5 December 2018, Wednesday 

The Rise of DevOps as the Gold Standard for IT – Shifting “to the left”

2018 is the year in which enterprise DevOps really took off. It is predicted that DevOps market size will grow to 12.85 billion, with a growth rate of 19% by 2025. This lean and agile approach to software and application development and deployment has been hailed as the “gold standards” for IT and the way to go for the future.
The first day of the forum will kick-start with sessions exploring local, regional and global trends in DevOps applications in different industry verticals and providing a better understanding of the current landscape. The subsequent sessions will deep dive into the essence of DevOps: the “Continuous Everything cycle”. Case studies of local and global organizations embracing DevOps’ four stages (testing, integration, delivery and feedback) will also be showcased and discussed in greater details. These will inspire delegates to push past the status quo and envision future transformative roadmaps towards greater digitalization and automation.
Day one of the forum also explores emerging disruptive IT innovations like containers, microservices and cloud computing. Through these sessions, delegates will be able to glean insights into readying their organizations for the impending digital disruptions.

9:00 Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Forum Chairperson
Priyanka-Agrawal-112x128 PRIYANKA AGRAWAL
Agile Coach
 Schroders_Logo_Prussian Blue_PMS_C
9:15 Keynote: Continuous Delivery for Infrastructure as Code and the Changing Role of IT Ops
Infrastructure as code helped to bridge the gap between Ops and Dev, enabling Ops teams to share the same agile development best practices that Dev teams have used for years. As a result, the role of IT Ops has also shifted from being mostly about managing systems to actually programmatically automating systems. As DevOps has matured and gained traction, we’ve seen more Ops teams also adopting continuous delivery practices to test and deploy their infrastructure as code. We see continuous delivery for Infrastructure as Code as the next stage of evolution for Ops teams as their roles continue to shift.

  • How continuous delivery for infrastructure code can help you accelerate and improve the quality of your infrastructure changes
  • How to overcome challenges as your role evolves
  • How to collaborate better with Dev teams to continuously deliver infrastructure code
Darryl-McKinnon-112x128 DARRYL MCKINNON
Vice President & Managing Director
Puppet APJ
09:45 Panel Discussion: Building the Talent Pipeline DevOps – Developing New Mindset and Perspective
  • Future-proofing your workforce with the advent of agile development, design thinking and DevOps
  • How Singapore is addressing the DevOps talent demands in the IT sector to facilitate companies’ transformation
  • Joint public-private efforts to communicate digital developments, map out technical skills required and foster cross-functional learning
John-Okoro-112x128 G JOHN OKORO
Head of Agile Practice
Adjunct Professor – Lecturer (Enterprise Agile)
Lim-Shien-Min-Jim-112x128 LIM SHIEN MIN JIM
Global Senior Director – Group Chief Transformation Office
Huawei Technologies
Huawei Logo
Vice President & Head of Engineering – APJ & Greater China
SAP Innovative Business Solutions
Giridhar-Shankar-112x128 GIRIDHAR SHANKAR
Director – Products
10:30 Speed Networking Session
10:40 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:55 A DevOps Journey to Collaborative & Continuous Software Delivery
  • Understanding why collaboration among team members throughout the whole development process is the key to fast and reliable delivery
  • How you can design and implement a development flow for better collaboration.
  • Discover insights to how the flow works, how to identify bottlenecks, and how we addressed them, along with the eventual achievements from the transformation.
 Gu-Bing-112x128 GU BING
R&D Section Manager of Project & Portfolio Management, Application Delivery Management Software
Micro Focus
11:20 BankOps: How Financial Institutions are Moving towards DevOps and Their Success Stories
  • Banks’ hits and misses in effectively embracing and leveraging on DevOps to increase agility, break siloes and improve efficiencies
  • Making the business case for DevOps and obtaining buy-in from top management
  • Dos and Don’ts for successful adoption of DevOps principles at your organization
Global DevOps Lead, Wealth Management
Deutsche Bank
12:00 Continuous Testing Case Study: DevOps Transformation with Continuous Testing
  • The need to recognize that continuous testing is no longer just a QA function
  • Continuous testing in a fast-paced agile and DevOps world on the dual mandate of increasing operational agility and speeding products’ time to market
  • Incorporating testing and automation into IT processes to boost quality and commercial viability of deployments
Hatem-Ben-Aicha-112x128 HATEM BEN AICHA
Director, Engineering Chapter Lead
ANZ logo
12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:40 North/South to East/West – Reducing Complexity with API and Microservices Traffic Management and NGINX Plus
  • Managing microservices application traffic at the edge with ingress and between services with routers and sidecars with NGINX Plus
  • Superior built-in features like active health checks, circuit breaker protection, JWT auth, and much more
  • Real-world deployment examples on Kubernetes, OpenShift, and service mesh
Yeo-Jan-Chee-112x128 YEO JAN CHEE
Technical Solutions Architect
14:00 Roundtable Discussions: How DevOps is Transforming IT Operations
Pure Storage

DevOps Infrastructure Automation

Cheng-Jang-Thye-112x128 CHENG JANG THYE
Chief Architect and Head, Digital eXperience Center
Fujitsu Singapore
Chua-Hock-Leng-112x128 CHUA HOCK LENG
Managing Director – Singapore and Globals
Pure Storage
Lionel-Lam-112x128 LIONEL LAM
Systems Engineer
Pure Storage

State of DevOps Report – Sharing Best Practices

Darryl-McKinnon-112x128 DARRYL MCKINNON
Vice President & Managing Director
Puppet APJ
Alberta-Bosco-112x128 ALBERTA BOSCO
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Micro Focus

Application Modern Delivery – Key trends and challenges

 Gu-Bing-112x128 GU BING
R&D Section Manager of Project & Portfolio Management, Application Delivery Management Software
Micro Focus
 Subhankar-Banerjee-112x128 SUBHANKAR BANERJEE
Customer Success Manager, Application Delivery Management
Micro Focus
 Joshua-Brusse-112x128 JOSHUA BRUSSE
Chief Architect
Micro Focus

Moving from Monolith to Microservices: The Growing Business Need to Provide Modern, Agile and Scalable Applications

Nobert-Kiss-112x128 NORBERT KISS
Head of Asia Pacific
15:00 Integration Case Study: How Collaborative and Continuous DevOps Integration Can Reduce Integration Issues and Conflicts Compared to Traditional Waterfall Development
  • Continuous integration to champion transformative changes in product development
  • Best practices to facilitate effective, open and frequent communication among developers team
  • Continuous integration principles that all organizations must contend with
ion-mudreac-112x128 ION MUNDREAC
Director Digital Banking
Standard Chartered Bank
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15:45 How Continuous Feedback Allow DevOps to Bring IT Organizations Closer to Their Customers and Users
  • Infusing Customer Feedback in Agile Development, Design Thinking and DevOps
  • Feedback loops as a key enabler for next generation modern delivery
  • Fuelling data-driven decisions and offering entirely new levels of precision and rapid adjustment to more types of events, variables, and needs
Ashwin-Chandrasekaran-112x128 ASHWIN CHANDRASEKARAN
Head of Software Engineering & DevOps
DFS Group
16:15 Case Study: The Path to DevSecOps in a Highly Regulated Enterprise Environment
  • Ensuring security is baked in from the beginning and not simply an afterthought
  • Dealing with external and internal legislative requirements e.g. segregation of duties, changing of control boards and handling external (outsourced) providers
  • Migration from project based to delivery to an embedded cross functional DevSecOps asset team in a highly regulated environment
  • Results, Achievements and Roadmap
Steve-Ng-112x128 STEVE NG
Vice President, Digital Operations and Platforms
Mediacorp Pte Ltd
16:45 The Culture Change of Agile and DevOps
  • How Agile and DevOps fit together and the culture change required in organizations and development teams
  • Understanding the complementariness between Agile and DevOps principles
  • Gene Kim’s “Three Ways” – Flow, Feedback, and Continuous Learning: Keys to successful adoption and implementation of DevOps
John-Okoro-112x128 G JOHN OKORO
Head of Agile Practice
Adjunct Professor – Lecturer (Enterprise Agile)
17:15 Agile to Agility
  • Agile is more than one or two models and has many offerings depending on our needs
  • Learning the concept of “Agility” and all agile development methods through shared philosophy
  • Highlighting the importance of individuals and interactions, collaboration, and responding to change
  • Identifying key considerations which can improve probability of success in agile
Majid-Bhatti-112x128 MAJID BHATTI
Program Director & Agile Coach
DBS Logo
17:45 Closing Remarks by forum Chairman
Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

