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  1. Discover The Optimal Learning Force That Maximizes Your Employees Learning Experience And Capabilities Development
  2. Quantify Employees Competencies With Blended Learning Programs
  3. Integrate Learning Analytics To Personalize Learning Programs For Optimal Employee Learning Outcome
  4. Building Corporate Learning Culture With Continuous And Self-Directed Learning
  5. Envision And Digitally Transform Your Learning And Development With AI And Data Mining
  6. Learn Top Tips From Award Winning Learning Programs To Benchmark Your Learning And Development Framework
  7. Actionable And Impactful Corporate Learning Solutions Which Add Value And Strategically Align To Your Organization Goals
  8. Winning High Employee Engagement With Individualized And Personalized Learning Experience For Better Productivity
  9. Learn From Industry Key Players That Have Implement Augmented & Virtual Reality Training Classroom To Stay Ahead With Emerging HR Innovation
  10. Driving Learning Transformation To Reinforce Employee Knowledge Retention With Effective And Fun Gamification Learning Process

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

Day 1: Wednesday, 4 December 2019 (Learning Innovations Site Tours)

  • Site Tour A: Delivering Future Learning Through AR/VR
  • Site Tour B: Designing Personalized Training With Learning Analytics

Day 2: Thursday, 5 December 2019 (Main Forum)

  • Practical Insights On Experiential And Blended Learning To Maximize Employee L&D Experience
  • Success Case Studies From Standard Chartered, Adobe, Facebook, DBS On Applying Effective Enterprise Learning Innovations
  • Lessons From Adobe: How Adobe Develop Future Leaders With Scalable Global Online Leadership Program
  • How Standard Chartered Uses Learning Analytics To Improve Knowledge Retention And Drive Learning Transformation
  • Panel: What Fortune 500 Companies Are Doing To Measure Success Of Online And Blended Learning
  • Why Adaptive Learning Will Maximize Knowledge Retention And Accelerates Individual Learning Progress

Day 3: Friday, 6 December 2019 (Main Forum)

  • Leveraging Immersive Augmented And Virtual Reality To Transform Training Delivery
  • Promoting Play-To-Win L&D Model With Gamification And Simulation For More Engaging Employee Experience
  • Real Case Studies From Merck, Marriott, Allianz, Nestle And Many More In Deploying The Future Innovation In Boosting Its L&D Platform
  • Case Study: Why Micro-Learning Drives Better Learning Experience And Knowledge Retention
  • Enhancing Corporate Learning With AI And Data Mining

Learning Innovations Site Tours

Site Tour A: Delivering Future Learning Through AR/VR

In this site tour, you will have the chance to experience site visits to some of the most dynamic, innovation workplace environments that adopt AR/VR technology to transform a whole new immersive learning experience for their employees and create experiential learning to improve knowledge retention.

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Site Tour B: Designing Personalized Training With Learning Analytics 

In this site tour, you will experience how successful learning & development teams from enterprises have transformed their learning ecosystem by implementing big data analytics to meaningful learning analysis. You will also learn how the learning & development team interprets the learning data to design personalized training to fulfill each employee’s training needs and upskill their capabilities and competencies.