About the Conference

City Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Conference

The UK’s terror threat has been raised to its highest levels after the recent terror attack at the Parsons Green station, reaching the level of “Critical”. Within the space of three months during March and June 2017, UK experienced its first deadly terror attack on Westminster Bridge, then downriver on the London Bridge and Borough Market that has shaken the resiliency of London. Law enforcement has made a top priority of countering this issue by strengthening their ability to detect, disrupt, arrest, prosecute, and detain any terrorist suspects.

The paradigm shift in terrorist attack structure to low-capability high-impact attacks has led to growing public safety concerns and fear. This fear does not only affect how we live but the country’s economy as well. Terrorist groups are not only causing unforeseeable massacres but are advancing to cyber warfare which has the potential to compromise the target’s core systems. This could cause widespread destruction in the national critical infrastructure, affecting the population at large.

With these issues in mind, Clariden Global welcomes you to the City Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Conference that is dedicated to providing the latest information and critical issues & challenges related to the safety and security of the UK. This is an event that brings carefully researched and crafted insights from the safety and security industry’s top visionaries and evangelists in both public and private sector. Maximize your conference experience with insightful keynote sessions and real case studies in countering security threats and enhancing security resilience in various critical infrastructure points.

Mark the 12- 14 February 2018 in your calendar and book your seat now. Safeguard your future and be part of this eye-opening experience! We look forward to welcoming you!

Why Join This Conference

City Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Conference

10 Compelling Reasons to Join Us This February at the City Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Conference

  1. Discover UK’s latest national security initiatives to put public safety at the forefront
  2. Understand terrorism’s latest target shift to stay resilient in critical infrastructure protection
  3. Engage in dialogue with our panelist in addressing the key challenges in safeguarding critical national infrastructure
  4. Integrate innovative solutions from public and private sector to safeguard assets from emerging security threats
  5. Secure your organisation’s assets to stay ahead of emergency crisis in major event locations/sites
  6. Redefine aviation and border security by improving your security platform with multi-layering security
  7. Transform your cybersecurity efforts & initiatives to combat cyber warfare
  8. Gain insights from live demonstrations of the vulnerabilities in network systems that can be easily exploited by hackers
  9. Explore opportunities and solutions to future-proof your defense intelligence
  10. Leverage communication technologies and contingency planning in honing city resilience

The Conference at a Glance

DAY 1: Monday 12 February 2018

  • Panel Discussion: Next Point of Terrorist Attack – Where, What Infrastructure, and How It Will Be Executed?
  • Digital Caliphate: How ISIS is Taking Terrorism Digital
  • Vulnerabilities in Major Events & Stadium Security, Aviation & Border Security, and Power & Energy Security
  • Live Hacking Session to Gain Control of a SCADA/Smart City Network

DAY 2: Tuesday 13 February 2018

  • Highlights on Drone Terrorism vs Drone Surveillance
  • Facial Recognition Technology for Tighter Security Measures during Major Events
  • Increasing City Resilience, Crisis Communications, and Emergency Management
  • Effective Preventive Design in Preventing Terrorist Incident
  • What is Operation Temperer and How It Would Help Security Resiliency

Post-Conference Workshops: Wednesday 14 February 2018

  • Workshop A: Tabletop workshop in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management
  • Workshop B: Roundtable workshop on Emergency Response Planning

Companies Expected at the Forum

  • British Gas
  • British Rail
  • British Transport Police
  • Department of Transport
  • EON UK
  • EDF Energy
  • Emirates Stadium
  • Etihad Stadium
  • Global Infrastructure Partners
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Home Office
  • London Stadium
  • Manchester Airport Group
  • National Association for Healthcare
  • National Counter Terrorism Policing
  • National Crime Agency
  • National Cyber Crime Unit
  • National Police Chiefs Council
  • National Rail
  • National Security Strategy
  • Northern Ireland Railways
  • Old Trafford
  • Queen Elizabeth Hall
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Royal National Theatre
  • Royal Opera House
  • Scottish Power
  • Security Services MI5
  • SSE
  • UK Power Network
  • Wembley Stadium