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  1. Discover in-depth insights into the state-of-art in early warning system structure
  2. Emerging with the latest disasters and communication technology to amplify the reach out of your key search & rescue in emergency operation and disaster prevention responsibilities
  3. Disaster, climate change and development: Reducing risk by tackling the drivers of vulnerability
  4. Understand the unique issues facing the deaf, head of hearing and dead/blind communities when it comes to emergencies and disasters
  5. Learning ICT and social media platform is critical for effective emergency response in a situation as dynamic and serious as a widespread natural disasters
  6. Tap into exclusive insights real-time information and situational analysis about the medical needs, casualties require excellent communication and management across intensive units, ambulance and relief
  7. Rollout global resilience methodologies to establish executable risk management plans and overcome vulnerable pitfalls
  8. Improve psychosocial response to disaster and provide multi-dimensional building community back in source of resilience
  9. Examine best practices of disaster risk reduction to minimize vulnerabilities and disaster risks throughout a society in order to prevent, limit, mitigate, and prepare for the adverse impact of natural hazards
  10. Network and exchange strategic planning ideas with high level disaster planning officials and experienced natural disaster managers

Hot Topics to be Discussed

Monday, 6 August 2018: Pre-Forum Site Tour

  • Advanced Technologies in Disaster Planning and Rescue Site Tour

DAY 1: Tuesday, 7 August 2018

  • How Drones Fitted with Artificial Intelligence Are Changing Humanitarian Relief and Rescue Operation
  • Technology-Assisted Search & Rescue: Using Technology to Quickly Inspect Property Damage after a Major Weather Event
  • Saving Lives with Advances in Multi-Hazard Early Warning for Geophysical Disaster
  • A Case Study: The Disaster Cycle of Life
  • The Impact of Social Media in Emergencies & Disasters
  • What Happens When Telecommunication Failed During a Disaster?

DAY 2: Wednesday, 8 August 2018

  • Overview Disaster Mitigation, Emergency Response and Recovery: A Framework Strategy Planning, Sustainability Development and Infrastructure¬†¬†¬†
  • Integrating Climate Change Adaption into Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Saving Deaf People in Natural Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and Resilience
  • Bushfire Behaviour Modelling: Fire Safety Management of Vulnerable Persons in Business Prone Areas
  • Untold Stories of Real Life Australian and New Zealand
  • Improving the Retention and Engagement of Volunteers in Emergency Service Agencies

Advances in Technology for Geophysical Disaster