09:00 – 16:30 Learning Innovations Site Tours
Site Tour A: Delivering Future Learning Through AR/VR

Digital immersion technologies such as virtual reality are revolutionizing corporate learning. Learning with VR has been established to improve knowledge retention by over 80% retention after 1 year – an impressive feat, given that it usually decays to 20% a week after traditional learning.

In this site tour, you will have the chance to experience site visits to some of the most dynamic, innovation workplace environments that adopt AR/VR technology to transform a whole new immersive learning experience for their employees and create experiential learning to improve knowledge retention.

 STA Photo

Site Tour B : Designing Personalized Training With Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is widely expected to become the next frontier of corporate learning and will revolutionize traditional ways of learning and teaching in South East Asia. Learning Analytics personalizes individual learning by relying on a big data system that analyzes every individual employees’ progress in real time and quickly recognize students who are struggling before providing early interventions and personalized learning pathway.

In this site tour, you will experience how successful learning & development teams from enterprises have transformed their learning ecosystem by implementing big data analytics to meaningful learning analysis. You will also learn how the learning & development team interprets the learning data to design personalized training to fulfill each employee’s training needs and upskill their capabilities and competencies.


*Space In Each Site Tour Is Limited, Registrations Will Be Available On First Come, First Reserved Basis

09:00 Forum Introduction by Chairperson
Highlights on Forum Day 1 Key Sessions
Global Best Practices And Case Studies In Enterprise Learning Innovations

Keynote: Global Best Practices In Maximizing Learning Outcomes With Experiential And Blended Learning

  • Best practices for organizations to follow in the establishment of a successful corporate learning program
  • Design for outcomes, not for technology – Implement new innovation learning aids with mobile learning, 3D simulation, and VR/AR
  • Leverage emotional impact and maximize engagement by embedding emotional hooks in learning content
  • Encourage collaboration – Extend the learning experience through group activities such as online chats, presentation sharing and communities of practice, rather than focusing on the individual
Helen-Bound-112x128 Helen Bound
Head of Centre for Work and Learning, Research and Innovation Division
Singapore Workforce Development Agency

Workforce Singapore

Case Study: How Merck’s Personalized On-Demand Learning Strategy Appeals To Its Talented Millennial Workforce

  • Success stories from Merck’s learning & development initiative that engage talented millennial employees for better autonomy, feedback, learning and career advancement
  • How Merck offers individual learning through on-demand classes and career flexibility with learning taking place within functional department on a peer-to-peer, employee-driven bases.
  • Merck’s innovative Manager, Leadership and Positive Culture development programs
Padmashree-Santosh-112x128 Padmashree Santosh
Associate Director Human Resources-T&D APAC Global Lead Team Performance & Insights
Merck Group
Merck Group
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session

How Marriott International Make Flipped Classroom L&D Model Successful With Innovative And Customized Learning Journeys

  • Boost productivity and engagement by customizing Marriott’s Learning & Development framework to individual employees
  • Transforming Marriott’s interactive customer learning platform with Flipped Classroom L&D model
  • Creating optimal learning journey by streamline its learning pace consistent with their unique preferences, needs and goals
Lauren-Massa-112x128 Lauren Massa
Senior Director, Learning and Development
Marriott International
Marriott International

Lessons From Adobe: How Adobe Develop Future Leaders With Scalable Global Online Leadership Program


This session will examine Adobe’s Learning & Development efforts and how the software giant uses corporate learning to develop leaders.

Adobe’s Global Talent Development team designed Adobe’s innovative [email protected] curriculum to accomplish these goals across Adobe’s vast organization of 14,000+ employees, in 40 countries and 70 locations. This size compels the team to rely on technology to deliver scalable leadership programming. Adobe now offers a curated on-demand suite of leadership development e-learning tools globally, with content that consistently receives Net Promoter Scores above 90%.


