9:00am Welcome Remarks by Clariden Global  
9:05am Australasia-Pacific Keynote Address  
The Rule of Law in an age of Populism.

Driving Change: Legal Leadership in today’s complex and evolving commercial environment – The Pro-active In-house Counsel

The expectations on Legal teams have changed dramatically over the past decade. From protecting reputation and delivering meaningful compliance programs through to creating competitive advantage and driving efficiency through innovation. How can In-house counsel create the dynamic for their teams to deliver across such a challenging landscape? How can the General Counsel help drive towards certainty in a post-Brexit/Trump/VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment? Articulating value and performance metrics. Challenges faced by the In-house Counsel.



Caroline Beaumont, General Counsel & Executive Director, Coca Cola Amatil

Palliative Speaker

Paul Gray, Supervising Counsel, Telstra


Empowering the In-house Counsel


General counsel and senior legal counsel have the ability to influence business units to ensure smarter and faster delivery of legal services. There are four areas that in-house counsel can review with the aim of making improvements and ensuring the legal team can work to the best of its ability and that the business’ objectives are achieved. Centers of excellence v generalists. The decision as to whether an organization’s legal team should embrace a ‘center of excellence model’ or consist of legal generalists is an important one for large legal departments. Some of the positives of embracing a center of excellence model are that it allows the in-house team to develop expertise in areas such as IP, trademarks, competition law and M&A, and the business benefits from cost savings on external advisers. On the other hand, this model can run the risk of creating silos, as lawyers become specialists in their respective areas of law and become potentially under-exposed to others. Lawyers can also become demotivated after working in one niche area of law for an extended period of time. A generalist approach sees all lawyers undertaking a variety of legal work, which can be beneficial in keeping lawyers engaged while also expanding their knowledge base. The downside of a more generalist team is that in some scenarios external advisers with specialist knowledge may be required, and this can come at a substantial cost to the business.

In-house counsel, corporate and government, are increasingly utilizing the specialist expertise of the Bar by directly barristers. How could counsel work directly with barristers to meet specific challenges in the area of dispute resolution and beyond, including briefing the bar to inform and set corporate strategies, policies and responses?

Legal team renewals: How can we renew legal strategy and direction to better assist our businesses?


Sarah-Giles-112x128 Sarah Gillies, General Counsel International, CoreLogic
Richard-Donaldson-112x128 Richard Donaldson, General Counsel, Pilbara Ports Authority
Palliative Speaker Invited Senior Barrister
11:00am Morning Refreshments (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)  
11:15am Nurturing and Adding to Depth to the Lawyer-Client Relationship  
Clients are calling out for lawyers to be collaborative problem-solvers. They want lawyers to work together with them to come up with solutions that reflect their challenges as a business, and not just address a legal issue in isolation. What is the secret to maintaining an effective working relationship? How to over-perform rather than under-perform?

For the General Counsel: how to manage external legal counsel in an efficient and cost-effective way is becoming one of the most important challenges.

Aligning business & legal objectives: achieving an ideal synergy with external legal services.

Some Case Studies.


Debra-Tegoni-112x128 Debra Tegoni, Executive General Manager, Legal & Regulatory Services, Crown Melbourne (invited), “Australian Corporate Lawyer of the Year 2014”
Palliative Speaker Invited Senior Partner
11:45am Grand Roundtable for General Counsel, Corporate Counsel in different industry sectors: This discussion allows you to be updated on the topics most pertinent to you, increasing interactivity. Areas to focus include looking at the latest updates and developments in regulatory, legislative, investment, technological, intellectual property & patent matters, issues and scenarios in:


Donna-Lawler-112x128 1. Telecoms, ICT, Space & High Tech:

Donna Lawler, Assistant General Counsel, Optus

Victor-Li-New-112x128 2. Automotives, Connected Cars & Transportation:

Victor Li, General Counsel, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Palliative Speaker 3. Financials, Payments, Fintech:

Matt Poblocki, Director of Legal Services, Paypal

Stephanie-Vass-112x128 4. Food, Agriculture:

Stephanie Vass, General Manager, Corporate Services & Company Secretary, Allied Mills

Palliative Speaker 5. Industrials:

Julian Bechini, General Counsel & Company Secretary, ABB Australia

John-Fitzgerald-112x128 6. Energy

John Fitzgerald, General Counsel & Company Secretary, AGL Energy

12:45pm Lunch and Networking (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)


2:00pm Case Study of Business in and with China
Lessons learnt in negotiating and doing business with China enterprises and government bodies: overcoming contractual challenges and profit from it.


Quentin-Lowcay-112x128 Quentin Lowcay
General Counsel & Commercial Manager
Synlait Milk
2:45pm Case Study of dealing with American and European entities
Managing the Expectation Gap: Commercial Contracting with US and European entities in the Asia Pacific marketplace.



Veronica Holloway
General Counsel

3:30pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)

Strategic Investments for Organic Growth

Deal-making, New Investments, Due Diligence in the Australasia-Pacific marketplace.

Almost two-thirds of Australian CEOs are planning to grow their businesses through M&A in the next 12 months, according to a recent survey. Organic growth is expected by 93 per cent of respondents while 60 per cent name M&A among their plans.

