9:00am Welcome Remarks by Clariden Global
Damian-Claydon-Platt-112x128 Conference Chairman:
Dr Damian Claydon-Platt, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Epworth Healthcare
9:05am De-risking Investment in Digital Health technologies and overcoming the barriers to commercialization of digital health technologies
Bronwyn-Le-Grice-112x128 Bronwyn Le Grice. Managing Director, ANDHealth, Australia’s National Digital Health Initiative

Overcoming the Challenges of Inter-Operability in Digital Healthcare and Standards

Heather-Grain-112x128 Heather Grain, Board Member, Chairperson, HL7 Australia / HL7 International Terminology Authority
International Standards Organisation TC215 (Health Informatics) Semantic Content Expert / Technical Advisor to the Governments of India and Brazil on eHealth
10:10am Morning Refreshments
10:40am Opportunities for New Investments in Healthcare, Digital Health and Health-Tech: Perspectives from CEO, Investors, Incubators, Business Collaborators, Hospitals
  • New Opportunities & Challenges in financing new healthcare  projects and business
  • Pricing framework for public hospital services
  • Looking at how health records and data can be the center of a policy targeting new healthcare investments and state economic development
  • Case studies of concrete initiatives in new healthcare investments, and their impact on developing new health initiatives
  • Affordable healthcare and insurance
  • Innovation in the digital and health space
  • How can private health insurance reshape healthcare delivery for improved health outcomes?
  • Changes in future funding arrangements
  • Commercialization of Medical & Healthcare Research: Business & Industry Collaboration Opportunities & Strategies
  • From Lab to Ward: Translational medicine in practice
  • Optimizing ROI in healthcare investments
  • Health Policy Evolution, Strategy Design and Healthcare Innovation

Dr Tam C Nguyen, Executive Officer of Research, St Vincent’s Hospital


Christopher Kommatas, Research Innovation Manager/Accelerator Program Director, Melbourne Health

Bronwyn-Le-Grice-112x128 Bronwyn Le Grice, Managing Director, ANDHealth/Co-Founder and Health Special Advisor, BioScience Managers
eapa-speaker Professor Frances Quirk, Director of Research, Barwon Health

