About The Forum

Corporate learning has entered an exciting phase with the emergence of new technologies and growth of eLearning market. Organizations are acknowledging the crucial role learning and development plays in employee engagement and retention. In fact, research shows that more than 66% of companies agree that it is highly important to have an established learning and development program in the organization however a mere 5% believe that they have successfully created the optimal learning framework for their employees.

To meet this challenge and help you develop actionable and impactful corporate learning solutions which add value and strategically align with your organizational goals , Clariden Global is pleased to bring together a selected group of leading L&D Professionals for the Corporate Learning Innovations ANZ Forum 2019 on 30 Sept- 2 Oct in Sydney.

Attend this forum and discover the latest innovations in corporate learning to scale your employees’ talent and capabilities. Here from the stellar line-up of speakers from Westpac, ICC Sydney, Adshel, Cotton On Group, Woolsworth Group, CBRE, Reckitt Banckiser and many more as they share with you successful case studies on how to incorporate the latest learning technologies and strategies to cultivate a strong learning culture and platform within your organization. You can maximize your forum experience by attending the pre-forum Enterprise Learning Of The Future Site Tours where you will get to visit some of Australia’s most dynamic innovation workplace environments and understand how L&D teams interpret data to design personalized learning programs for optimal employee learning outcome.

Key Themes

  • Blended Learning Best Practices And Global Exemplars
  • Making Flipped Classroom Model Successful
  • Effective Personalized On-Demand Learning Strategy For Millennials
  • How Standard Chartered Uses Learning Analytics to Drive Learning Transformation
  • Using Data And Learning Analytics To Accelerate Personalized Learning
  • How FORTUNE 500 Companies Are Measuring The Success of Online Blended Learning
  • Leveraging Augmented and Virtual Reality to Improve Training Delivery
  • How Gamification Drives Better Learning Experience and Engagement
  • How Micro-Learning Transforms Corporate Learning Experience
  • How AI Will Transform Innovations in Corporate Learning
  • Individualizing Corporate Learning with Adaptive Learning
  • How AR/VR Is Changing The Way Employees Learn, Experience And Engage

5 Reasons To Attend This Forum

5 powerful reasons to attend the Corporate Learning Innovations ANZ Forum 2019

  1. Discover the latest innovations in corporate learning to scale your employees’ talent and capabilities, drive growth and build unique competitive advantages
  2. Embrace optimal learning outcomes and effective new learning experience with blended learning, experiential learning, on-demand learning strategies and other new innovative strategies
  3. Determine the best technology and strategy that provides maximum value to your organization and understand how you can leverage it to optimize the ROI on these implementations
  4. Staying ahead with actionable insights, proven solutions and effective strategies to enhance your employees’ competencies and strive for greater talent management
  5. Engage and network with some of the most innovative minds in the industry to build valuable knowledge sharing platforms or partnerships in striving for greater learning excellence in your corporation

The Forum At A Glance

Day 1: Monday, 30 September 2019 (Learning Innovations Site Tours)

  • Site Tour A: Designing Engaging And Personalized Learning With Learning Analytics Through Engaged Learning Online (ELO) & Engaged Learning Classroom (ELC)
  • Site Tour B: Delivering Future Learning Through Virtual Training With AR/VR Technology

Day 2: Tuesday,1 October 2019 (Main Forum)

  • Practical Insights On Experiential And Blended Learning To Maximize Employee L&D Experience
  • Success Case Studies From Standard Chartered, Adobe, Facebook, Salesforce, ICC Sydney, Specsavers On Applying Effective Enterprise Learning Innovations
  • Lessons From Adobe: How Adobe Develop Future Leaders With Scalable Global Online Leadership Program
  • How Standard Chartered Uses Learning Analytics To Improve Knowledge Retention And Drive Learning Transformation
  • Panel: What Fortune 500 Companies Are Doing To Measure Success Of Online And Blended Learning
  • Why Adaptive Learning Will Maximize Knowledge Retention And Accelerates Individual Learning Progress

Day 3: Wednesday, 2 October 2019 (Main Forum)

  • Leveraging Immersive Augmented And Virtual Reality To Transform Training Delivery
  • Promoting Play-To-Win L&D Model With Gamification And Simulation For More Engaging Employee Experience
  • Real Case Studies From Dementia Australia, Cotton On, Adshel, BlackmoresAnd Many More In Deploying The Future Innovation In Boosting Its L&D Platform
  • Case Study: Why Micro-Learning Drives Better Learning Experience And Knowledge Retention
  • Enhancing Corporate Learning With AI And Data Mining