  • Capitalizing on the new world of opportunities – ANZ, Asia Pacific, America, post-Brexit, Japan, China (One Belt, One Road)
  • Term Sheets
  • Risk Period
  • Designing a Balanced Draft
  • Hip Pocket Issues
  • Managing ACCC clearance & FIRB approval
  • Political risks management
  • Financial Close
  • Whetting the Super’s appetite
  • Machine Learning to expedite due diligence and transaction time?


Hanna-Lee-112x128 Hanna Lee, Head of Investment Legal, Risk Legal & Compliance, SunSuper
Peter-Wetzig-112x128 Peter Wetzig, CFO, Corporate Counsel, Executive Director, Qponics Limited
Gordon-A-Glasfurd-112x128 Gordon A. Glasfurd, Managing Director, GIA Capital Solutions
Palliative Speaker Invited Private Equity Investor/Investment Banker/Fund Manager
Palliative Speaker Invited Corporate Finance Expert
Palliative Speaker Invited ACCC/FIRB senior management
4:30pm Panel Discussion: The General Counsel as a Board Member & Business Partner
  • Getting a board position
  • New regulatory and management challenges a company secretary face
  • Navigating within the board
  • The evolution of the General Counsel as a Strategic Business Partner, Business Leader driving value creation
  • Why General Counsel must be involved in the corporation’s cultural transformation
  • The demand to provide strategic input into the commercial undertakings and the uncertainty of what the business expects of its legal advisers beyond the traditional role
  • When a General Counsel becomes the CEO (or member of the Executive Team) and leads the business


Palliative Speaker Julian Bechini, General Counsel & Company Secretary, ABB Australia
5:30pm Closing Remarks and End of Day 1
5:45pm Champagne Cocktail Networking Session (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)
Champagne networking session Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.  
“All good innovation depends upon analyzing what we have done in the past, why it does not meet modern needs and how things can be improved”


8:50am Dispute Resolution & Mediation in Large and Complex Cases: A better Solution for Business


Christopher-Barry-112x128 Christopher Barry, Queen’s Counsel
9:15am Building an Effective Business Case for Legal Innovation
To succeed in delivering disruptive legal services, we know we need to be on the same strategic page as the business. So how do we begin to build business cases – how do we get everyone around us focused on innovation?

The In-house counsel can achieve excellence by: Getting a board position

  • Transforming transactional and operational data into information that will enable intelligent business decisions
  • Articulating and communicating a clear vision and strategy for innovation
  • Creating a strategy which aligns with the overall business aims and objectives


Victor-Li-112x128 Victor Li, General Counsel, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Mark-Buckland-112x128 Mark Buckland, Group Company Secretary & General Counsel, Dymocks Group of Companies
Palliative Speaker Invited Top Law Professor
10:00am Project, Change and Stakeholder Management
How do we get key team members on board to help us succeed in our legal innovation projects? Building successful project teams is difficult, whilst maintaining business as usual priorities and keeping up momentum during stressful times. How do you build the right relations with the exec and the rest of the business?
Enablers for In-house Counsel in achieving excellence:

  • Identifying and empowering the key people with the qualities to win and retain support from the specialists within the business
  • Ensure you avoid change fatigue and not “change for changes sake’’
  • It’s essential we can demonstrate our end-to-end vision – we have to get the roadmap right and follow it through


Jessica-Miller-112x128 Jessica Miller, Senior Legal Counsel & Government Relations Leader (Aus/NZ), Procter & Gamble
Sarah-Thornton-112x128 Sarah Thornton, General Counsel & Group Company Secretary, Brisbane Airport Corporation, “Australian Corporate Lawyer of the Year 2016”
10:45am Morning Refreshments (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)
11:00am New Elephant in the Room:
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, e-Discovery, Automated Case Analysis, Blockchain (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)
While these concepts are not new to the legal industry, only recently has some of the very latest technology become more mainstream. Today, organizations are looking to real practical examples of how they can use technology to drive innovation in addition to improving efficiency. How do you initiate productization in-house?

  • The way forward for the In-house Counsel in managing these new inroads by:
  • Turning conceptual ideas into practical solutions
  • Articulating the business benefit and linking return on investment directly to cost
  • Maintaining knowledge and relevancy with your clients and competitors
  • Some Case Studies in the use of AI in contract drafting & due diligence
  • Legal AI & Computational Models of Argument (CMA)
  • How do you build your internal e-discovery lab?
  • March of the Legal Virtual Assistants; what are the liabilities in the case of wrong advice?
  • Where is the ‘mens rea’?
  • Bot-driven Dispute Resolution
  • The advent of On-line Litigation in Australasia
  • Emergence of the Robot Lawyer?
  • The potential of a booming e-Discovery market
  • How would new RegTech impact legal workplaces?
  • Towards Legal Tech Success: Getting the right expertise and the right planning upfront


Chris-McLean-112x128 Chris McLean, General Manager – Legal, IT, Knowledge, Marketing & Comms, Energetics Australia
Palliative Speaker Invited AI Thought Leader & Pioneer
Palliative Speaker Invited LegalTech Expert
Palliative Speaker Invited RegTech Start-Up
11:50am Information Connectivity Cyber-Risks – A Global Threat to Intellectual Property, Critical Infrastructure, Privileged Information and Privacy
Advances in global information connectivity have driven enormous economic benefits. Enabled by data networks, and driven by technologies, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data and document digitization. However, the downside is that actors such as nation states, terrorists, organized crime syndicates and hacktivists attack information connectivity technologies. They turn them into cyber-threats against economies, governments, businesses and citizens alike.

Cyber-security is no longer just a technical issue. Because information connectivity technologies are the backbone of professional services organizations – the legal profession, medical sector, financial services and others – professionals and their clients are exposed to serious long-term cyber-risks.

These cyber-risks explain how a pharmaceutical IP developer may discover identical products in another country; how an international litigation collapsed due to a suspected ‘leak’; and even how a lauded organisation’s brand collapsed due to a data breach. And, then there are the regulatory and legal penalties!

Simon-Galbally-112x128 Simon Galbally, Chief Marketing Officer, Senetas Corporation Senetas_GradientColour_RGB_Tag
12:20pm Lunch and Networking (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)
2:00pm “Managing the Bigger Elephant in the Room” – Are more lawyers suffering from mental ill health? Are we facing a time-bomb waiting to happen? How well are issues of diversity being managed?
  • Promoting Mindfulness, Wellness and Mental Health among Legal Professionals
  • Healthy growth for better talent retention
  • What Google and other New Tech millennial companies with progressive policies can teach others and offer?
  • Fit for Tomorrow: Happier lawyering as a resilient strategy forward for the General Counsel to engage head-on new technological and industry changes. What is the business case for mental wellbeing in legal workplaces?
  • How do you pro-actively promote Diversity & Inclusion in your team? What are the challenges and how can you overcome them?



David Field, Chief Legal Counsel, Canon Australia

Marie-Jepson-112x128 Marie Jepson, Executive Director, Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation
eapa-speaker Maki Takken, General Manager, Legal, Medibank
2:45pm Towards Better Performance and Job Satisfaction: the In-House Counsel as a CSR Leader in the Corporation – Effective strategies that work
Whether your legal department is large or small, in-house counsel can be CSR leaders: enhancing the company’s commitment to socially responsible behavior, serving our profession’s highest goals, and increasing performance and job satisfaction. This session will explore the effective implementation of CSR initiatives in legal departments and beyond.


Claire-Bibby-112x128 Claire Bibby, SVP Legal & General Counsel, Brookfield, Lawyers Weekly “Construction and Real Estate Lawyer of the Year 2017”
Lori-Middlehurst-112x128 Lori Middlehurst, Head, APAC Legal (Employment), VMWare & Vice President, Association of Corporate Counsel, Australia (NSW)
3:30pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)
3:45pm Compliance, Regulatory, Risk & Ethics Management, Adverse Events Challenges Ahead
  • Why are ethics and compliance issues so high on the GC’s agenda?
  • Balancing risk and compliance
  • Managing information privacy and data breaches
  • The need for developing regulatory and government affairs expertise. In-house or outsource?
  • Responding to enforcement action when it happens
  • Some Case Studies of compliance breaches, consequence and recourse
  • Global conflict and instability, domestic and foreign terrorism, workplace violence all require policies thatsupport the best possible outcome should an adverse event occur. Chief Legal Officers in Australia, in arecent survey, has rated this issue as “extremely” important!


Lisa-Tsen-112x128 Lily Tsen, General Counsel, Amcor Asia Pacific
Mark-de-Carvalho-112x128 Mark de Carvalho, Senior Manager, Ethics & Business Conduct Office, Asia Pacific, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Palliative Speaker Alexandra Rose, Senior Manager, Group Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Enterprise Risk, IAG
Jessie-Yap-112x128 Jessie Yap, Head, Legal & Compliance, ANZ, Medtronic Australasia
4:30pm The General Counsel’s Future: Panel Discussion – What is keeping me awake at night? How to turn challenges into competitive advantages?
  • Managing risks & safeguarding the reputation & commercial interest of the organization
  • When a cyber-attack happens: managing the fallout
  • Singapore has launched a nationwide competency framework for in-house counsel to raise industry standards, providing regional opportunities for corporate counsel. Can corporate counsel here look out for themselves too?
  • Lawyering for Millennials? The Combination Lawyer of the Future?
  • Other challenging issues of the day


Elaine-Pretorius-112x128 Elaine Pretorius, General Counsel, ANZ, Kimberly-Clark
Palliative Speaker & Other Invited Speakers of the Congress
5:30pm Closing Remarks & End of Day 2
9:00am – 12:30pm Seminar A:

Practical Automation and AI for In-House Counsel & External Lawyers: Choosing the right Legal Tech & Optimizing your Legal Tech spend

2:00pm – 5:00pm Seminar B:

Practical Change Management for In-House Counsel & External Lawyers in an age of industry and tech disruption

After attending an upending Congress for the past two days, how do you effectively put your Change Management ideas into practice, gearing up for a seamless implementation and execution?