 6 December 2018, Thursday 

Gaining a unique Edge with DevOps and other Emerging Technologies

As DevOps continues its path of domination, key industry players and vendors are tackling questions of security, AI and machine learning as ways to advance the industry and provide further offerings for companies to leverage from this growing market.
Day two of the forum will further discuss strategies to leverage on disruptive technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Predictive Intelligence to boost productivity, enhance efficiency and achieve continuous insights and improvements. The following sessions will then continue discussing leading local and global examples of organizations that have jumped on these bandwagons and reaped massive rewards in their IT journeys. These sessions allow delegates to learn from our top-notch speakers and tap into exclusive insights, case studies and solutions to create effective agile transformation plans.
Day two of the forum will then proceed with a series of exciting panels and fireside chats, engaging and guiding delegates in maximising their investment in DevOps and gaining top management buy-in. The last session in the event on the future outlook of DevOps will benefit delegates by ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle the impediments to new business and operating models and derive long term and sustainable benefits.

09:00 Forum Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson
Priyanka-Agrawal-112x128 PRIYANKA AGRAWAL
Agile Coach
 Schroders_Logo_Prussian Blue_PMS_C
09:10 Embracing DevOps to drive Innovation in your Digital Transformation
  • Leveraging DevOps in the journey of Building Customers for Life – our story
  • Embracing DevOps to drive Innovations within organizations leveraging tools like Design Thinking and Agile deployment
  • Realizing higher value from your Cloud Solutions through SAP Services
Rajnish-Prasad-112x128 RAJNISH PRASAD
Vice President & Head of Engineering – APJ & Greater China
SAP Innovative Business Solutions
09:30 Application Delivery in Web-Scale Ecosystems
  • Understanding that modern IT agility and velocity demands a new application delivery architecture
  • 3 pitfalls to your app delivery across a modern ecosystem
  • How your organization can properly architect your infrastructure for any private, public or hybrid cloud environment
Eddy-112x128 EDDY TAN
Solutions Architect
KEMP Technologies
09:50 Eliminating the Dev Versus Ops Mentality – Developing Teams in a Cross Functional Technology Environment
  • Roadmap to building a collaborative culture: integrating tools used and unifying the metrics monitored
  • Achieving cohesive equation between the two functions and minimizing change resistance for enterprise-wide DevOps adoption
  • Ensuring tools and procedures implemented align with the organization’s goals and objectives
mirco_hering-112x128 MIRCO HERING
APAC DevOps & Agile Practice Lead & Managing Director
Accenture Australia
10:30 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:45 Nutanix as An Optimal Platform for DevOps Team
  • Learn about key components of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform turnkey solution delivering storage, compute, virtualization, and cloud services.
  • Hear about the Nutanix solution on networking and network security replacing static policies with a dynamic DevOps-friendly approach.
  • Uncover how infrastructure tasks can be handled without resorting to IT management teams or specialized resources
Giridhar-Shankar-112x128 GIRIDHAR SHANKAR
Director – Products
11:05 Delivering value with Behavior-Driven Development
  • Learning to develop solutions and not merely software
  • Discovering the key factors for successful software products
  • Exploring tools and techniques to build software that delivers business value
Ritesh-Mehrotra-112x128 RITESH MEHROTRA
Assistant Vice President
Credit Suisse AG
CreditSuisse Clear Logo
11:35 AIOps – What, Why and How of AI disruptions in DevOps
  • The road to AIOps: Incorporating artificial intelligence to further simplify the work of engineers and developers
  • The key drivers and elements of AIOps
  • How AIOps bridges three different IT disciplines—service management, performance management, and automation—to accomplish its goals of continuous insights and improvement
Philippe-Touati-112x128 PHILIPPE TOUATI
Belmond Capital Limited
 Belmont Capital Group Logo
12:05 AI for IT Operations and Service Management
  • Understand the importance of Deep Learning in AI
  • How AI and ML could help DevOps in their day-to-day activities
  • Site24x7 AIOps: The way to quicker incident remediation and decision making for a hassle-free end-user experience
Rajalakshmi_Sri-112x128 RAJALAKSHMI SRINIVASAN

