab
Swinburne University of Technology
11:30 How to Implement Global Industry 4.0 Strategy to Achieve Full Connectivity and Standardization
  • How to standardise your Industry 4.0 strategy across all sites in order to improve connectivity and minimize system integration failures
  • How to gain buy-in from across your organisation in order to ensure the take-up of smart manufacturing solutions
  • Working with your partners to stay current on evolving standards and maximize the value delivered by Industry 4.0 investments.
12:00 The missing link between your business and your machines
  • Industrial IoT & How to Benefit from it.
  • Interoperability & Security
  • Fog Computing
  • Condition Monitoring with Predictive Maintenance as a key fundamental stepping stone to Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0
dmitry-levit-roundedDMITRY LEVIT
National Development Manager –
Automation, Control & IIOT
Networking Luncheon
13:30 How IIoT and Rising State of Interconnectivity are Shaking Up Traditional Manufacturing: Unlocking True Business Potential with IIoT
  • How IIoT and the rising state of interconnectivity are shaking up traditional industrial business models
  • Discovering key IIoT technologies, how they interact, and how you can customize them to fit the specific needs of your applications
  • Best practices to create a digital, intelligent and predictive factory with IIoT
Chief Technology Officer
14:00 How AR & VR Will Re-Define Manufacturing Design, Safety, Operations and Servicing  
  • What are AR and VR and how they can be applied to manufacturing
  • Advanced training and development enabled by Virtual Reality and simulation in high-risk industries
  • How AR and VR contribute to operational efficiency, productivity and uptime and create a smarter manufacturing process
Colin-Gudgeon-roundedCOLIN GUDGEON
Segment Director Pacific – Cpg & Manufacturing Software
14:30 Integrating Smart Warehouse Logistics with Driverless Trucks: How Digitization and Autonomous Vehicles will Make Supply Chain More Efficient
  • New intelligent “reach-trucks” with the innate human ability to orient themselves without expensive aids
  • Autonomous trucks performing complicated tasks like identifying desired pallets, storage, fetching or re-positioning without human intervention
  • Advanced technologies like Time-of-Flight cameras to ensure accuracy, efficiency and time-effectiveness of autonomous vehicles
Gilbert-Gragnier-roundedGILBERT GAGNAIRE
Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
15:30 Advanced Manufacturing Case Study: How Industry 4.0 Technologies are Transforming Manufacturing Capabilities across different industries  
  • Enablers for successful transformation – vision of the “Factory of the Future”
  • How to leverage strategic Industry 4.0 technologies to build on existing systems and infrastructure for big impact
  • Big data enabling better forecasting and strategy building
  • IoT delivering an enhanced customer experience through predictive maintenance and performance monitoring of equipment
Director | Factory of the Future
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
16:00 Panel: Future of Manufacturing: The Emerging Legal Challenges
  • Legal and regulatory implications arising from escalating smart technology within manufacturing
  • Potential vulnerabilities of increasingly open and connected manufacturing systems
  • Developing measures to protect valuable intellectual property and safeguard against thefts, digital industrial espionage and sabotage
Director/ Principal
Stephens Lawyers & Consultants
17:00 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman