19 May 2021, Wednesday

09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Conference Producer
Best In Class Customer Advocacy Case Studies
09:15 Keynote

How Hunter Water Uses Customer Advocacy To Win The Highest Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Jane Blakeney
Head of Customer Communication
Hunter Water Corporation
09:45 World’s Most Ethical Company

How Customer Advocacy Helped Teachers Mutual Bank To Win ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies’ Award With Highest Net Promoter Score

Michael Blacker
Risk Manager
Teachers Mutual Bank Ltd
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 Carolyn-rounded  Carolyn Van Tilburg
Complaint Resolution Officer
Teachers Mutual Bank Ltd
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10:15 Morning Refreshment & Networking
10:30 Interactive Roundtable Discussion: Latest Customer Advocacy And Complaint Trends, Insights And Best Practices With Industry Ombudsmen

  • Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
  • Airline Customer Advocate
  • Australian Financial Complaints Authority
  • Ombudsman New South Wales
  • State And Territory Energy Ombudsmen
  Supporting Vulnerable Customers With Customer Advocacy
11:00 Supporting Vulnerable Customers

Putting Vulnerable Customers First: How Customer Advocates Are Identifying And Protecting Vulnerable Customers

11:30 Giving The Customer A Voice

Advocating For The Vulnerable – How Suncorp’s Best Customer Advocacy Practices Gives Vulnerable Customer A Voice

Matthew Leslie
Executive General Manager, Group Customer Advocate
Suncorp Group
 12:00  How Customer Advocacy Helps To Improve Positive Outcome For Vulnerable Customers & Reduce Complaints

12:30 Lunch & Networking
  Identifying Vulnerable Customers And Systemic Issues
13:30 Identifying Systemic Issues

How Data Analytics Helps To Identify Systemic Issues Vulnerable Customers Are Facing

Whilst new products and customer journeys are in operation, the use of advanced analytics techniques such as behavioral analytics utilizing Big Data can help better identify vulnerable customers earlier. For instance, monitoring of customer interaction with digital platforms might identify that some customers appear more hesitant or impulsive than others and such behaviors might be an indicator of a customer who is distressed.

14:00 Identifying Vulnerable Customers

Using Speech Analytics In Call Centers To Identify Vulnerable Customers And Resolve Complaints Handling More Effectively

Sarina Pratley
General Manager, Contact Centre
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 14:30 Identifying Systemic Issues

How Data Helps Pinpoint Systemic Vulnerable Customer Issues, Uncover New Customer Insights And Protect Vulnerable Customers In Today’s Digital Age

15:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
  Customer Advocacy In Influencing Product Development
15:30 Customer Advocacy In Product Development

Our Journey To Create A Customer-Centric Culture Through Complaint Insights

Rachael-Neumann-rounded Rachael Neumann
Manager Customer Advocacy
SA Water
16:00 Customer Advocacy In Policies And Procedures

How a City Council Revamped Its Customer Advocacy By Supporting The Development Of Customer Focused Policies And Procedures

16:30 Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: Coordinating Customer Advocate Initiatives To Understand Critical Pain Points And Prevent Recurring Systematic Issues

Justin-rounded Justin Mining
Policy Director
Australian Banking Association
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17:00 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairman


20 May 2021, Thursday

09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Conference Producer
Customer Advocacy Best Practices
09:15 Organization Structure

How AGL Energy Put Vulnerability Champions And Customer Advocacy Firmly In Place By Structuring It Separately From Business Lines With Independent Compensation Structure


   Latest Trends And Insights In Customer Advocacy
09:45 Using The Customer Advocacy Role To Drive Change Management And Employee Engagement

Greg McPherson
General Manager – Customer Experience
10:15 Morning Refreshment & Networking
10:30 Interactive Roundtable Discussion:

  • Using Data and Analytics to Identify Vulnerable Customers
  • Using Data and Analytics to Identify Systemic Issues
  • Implementing Voice of Customers in Customer Advocacy
  • test Metrics Customer Advocacy Teams Are Tracking
Voice of Customer in Customer Advocacy
11:30 Voice Of Customer

Using Voice Of Customer To Drive Continuous Improvement In Customer Advocacy Programs

  Strengthening Customer Advocacy With Industry Collaboration
12:00 How Yarra Valley Water Is Strengthening Its Commitment To Customer Advocacy With Fairer Treatment

Bridie Fennessy
Divisional Manager, Service Response
Yarra Valley Water
12:30 Lunch & Networking
Enhancing Complaints Resolution And Handling
13:30 Handling Complaints From Vulnerable Customers

Creating A Transparent And Open Customer Advocacy Channel To Ensure Complaints Are Heard And Resolved

14:00 Identifying Systemic Issues

How RBS Uses Predictive Analytics To Track Customers Complaints & Identify Systemic Issues


 14:30 Hearing Customer Voices

Turning Disappointing Experiences Into A Great One: How SumoSalad Uses Social Listening To Respond To Vulnerable Customer Complaints

Lawrence Mitchell
Chief Customer Officer
15:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
15:30 How AustraliaSuper Uses AI, Data Analytics And Chatbot To Improve Complaint Resolution And Achieve 92% Customer Satisfaction Rate

AustralianSuper leveraged an AI-powered business messaging solutions to provide its more than two million members with messaging. The ‘Ash’ chatbot is integrated into AustralianSuper’s website to help customers with frequently asked questions. Using data intelligence, the bot is able to handle an expanded range of superannuation related questions, and respond to customer questions quickly. Since its launch, AustraliaSuper has seen more than 50,000 messages sent, achieving a 92 per cent overall customer satisfaction rate.


16:00 Feedback Loop

How ING Maximises The Impact Of Its Customer Advocacy Program And NPS By Closing The Loop With Its Customers

ING Logo

16:30 What Are The Latest Metrics Customer Advocacy Teams Are Tracking And How Are They Making This Report Transparent
17:00 Closing Remarks By Conference Chairman


21 May 2021, Friday

09:00 – 12:30


Workshop A: Using Data Analytics To Identify Systemic Issues Vulnerable Customers Are Facing

Ivana Sekanic

Principal, CX Performance

In the wake of the damaging Hayne royal commission, the need to ensure the protection of vulnerable customers and restore trust has never been greater for customer-facing businesses. From policies to products to support services, every customer interaction generates data that conceals powerful insights into the issues and difficulties faced by certain segments of a customer base, such as the elderly, the bereaved and the uneducated. Learning to mine these insights and effectively address such customers’ needs and wants is a job for analytics. Join us at this session to see how data analytics can be applied – and is already being applied – in various industries to identify and support vulnerable customers.

13:30 – 17:00

Workshop B: Service Design In Complaints Resolution And Handling


Ian Aitchison
COPC Asia Pacific


In today’s digitally disrupted business landscape, companies face digital-native and software-driven competitors whose services customers are increasingly exposed to. Reliable, real-time, high-quality service at customers’ fingertips is increasingly growing from differentiator to common requirement, and yet complaints management remains an area where the gap between customer expectations and reality looms large. Various technologies and strategies are already in play to help close this gap, both in reducing the incidence of complaints and increasing the speed of resolution. In this exclusive session, you will get a glimpse of some of these and how they enable your organization to redesign complaints management for maximum agility.