How Standard Chartered Uses Learning Analytics To Improve Knowledge Retention And Drive Learning Transformation

  • Applying learning analytics to improve the effectiveness of its learning platform
  • Provide more personalized and engaging learning platform for different employees to maximize every capabilities to optimize job performance
Roxenne-Holohan-112x128 Roxenne Holohan
Head, HR Portfolio Enablement
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
12:00 Networking Luncheon

Strategic Learning Transformation Roundtable Discussions:

  • AR/VR
John-Augustine-Ong-112x128 John Augustine Ong
Vice President, Human Resources | Head of Learning and Development
  • Personalized Learning
Padmashree-Santosh-112x128 Padmashree Santosh
Associate Director Human Resources-T&D APAC Global Lead Team Performance & Insights
Merck Group
Merck Group
  • Blended Learning Innovations
Marcela-Mihanovich-112x128 Marcela Mihanovich
HR Director GCB Asia & Emea

  • Micro-Learning
Adaline-Lee-112x128 Adaline Lee
Head of Learning and Development – APAC, LATAM & MEA

  • Learning Analytics
Daniel-Kusmanto-112x128 Daniel Kusmanto
Global Head, HR Analytics
  • Flipped Classroom
Wendy-Chow-112x128 Wendy Chow
Director, Learning Design & Platform
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
  • MOOC
Archana-Srinivasan-112x128 Archana Srinivasan
HR Business Partner
Case Study: Why Adaptive Learning Will Maximize Knowledge Retention And Accelerates Individual Learning Progress
  • How Reece Group used human-centric design to drive a co-design approach to its Future Leader learning initiative
  • How our learner experience focus has resulted in a unique and ‘right for Reece’ blended, spaced and micro-learning approach
  • How our learner experience focus has driven our learning technology development
Rashmi-(Mishra)-Sharma-112x128 Rashmi (Mishra) Sharma
Asia Pacific Head. Talent Acquisition, Development and Learning

14:30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session
Delivering Financial And Business Transformation Through Analytical Insights

Panel: What Global Companies Are Doing To Measure Success Of Online And Blended Learning

  • How to quantify your organization’s learning value chain in relation to your business outcomes
  • How companies are building justification for corporate learning strategically align with executive leadership expectation
  • What are the key metrics in evaluating corporate learning program such as average change in performance appraisal ratings over time, customer satisfaction ratings, turnover/retention rates and more
Swati-Yadav-112x128 Swati Yadav
Director – People & Culture
Joe-Kong-112x128 Joe Kong
Director Learning & Development
Julius Baer Academy Asia
Julius Baer
Anita-Rajendran-112x128 Anita Rajendran
Human Resources Director, SEAP & SCA
Novus International, Inc.
Brian-Chong-112x128 Brian Chong Ming Hang
Senior Vice President, Learning & Development
Jennifer-Tan-Pei-Ling-112x128 Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan (Dr.)
Head, Learning Technology and Design

Case Study: How To Design For An Individualized Learning Experience Within An Enterprise Setting

Sureash-Kumar-112x128 Sureash Kumar
Director – Corporate Human Resources


Adapting Blended Learning For Multi-Generational, Multi-Cultural Audiences

  • Discover the nuances of designing a corporate learning program that appeals to an audience of listeners from diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds
  • Designing cross-cultural blended learning program and cultivate global relevancy, cultural sensitivity, different learning and communication style
Arun-Sukumar-Kaimal-112x128 Arun Sukumar Kaimal
HR Director
Danaher Corporation

16:45 Closing Remark by Forum Chairperson
17:00 End of Day One Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with Learning & Development professionals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

09:00 Highlights on Forum Day 2 Key Sessions by Chairperson
Next Generation Enterprise Learning Transformation

Case Study: How Nestle Academy Leverages Augmented And Virtual Reality To Save Training Costs And Improve Safety


  • How Nestle transform classroom based training to 3D training simulator for significant knowledge retention
  • Applying “Learn by Doing” technique by immerse into virtual plant for greater learning experience and improve employee safety
  • Allow instructor to integrate with operator to review training progress and monitor employees’ competency assessment
Anjali-Menon-112x128 Anjali Menon
Head of Talent – Asia Pacific

Case Study: How Hospitals Are Using AR/VR To Train Its Next Generation of Surgeons

  • AR, with 3D mapping and imagery, enhancing doctors’ understanding of complex anatomy for more precise surgical procedures
  • VR providing physicians and other healthcare professionals with case-based learning and complex immersive clinical and emergency training exercises
  • Delivering high quality, safe, effective and patient-centered care through hands-on experiential learning

How VR And AR Are Transforming Enterprise Learning Engagement Of Auditory, Visual, And Kinesthetic Learning

