Global Speakers


Dr Mark King

Associate Professor and Director, Educational Delivery Services, Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)

UNSW Sydney

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Designing & Implementing Quality Online & Blended Learning Experiences to Enhance Student Experience at UNSW

Associate Professor Mark King is an influential leader who spearheads the Educational Delivery Services of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Education (PVCE) Portfolio at UNSW Sydney, and is the author of the $77M Inspired Learning Initiative (ILI). The ILI is an initial five (5) year investment is a complex programme of work incorporating nine (9) interconnected project streams to enhance student learning experiences and educational outcomes.

Mark’s portfolio of 70+ staff support all educational functions including educational intelligence & analytics, design and development, and technology; and works in Partnership with the university community to implement the Scientia Education Experience and the UNSW 2025 strategy for a sustained competitive advantage. In addition, Mark is a trained psychologist and cognitive ethnographer. He works and publishes in the areas of human cognition and learning within distributed cognitive systems. He developed an eye-tracking methodology for investigating the co-synchronisation of language behaviour and visual perception in learning events.

During previous appointments at The University of Hong Kong and The University of Melbourne, respectively, Mark pioneered the RASE learning design model that is now core to the Integrated Curriculum Framework at UNSW Sydney.

UNSW Sydney


Raul Moizao

Head of Learning Technology

Haileybury Rendall School

Melbourne Session Only

Topic: Developing a K-12 Global AI Curriculum Framework, with Global Collaboration

HRS Banner


Michael Valentine

Director of Distance Learning

Hale School

Melbourne Session Only

Topic: Case Study: Utilising Cloud and Virtual Conferencing Technologies to Build New “Modern Learning Spaces” Today

Michael Valentine is an experienced and innovative educational leader. He has a reputation for decisive leadership as a former Head of both Junior and Middle schools. The design of engaging, multi-disciplinary curricular and his capacity to inspire buy-in from innovative, highly-skilled teachers to a challenging vision are trademarks of his time as a Head of School. A new role in recent years at Hale School has enabled Michael to build several innovative online learning communities and develop a teaching model for online learning that embraces creative intellect, collaboration, and rich communication via dynamic virtual interactions across vast distance.

Michael has spent the past 7 years designing two highly innovative online programmes for students across Western Australia and around the world. His [email protected] pre-boarding programme has transformed the transition to boarding school forever for students in rural communities and overseas. Whilst Hale Future School, provides remote rural school students and teachers with the opportunity to connect with one another and with schools in the city and across the world. It is Michael’s conviction that Distance Learning can transform teaching and learning in all classrooms.

Michael argues that a future for teaching where creative teachers work together to design and deliver engaging, authentic programmes of work which address their students’ needs and enrich their intellect is the “ozone layer” of quality teaching and learning. We thin it at our peril. Teachers can now reach out across the world to build their own learning communities.

Hale School


Eleni Kyritsis

Leader of Curriculum Education

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Blended learning innovations- transforming school culture – this could include robotics, VR, STEM, 21st century skills (collaboration, communicate etc)

Eleni is an award winning teacher with a passion for sharing her creative lesson ideas to enhance teaching and learning around the world. Eleni has been recognised for her outstanding contribution and support of the education community by being awarded the 2017 ACCE Australian Educator of the Year and the 2016 DLTV Victorian Educator of the Year. She is a Google Certified Innovator & Trainer, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, Apple Teacher and Hapara Certified Educator. Eleni has been honoured by the opportunity to facilitate keynote presentations and professional learning workshops across the globe.

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School


Joe Haig

Director of ICT / ICT Integrator

Belmont Christian College

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Experiential Learning: Using Robotics to Teach Coding

Joe is a game developer and teacher with 17 years of classroom experience. He is passionate about supporting teachers to integrate Computer Science into their curriculum. Joe has been involved in a number of creative projects related to technology and education and loves to find ways to empower teachers and students to leverage technology to foster creativity. His classroom experience includes digital music, coding, game development, robotics, VR and 3D printing.




Michael Ha

Director of Digital Innovation

Hillcrest Christian College

Sydney and Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement

Michael is a Director of Digital Innovation who actively promotes shifting the focus from valuing right answers as the purpose for learning to knowing how to behave when we don’t know answers; to encourage curiosity, questioning, problem solving, and wonderment. His current role includes being a committee member of AISNSW Student Wellbeing Committee, the founder of Sydney Digital Learning Invitational Forum and the founding Director of ‘Teach Tech Play’. Michael has a passion in understanding and implementing essential educational technology strategies that teachers and students require in the twenty-first century to enhance learning outcomes. He believes in nurturing the next generation of Innovators, Culture-Shakers, Dreamers, Thinkers & Storytellers.

Michael Ha HILLCREST Logo cmyk(large)


Claire Seldon

Learning Design Officer

NSW Department Education

Sydney and Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Digital Gamifications and Blended Learning with Fun in K-6 and K-12 Sector

Claire Seldon is a Science and Technology teacher who works as a Learning Designer with the NSW Department of Education. She uses her ICT background to create digital teaching resources for students to use in the classroom with a focus on gamification and emerging VR/AR/MR experiences.

NSW Department Education


Sophie Poisel

Innovation Leader

Emanuel School

Sydney and Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Next Generation Makerspace in Schools: Modern Learning Spaces that Encourage Mobility, Collaboration and New ways of Learning

Sophie is the K-6 Innovation Leader at Emanuel School. She was the recipient of the Premier’s Commonwealth Bank STEM Scholarship and spent 5 weeks learning from innovative educators across North America. The focus of her study included transdisciplinary project-based learning, design thinking and alternative assessment & reporting regimes that highlight the importance of future skills.

In her current role, Sophie works with teachers to embed design thinking, maker-centred learning and emerging digital technologies into grade projects. She also works with students to develop interest based projects, highlighting the skills and dispositions they need now and in the future.

Sophie has worked at a range of independent schools in Sydney with primary and secondary students, as a primary teacher, a Gifted and Talented Coordinator, and with pre-service teachers, at University and as a supervising teacher. She is passionate about fostering students’ curiosity in STEM fields and developing partnerships with industry mentors.

Sophie Poisel Logo


Cameron Ross

ICT Coach

St Peters College

Sydney and Melbourne Sessions

Topic: How Gamifications Drive Better Learning Experience and Higher Levels of Student Engagement 


Brett Salakas

Primary School Educator

MLC School Sydney

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: VR/AR As New Immersive Learning Tools: How AR/VR is Changing the Way Students Learn, Experience and Engage



Annie Van Homrigh

Dean of Innovation

St Patrick's College Townsville

Sydney Session Only

Topic: How to Design for An Individualized Learning Experience in K12 Environment

St PAtrick


Josephine Cali

Director of Teaching and Learning

Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Broken Bay

Sydney and Melbourne Sessions

Topic: The Future of the Classroom: Evidence-based Classroom Design to Foster Positive Learning Outcomes

Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Broken Bay


Mark Hansen

Acting Deputy Principal

Sandy Strait State School

Sydney and Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Use of Technology to Teach Math

Mark Hansen Logo


Alex Borlenghi

Head of Digital Learning and Practice

Luther College

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Designing Great AR/VR Learning Environments: Blending Physical Spaces with Immersive Reality


Fiona Clayton

Head of eLearning

Torrens Valley Christian School

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: How Introducing Robotics and Game Programming Has Had a Positive Impact on Torrens Valley Christian School Students 

Fiona Clayton TVCS logo


Sue O’Malley

Head of Robotics and Multimedia

Trinity College

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Experiential Learning in K12 through Robotics, 3D Printing, and Multimedia: How Experiential Learning Dramatically Transforms Student Learning 

I am, Sue O’Malley, the Head of Multimedia and Robotics at Trinity College, Gawler. I currently teach Multimedia, Mathematics, Digital Technology and STEM from Reception to Year 12. In 2018, I was honoured to be named the South Australian STEM Teacher of the Year.

I completed my B.Ed. with First Class Honors for my thesis on ‘Characteristics of Gifted Students that can be used for early identification’. A major in Technology and extensive professional development in pedagogy and learning styles led to my first role in teaching as a Special Education Co-ordinator, developing programs and managing a learning team of 15. I also created a Technology program for Year 2 – 8 and quickly developed skills in Information Technology and the integration of technology into all subject areas. I most enjoy designing real world learning opportunities for my students.

In 2010, I formed the Trinity College Engineering and Robotics program to compete in the FIRST progression of robotics programs. ‘Team BaCoN’ went on to win the Strategy and Innovation Award at the World Championships, the Australian Young Inventor of the Year 2011 and hold a patent for the ‘Space Saver Spacer’ collapsible Asthma Spacer. In the years to follow, the program grew to include teams competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge and most recently the FIRST Global Challenge. In this time, the team has earned over 25 National and International awards. In 2017, collaborating and competing with 157 national representative teams, we won the Albert Einstein Award for International Excellence and I was humbled to receive the Francisco Jose de Caldas Award for Sustainable Excellence, in recognition of my role in developing the inaugural event.

Prior to gaining my teaching degree, I worked as an Analytical Chemist at the Australian Water Quality Control Centre in South Australia. I also hold a Diploma of Applied Chemistry and Microbiology and a Diploma of Management, which provide a unique set of skills which are stretched to the limit creating engaging learning opportunities.

I have an amazing support team at home, with my sons, Sam (software engineer), Ryan (Science teacher), Matthew (Biomedical Engineer) and my husband Mark (Business Manager, former Fitter and Turner) providing expertise and helping as team mentors and inspiration.

Trinity College Logo


Annette McArthur

E-Learning Teacher Leader

Ormiston College

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Case Study of Successful AR/VR Applications in a Australian K12 Education Institution



Adrian Puckering

Director of Learning

Luther College

Sydney and Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Designing Great AR/VR Learning Environments: Blending Physical Spaces with Immersive Reality


Mary-Lou O’Brien

Chief Digital Officer

Melbourne Girls School

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Moving from Blended Learning Environment to Individualisation and Personalisation and How Data Analytics Can Support Fitness and Academic Achievements

Melbourne Girls Grammar Logo


Chris Bradbury


Northholm Grammar School

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Flipped Classroom in K-12: How Flipped Classroom Creates Better Interactions Between Students, and Between Students and Teachers

Chris is Principal at Northholm Grammar School, an independent co-educational school in Sydney, Australia. Northholm seeks to be large enough to cater for wide academic choices and small enough to care for the individual student. High expectations, scholarship and pastoral care are the School’s stated ideals that guide the development of young people in their adolescent growth.

Chris is an innovative and dynamic teacher with a strong presence as an educational leader demonstrating creativity and agility. He has a proven record of achieving effective change management targets by developing concrete strategies in working collaboratively with others to build awareness of the need of change, and developing a shared mission and a common agenda. Chris has a genuine commitment and passion for the growth of young people to achieve their personal best through life-wide learning.

Chris has been awarded a NSW Quality Teaching Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding teaching practice by the NSW State Government and was a recipient of both the Gandel Holocaust Studies Program for Australian Educators Scholarship and the NSW Premiers Westfield’s History Teacher’s Scholarship. In 2018, he has been selected to participate in the NSW AIS Leadership Centre Flagship Program which is a rigorous, holistic program for experienced school leaders in schools. He holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Education from the University of Sydney and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Leadership from Harvard University.

Chris Bradbury Northholm Grammar School Ltd


Tyson Grinham


Lockleys North Primary School

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Lockleys North Case Study – Future Focused Learning Spaces

Lockleys North School LOGO


Chad Ferris

Leader, Professional Growth & Culture (HR)

Sydney Catholic Schools

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Organic Learning: A Self-Determined Learning Journey

Sydney Chatolic School


Travis Goulter

Head of Junior School

Ormiston College

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Using the ‘Design Thinking’ Process for Curriculum Reform, to Enhance Mainstream Learning Opportunities and Experiences for Students

Travis Goulter is Head of Junior School at Ormiston College and is passionate about the utilisation of digital technologies and innovative pedagogical practices to engage students and enhance learning.  He strongly believes in the benefits of strong professional learning networks that challenge and support teachers to continually grow as educators.  Travis has been recognised as a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert and in 2017 represented Australia at Microsoft’s Global Education Summit in Toronto.  In 2016, the Educator Magazine recognised Travis for his commitment to innovative teaching and learning, with his inclusion in their national Hot List recognising forty educators from across Australia who are the most influential figures in Australian education.   Then in 2017, Australian Council for Educational Leaders awarded Travis the ACEL Emerging Leadership Award.  At the inaugural Australian Education Awards in 2018, Travis was recognised for his leadership and commitment to education when he won the Australian Head of Department of the Year award.



Monica Williams

Educational Consultant

Associations of Independent Schools of South Australia

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Emerging Technologies: investigating how to use them in the ELC -Year 12 classroom

Leading educational change in Digital Technology, pedagogy, literacy, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and curriculum for 17 years, working at the local, sector and national levels. Monica is part of the team that won the 2017 Australia Computer Society: Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer Team Award (NFP) for project design and implementation of an emerging technology.

Monica’s recent work has focused on how innovative technologies change the roles of teacher and learner. Monica is collaborating with AISSA schools and university researchers on a three-year project investigating the impact of NAO Humanoid robots on student learning, particularly in the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies subject area of coding and computational thinking. She has supported school leaders build capacity in their teachers to embed ICT into effective pedagogical practice and continues to support school leaders and teachers foster reconciliation through embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into school culture.

Monica has many years’ experience in enterprise software as both a vendor and client. She was a core member of the team that designed and implemented a government sector education solution. She defined the teaching and learning requirements and supported the pedagogical change management.

Involved in every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle: high level functional design, tender response, pre-sales workshops, business requirements, detailed functional design, collaboration with technical teams, change management, UAT, Implementation.




Daniel Wurm

Founder | Director

Green Building Institute | EduBytes

Melbourne Session Only

Topic: Trade School in Your Pocket – Apprenticeship E-learning Best Practice: A Case Study

Daniel has 8 years experience in vocational education, and 3 years experience as an instructional designer. He is passionate about combining e-learning technology with education for sustainability, to create affordable, engaging, green business courses across the planet. He believes in using new technology to make high quality education affordable and accessible for everyone, and is interested in helping employers and organisation be part of the e-learning revolution.



Dr. Abigail Barzilai

Head, Center for Promotion of Learning and Teaching

The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Sydney Session

Topic: Why Blended and Adaptive Learning will maximize knowledge discovery, retention and breakthroughs, and drive individual student learning progress better – Case Study of Technion, Israel Institute of Technology as a leading Global Exemplar in Learning

The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Stephanie Andrews

Industry Fellow Lecturer, Digital Media / Virtual Reality, School of Design

RMIT University

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Avatars and Identity – A RMIT University VR Case Study

RMIT University


Dr Amir Ghapanchi

Senior Lecturer, College of Engineering and Science

Victoria University

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Three Dimensional Virtual Campus: A Case Study



Olga Gavrilenko

Instructional Design Lead

Holmesglen Institute

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Using  LMS as a quality control tool, a Case Study

Holmesglen Institute


Darren Steffen

Senior Educator, Learning and Teaching (VET)

Melbourne Polytechnic

Sydney & Melbourne Session

Topic: VET Tech: Intersection of teaching innovation & creativity with digital technology, the workplace and learner engagement

Melbourne Polytechnic


Rupan Das

E-Learning Leader/ Lead Instructional Designer

North Regional TAFE, Western Australia

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Blended learning technologies for trade course in TAFE

North Regional TAFE


Dr Frances Shapter

Blended Learning Designer & Clinical Skills Hub Coordinator

School of Veterinary Science, The University of Queensland

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Location-based Contextualised Learning for Skills Mastery: Case Study of the self-directed learning Clinical Skills Hub at the UQ Veterinary School

