About the Conference

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development, Marketing and Customer Experience Conference

2017 has been a pivotal year for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), confirming its potential to become the next big computing platform. Goldman Sachs predicts it will be an $80 billion market in 2025, with $45 billion coming from hardware and $35 billion from software. In addition, AR and VR have also exhibited extraordinary capabilities to push past niche spaces like gaming to become an essential part in various industries. Commercial uses of AR and VR technologies are already visible across many business aspects, the most notable being marketing and customer experience.

We recognized that as hardware ends up in consumer hands at a faster rate than ever, marketers and CX professionals should consider the coming years as the testing grounds for new heights that can be reached via AR/VR. Through opening up a whole new canvas for storytelling and brand exploration, AR and VR offer novel, unprecedented ways to capture, hold attention and enhance the experience for customers. Nevertheless, surveys show that Singapore businesses remain skeptical about the immersive technologies, as exploration of such new technologies requires a keen understanding and a strong line of sight to brand strategy.

Understanding your need to stay ahead of the technology curve and prepare for the imminent AR/VR disruption, Clariden Global cordially invites you to the inaugural AR/VR Product Development, Marketing and Customer Experience Conference 2018 this coming January. A global gathering of AR/VR experts and thought leaders in the region to better understand, incorporate and devise strategic customer-centric AR/VR strategies. This event is carefully researched and crafted with the most desired insights in the AR/VR industry featuring latest innovations, challenging issues and insightful keynote sessions that will help you devise your future AR/VR plan.

Why Join This Conference

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development, Marketing and Customer Experience Conference

5 Revolutionary Takeaways from Attending this Conference

  1. Stay ahead of the technology curve and prepare your organization for the imminent AR/VR disruption
  2. Gain cutting-edge insights into the latest AR/VR technologies and how they can be successfully commercialized
  3. Acquire practical insights, proven solutions and customer-centric strategies powered by AR / VR
  4. Uncover the best ways to deliver novel, hyper-personalized and emotionally engaging customer experiences enabled by AR/VR
  5. Network and optimize partnerships with fellow marketing and CX professionals and digital innovators in the AR/VR scene

The Conference at a Glance

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development, Marketing and Customer Experience Conference

Pre-Conference: Monday 22 January 2018

  • Immersive AR/VR Experience Showcase – Delve Deeper into the World of AR/Vr and Discover the Next Frontier of Unsurpassable Advantages
  • AR/VR Product Development Site Tour (EON Reality) – Experience State-of-the-Art Technologies and Hear From Leaders of Singapore’s AR/VR Scene

DAY 1: Tuesday 23 January 2018

  • Keynote Session: Regional Trends in AR/VR and Why Mixed Reality will Drive Massive Adoption
  • Bridging the gap between Virtual and Reality: Pushing the Boundaries and the Possibilities for Singapore and Asia
  • Disrupt or be Disrupted – The Business Reality of AR/VR
  • Panel Discussion: ROI – How to Maximise your Investments in AR/VR and Reduce Initial Investment Costs
  • AR/VR Marketing and CX Masterclass by HP Singapore
  • “Experiential”: VR as the Next Game Changer in Luxury Goods Retail
  • “Holo-porting”: From Sci-fi to a reality for CX
  • Turning personalization on its head – AR to Pioneer a New Era of Customer Experience

Day 2: Wednesday 24 January 2018

  • Digital Reality is Here. Are You Ready?
  • National Museum of Singapore Case Study: Marrying Art, Culture and Technology
  • Managing the Dark Side of AR/VR: Patent, IP, Information Security & Liability
  • The Challenges of AR/VR for Businesses and How to Overcome Them
  • The art of storytelling and Narrative in AR/VR
  • Building unique value through Capitalizing on Big Data and Real-time Information
  • The Future of AR/VR – What’s next?
  • Panel Discussion: Sustainability of AR/VR as a Long-term Strategy

Companies Expected at the Conference

  • BMW Singapore
  • Far East Organization
  • Wing Tai
  • Sephora
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Coty Singapore
  • Guardian
  • Mapletree Investments
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Hiton Hotel Hospitality
  • Toyota Singapore
  • L’oreal
  • Keppel Land
  • DFS Venture
  • Uniqlo
  • Propnex
  • Adobe Systems
  • Huttons
  • Muiji Singapore
  • Watson
  • Honda Singapore
  • Scoot
  • HP