Product Manager


12:25 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Lucky Draw 1
13:45 Big Data Analytics: How Big Data & Analytics Will Empower the Future of DevOps
  • Why including data experts within the continuous delivery process can be a big boon for DevOps and all stages of the delivery pipeline
  • Improving capture, collection and analysis of data to its full potential
  • How big data analytics enable better planning of software updates, lower error rates, higher consistency between development and production environments
Suresh-Babu-112x128 SURESH BABU
DevOps Manager & Big Data Specialist
Rajeev-Dalavi-112x128 RAJEEV DALAVI
Product Development & Big Data Specialist
14:15 Acceleration With A Steering Wheel: Machine Learning, Technical Debt, and DevOps
  • Recognizing advantages and risks of machine learning: putting a black box in the guts of critical business processes generates new insights, but also accelerates creation of technical debt
  • Using DevOps techniques and technologies to manage these risks and make machine learning work in production, with examples
  • Organizational impacts, testing and rethinking data as a software artifact
Adam-Burke-112x128 ADAM BURKE
Former Director, Electronic Trading Technology
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
14:45 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
15:05 Lucky draw 2
15:20 Scaling DevSecOps – Towards Continuous Security
  • How has product security evolved with DevOps ?
  • Understanding the challenges of scaling a product security function, in a very high pace environment
  • Understanding methods and techniques that have helped us create a sustainable product security function at Grab, albeit the speed at which the company expands
Sreekanth-Narayanan-112x128 SREEKANTH NARAYANAN
Head of Product Security
Grab Logo
16:00 Shift Left in Reliability and Resiliency: Use App Hierarchy of Needs to Build Reliable and Resilient IT Systems
  • What is reliability and resiliency?
  • What is App hierarchy of needs?
  • Preparing your application development teams to use “app hierarchy of needs” to shift left on the reliability and resiliency
Ravindra-Prasad-112x128 RAVINDRA PRASAD
Director – Global Product Technology
16:30 DevOps’ Lessons: Dos And Don’ts For Successful Adoption Of DevOps Principles At Your Organization
  • What successful adoption of DevOps looks like for an organization
  • Common misconceptions and pitfalls around DevOps and its implementation
  • Why getting DevOps and a deployment pipeline is only the beginning
  • The importance of ensuring that your developers are up to date with the latest technologies and methods
Andrew-Mulligan-112x128 ANDREW MULLIGAN
Head of DevOps and Application Management
17:00 Closing Remarks by Forum Chairperson   

7 December 2018, Friday

9:00 – 12:30

Workshop A

Your DevOps Journey with Puppet: from Infrastructure Management to Application Delivery

Puppet is the automation platform that supports your DevOps journey from infrastructure management to application delivery.In this workshop you will learn how to start and achieve success with DevOps and automation. Specifically you will walk away with knowledge of the following topics:

  • What’s the role of Puppet in the DevOps space.
  • How you can quickly start with infrastructure automation and get value faster.
  • How you can expand the automation initiative to get full control over the entire IT stack. How your infrastructure can become truly agile.
  • How to handle security challenges with Puppet.
  • What are the key findings of the State of DevOps report 2018, the world’s largest body of knowledge around DevOps and automation.
  • How Puppet can support your faster delivery initiative with continuous delivery solutions for traditional and containerised applications.


  • What is DevOps?
  • The infrastructure side of IT. Puppet Bolt and Puppet Enterprise demo
  • Security and DevOps. How Puppet helps you with the security challenges
  • How operations people become infrastructure developers. Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise.
  • Key findings from the State of DevOps report 2018
  • Break (30 mins)
  • The application development side of IT. Continuous delivery with Puppet Pipelines for Applications
  • Shifting to cloud-native applications
  • Continuous delivery in the cloud-native space: Puppet Pipelines for Containers
  • Q&A (10 mins)

Image Post-forum



Senior Product Marketing Manager
Senior Professional Service Engineer
12:30 – 13:30 

Networking Luncheon

13:30 – 17:00

Workshop B

Transformation Experience Workshop for DevOps

The Micro Focus DevOps Transformation Workshop demonstrates a best practice approach to DevOps by taking you through seven key zones. At each zone, we examine the capabilities and assets that are critical to the successful implementation of DevOps. Many topics will be discussed in an interactive way with participants such as (but not limited to):

  • A corporate vision for DevOps
  • A DEVOPS strategy that provides value to the business
  • Best practices methodology to be adapted for driving DevOps at the enterprise level
  • Key attributes and success factors for DevOps, including governance
  • Enterprise technologies that support the implementation of DevOps and how they integrate between themselves
  • Organizing for DevOps
  • The DevOps journey

The facilitators from Micro Focus will bring together DevOps consulting expertise and an industry‑leading DevOps method to discuss how you break down the silos, encourage collaboration, and increase quality and speed of application development and delivery.

Image Post-forum2



R&D Section Manager of Project & Portfolio Management, Application Delivery Management Software
Micro Focus
Customer Success Manager, Application Delivery Management
Micro Focus
Chief Architect, Professional Services
Micro Focus
Senior Technologist, Professional Services
Micro Focus