The University of Queensland


Gillian Vesty

Associate Professor

College of Business, RMIT University

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: How Digital Simulations and Serious Gamified Teaching Methodologies Drive Better Learning Experience and Higher Student Engagement in Higher Education – Maximising Student Support and Outcomes with Simulation Based Learning

RMIT University


Sandra Bourke

Course Development and Delivery Manager, National Security College | Government Security Consultant/former Program Manager

Australian National University | Australia Ministry of Defence (Air Force)

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Case Study: Learning Challenges to understand complexity in National Security

Australian National University


Mark Dixon

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Wodonga Institute of TAFE National Industrial Skills Training Centre | Motorsports Training Australia

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Opportunities and Benefits in Collaborating with Industry and other Educational Institutions in delivering innovation in blended learning, with Case Study in the Defence Sector

Wodonga Institute of TAFE


A/Professor Marcus O’Donnell

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), Deakin Learning Futures

Deakin University

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Next generation digital learning environments meets next generation digital practice

Deakin University


Carmen Reyneke

Instructional Designer, Digital Learning

Melbourne Business School

Sydney & Melbourne Session

Topic: Design Thinking and Co-Design in Higher Ed – Designing online and blended learning using design thinking as a method of design and course development

Melbourne Business School


Peter Helson

CEO & Head of Campus

S P Jain School of Global Management

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Designing the Classroom of the Future



Dr. Michael J. Jacobson

Professorial Research Fellow and Chair of Education, Sydney School of Education and Social Work | Co-Director, Learning, Cognitive, and Brain Sciences Research Group

The University of Sydney | Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: How the University of Sydney is enabling the transformation of Professional Education, increasing student retention and engagement with immersive VR and Machine Learning: Case Study of Intelligent Virtual Simulations and Cognitive Science for Medical and Health Education



Dr. Ash Moreland

Lecturer, Discipline of Exercise and Sport Sciences, School of Health and Biomedical Sciences

RMIT University

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Doing Blended Learning Correctly

RMIT University


Professor Doune Macdonald

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) and Director, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

The University of Queensland

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Case Study: The UQ2U Blended Learning Project – Blended Learning Transformation at Scale

The University of Queensland


A/Prof Philip Uys

Director, Learning Technologies

Charles Sturt University

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Charles Sturt University Case Study: The role of learning environments to transition from passive to active blended learning

Charles Sturt University


Dr Tony Richardson

Lead Academic Advisor (Education)

University of the Sunshine Coast International Development

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Innovative Case Study of a New Teaching and Learning Framework, “Focused Guidance”

University of the Sunshine Coast


Jannene McLean

National Industry Engagement Manager

CSIRO Education and Outreach

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Developing and Promoting STEM Education in the Australian educational system

CSIRO Education and Outreach


Kerry Russo

Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching, College of Business, Law & Governance

James Cook University

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Re-designing Blended Learning for Digital & Workplace Transformation

James Cook University


Jennifer Stokes


UniSA College, University of South Australia

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Using Learning Analytics to encourage student connection and engagement with real world problem-solving: Future Ideas, Innovation, Addressing “Wicked Problems” through quality research

University of South Australia


Kulari Lokuge

Director eLearning, People & Culture

Monash College

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Technology Enhanced Learning – Mapping your digital transformation journey

Monash College


Professor Robyn Gillies PhD

Professor, School of Education

The University of Queensland

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Learner centred learning versus teacher centred learning and the positive effect this has on students engagement and learning

The University of Queensland


Dr Shannon Kennedy-Clark

Senior Lecturer, School of Education

The University of Notre Dame

Sydney & Melbourne Session

Topic: Using data to drive learning and teaching decisions in the classroom

The University of Notre Dame


Emeritus Professor John Simons, International Scholar

Past Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) | Alumnus

Macquarie University | US State Department's International Visitor Program

Sydney & Melbourne Session

Topic: The Flipped University: Making it happen. Finding the right formula for innovative digital Success in higher education – Reflections by a Higher Education Thought Leader

Macquarie University




Brian Bailey

Technology Innovation Manager

Teaching and Technology Innovation, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Sydney & Melbourne Sessions

Topic: Curriculum Renewal at the University of Sydney: a case study