  • VR and AR can transport learners into simulations and help teach them exactly what to do in real time
  • immersive VR training has become the ideal way to gain essential skills in the workplace, offering solutions to big, real-world training problems
  • By using trained professionals who orchestrate interactions between learners and avatar-based characters, simulations achieve the realism needed to deliver measurable, high-impact results.
  • Science of presence at work in VR: how immersive simulations engage the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning and how organizations are leveraging VR in areas like leadership development, customer service, and sales enablement
John-Augustine-Ong-112x128 John Augustine Ong
Vice President, Human Resources | Head of Learning and Development
10:45 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
Simulation And Gamification For More Engaging Corporate Learning
  • How Mundipharma applies gamification in their learning programs to create greater learning engagement to their clients
  • Modify effective corporate learning program with gamification and simulation to boost engagement, improve productivity and fortify knowledge retention
  • The different aspects simulation and gamification can find a place in, and the necessity of focusing its deployment on learner interaction and workplace performance, as opposed to fun and entertainment
Adaline-Lee-112x128 Adaline Lee
Head of Learning and Development – APAC, LATAM & MEA

Case Study: Why Micro-Learning Drives Better Learning Experience And Knowledge Retention

  • What is micro-learning and the benefits
  • Why it works for the changing business landscape
  • Using 70-20-10 learning philosophy and how micro-learning supplements the blended learning approach
  • Compare and contrast between micro-learning solutions for people managers and individual contributors
  • Introducing micro-learning approach in your approach: what you need to do
Lawrence-Chan-112x128 Lawrence Chan
Head of Organisational Development, Talent Management & Learning
NTUC Income
NTUC Income
12:00 Case Study: Accelerating Enterprise Learning Through Mobile Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)
12:30 Networking Luncheon

Interactive Roundtable Discussions: Delivering Effective Enterprise Learning Through

  • Achieving Effective Learning Delivery And Heightened Employee Engagement With Blended Learning
Archana-Srinivasan-112x128 Archana Srinivasan
HR Business Partner
  • L&D Metrics That Measures Successful Online Learning
Rahul-Kalia-112x128 Rahul Kalia
Regional HR Business Partner (Head of HR), Asia Pacific & Japan
Bayer CropScience
  • L&D Strategy That Engages The Millennial 
  • Technology And Implementation Barriers To Implementing Effective Online Learning
Guiam-Wainwright-112x128 Guiam Wainwright
Ex Head of Special Projects and Data, People & Culture
  • How Video Is Enabling Powerful Corporate Learning Delivery
  • Learning At Employees’ Fingertips: App-Based Learning
Saurabh-Jain-112x128 Saurabh Jain
Head HR

DHL Case Study – Digitally Facilitating On-The-Job Training Via Learning Circles

  • Game planning to tackle digital disruption
  • Addressing role transformation and skills growth
  • Enable collective intelligence and permeated learning
Lynn-Wong-112x128 Lynn Wong
Director of Sales Training & Development AP
DHL Express
15:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session

How Data And Learning Analytics Are Accelerating Personalized Learning

  • Delivering more accurate and reliable measure of learning’s effect strategically align with business outcomes with learning analytics
  • Unlocking employees’ workplace performance with personalized learning with learning analytics measurement
Sushil-Kumar-Barkur-112x128 Sushil Kumar Barkur
Senior General Manager- Learning & Development
Alkem Laboratories Ltd.
Alkem Laboratories

Enhancing Corporate Learning With AI And Data Mining

  • How emerging AI and data mining can enhance engagement, retention and effectiveness
  • Uniting data crunching, project mapping and resource management to power workplace learning
  • Using statistical factoring and automation to help non-mathematically trained L&D professionals complete factoring more easily
  • How to match data use and metrics to business needs
  • How to clarify what content is making the biggest difference
  • How to plan programs and resources strategically in the face of emerging technologies and trends
Guiam-Wainwright-112x128 Guiam Wainwright
Ex Head of Special Projects and Data, People & Culture

Case Study: Learning Lessons From Implementing Innovative, Experiential Learning Methodologies And Cultivating Corporate Cultural Development

Abhilasha-Krishnan-112x128 Abhilasha Krishnan
SPHRi Director Human Resources, Institutional APAC
 16:45 Panel Discussion: Future-Proofing Your Workforce With Continuous And Self-Directed Learning (SDL)
  • How are organizations adapting to the rapid changes in technological disruption and demographic shift
  • How do we achieve a smooth transition in digital learning platform
  • What can you do to influence your employees to promote self-directed learning approach
  • Continuous learning culture and self-directed learning in transforming your workplace learning
Victor-Goh-112x128 Victor Goh
Director Social Service Institute, Human Capital Development Group
National Council of Social Service (NCSS)
NCSS logo
Sanghita-Bhakta-112x128 Sanghita Bhakta
Head -Learning Solutions Development, Standards & Platform
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
17:30 Closing Remarks by Forum Chairperson