Healthcare & Hospital Senior Management Forum

  • What’s next for healthcare and where do we see ourselves in 15-20 years?
  • Current and recently completed digital hospital projects
  • The challenge of achieving optimal patient care outcomes & delivering new models of care
  • Managing disrupting technologies in medicine
  • Delivering cost-effective healthcare services
  • Thinking outside the box
  • The Whole-of-Health Approach
  • Implementing transformative strategies that work
  • The medical doctor’s perspective of digital healthcare
  • Transforming healthcare for seniors & community health
  • Sector focus: The use of Technology in Emergency Medicine
Christine-Giles-112x128 Christine Giles, CEO, Portland District Hospital
Demos-Krouskos-112x128 Demos Krouskos, Chief Executive Officer, North Richmond Community Health
Jeremy-Kestenberg-112x128 Jeremy Kestenberg, Managing Director, Revita Health for Seniors
Dr-Andrew-Walby-112x128 Dr Andrew Walby, Director (Emergency Medicine), St. Vincent’s Hospital
Dr-Shyaman-Menon-112x128 Dr Shyaman Menon, Clinical Director, Emergency Services, Frankston Hospital, Peninsula Health
Dr-Sandeep-Reddy-112X128 Dr Sandeep Reddy, Deputy Director (MBA Healthcare Management), School of Medicine, Deakin University
Christopher-Arnold-112x128 Christopher Arnold, Executive Director, Skin & Cancer Foundation/Chairman, Human Variome Project International
12:10pm The rise in demand & costs for translation services and how to bring in Cost Effective Measures
steve-hooper-112x128 Steve Hooper, Managing Director, Primaxis Primaxis-LOGO-(2)
12:30pm Networking Luncheon
2:00pm Driving Patient’s Journey and Experience through Data and Technology
  • Patient Journey Modelling – Improving Patient Flows
  • Improving operational management (especially where changes have resulted from partnering with consumers)
  • Reducing Medication Errors and Patient Safety in Hospitals
  • ICT initiatives that demonstrate sustainable patient flow improvements
  • Strategies and challenges in patient engagement
  • Contingency planning, protocols including scalability of escalation/surge responses
  • Utilizing hospital avoidance strategies to mitigate demand
  • Digital referral channels: Protocols for reassigning patients offsite for non-acute care
  • Strengthening the discharge process
  • Embed clinical governance to improve patient outcomes and care
  • Improve the flow of information to better identify deficiencies of care
  • Apply innovative patient-centered models for quality and safety excellence
  • Strengthen clinician engagement and communication during handover
  • Quality improvement activities towards medication safety interventions
  • Understanding what part of the patient journey and therefore benefit realization is actually attributable to a digital health record rather than the current motherhood type benefits that rely on actions as a result of information visibility not just that a risk assessment was completed
Katie-Doan-112x128 Katie Doan, Patient Experience Program Coordinator, Transformation and Quality, Melbourne Health/The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Renee-Chmielewski-112x128 Renee Chmielewski, Director, Consumer Engagement & Volunteer Services, Austin Health
Sharon-Walsh-112x128 Sharon Walsh, Director, Outpatient Transformation, The Royal Melbourne Hospital
2:45pm Case Study: How an existing healthcare outfit transform itself into a successful Digital Hospital
  • Understanding the complexity of a Digital Hospital
  • Learning from failed initiatives
  • System transformation with limited resources
  • Defining digital strategy and implementation: challenges to overcome and options
  • Clinical engagement in digital health
Chris-Guest-112x128 Chris Guest, ICT Strategic Manager, ForensiCare, Victorian Government
3:30pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
3:45pm Case Study of the Clinical & ICT Journey of a new Heart Hospital
  • Planning and developing a heart hospital
  • Future-proofing for capacity growth and new paradigms of care
  • Strategy for clinical transformation
  • Planned technology, HIMSS 6 aspirations
  • Integrating eHealth solutions in design
Anne-Mennen-112x128 Anne Mennen, Director of Development, Victorian Heart Hospital
Naomi-Dobroff-112x128 Naomi Dobroff, Chief Nursing Information Officer, Monash Health
4:30pm Case Study of Digitization in Rural Health
How to strategize digital health for better patient outcomes for the regional and rural communities.
Dewald-Botha-112x128 Dewald Botha, Chief Technology Officer, Tristar Medical Group
5:00pm Closing Remarks
5:15pm Champagne Cocktail Networking Session (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)
Champagne networking session Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.
9:00am Chairman’s Welcome Remarks
9:05am Human Centered Design and User Experience in applying technology to models of care and how those models have to change
Matiu-Bush-112x128 Matiu Bush, Design Integration Lead, Bolton Clarke
9:45am Usability and User Experience of software based healthcare technology
  • Integrating clinician concerns and requirements in the digitization process
  • Educating clinicians about what to ask for when it comes to usability and user experience
  • Consulting with end-user clinicians to ensure systems and processes meet needs
  • Enhancing clinician understanding of technology and addressing their negative experiences with technology
  • Setting benchmarks for end-user functionality and driving optimal clinician experience
Christopher-Bain-112x128 Christopher Bain, Chief Health Information Services Manager, Mercy Public Hospitals
10:15am Design challenges for the next generation of computerized decision support
  • Computerized decision support (CDS) has the potential to improve safety and efficiency of care
  • CDS is a deceptively simple concept and getting it right is a major challenge
  • Ongoing evaluation of CDS is critical to ensure that it remains usable and useful
Melissa-Baysari-112x128 Melissa Baysari, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Systems & Safety Research, Australian Institute of Health Innovation
10:45am Morning Refreshments
11:00am Health Informatics: Enabling Better Care
  • Drivers of Change
  • Clinical Transformation at the Coalface
  • The Digital Divide
Damian-Claydon-Platt-112x128 Damian Claydon-Platt, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Epworth Healthcare
11:20am Healthcare CIO & IoT Forum
  • Technological Innovation and the Future of Medicine
  • From legacy systems to new tech: the transformation journey and implications for adoption
  • Design challenges for the next generation of computerized decision support
  • Internet of Things and sensing as a service
  • Connected devices for Healthcare
  • Proof of Concept for new Health-Tech startups, integrating into the hospital & healthcare ecosystems
  • Evaluating for the right vendors/suppliers
  • Reverse thinking: allowing business transformation to drive IT initiatives
  • Driving SMD (Secure Message Delivery) interoperability
  • Longitudinal patient record integration
  • Developments on the “My Health Record” Program & the National Digital Health Plan
Damian-Claydon-Platt-112x128 Damian Claydon-Platt, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Epworth Healthcare
Russel-Withers-112x128 Russel Withers, Executive Director, Information & Performance/Chief Information Officer, Footscray Hospital
Dewald-Botha-112x128 Dewald Botha, Chief Technology Officer, Tristar Medical Group
Palliative Speaker Adrian Hutchinson, Chief Nursing & Allied Health Information Officer, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
Naomi-Dobroff-112x128 Naomi Dobroff, Chief Nursing Information Officer, Monash Health
12:10pm The Future of Medicine and Technological Innovations
  • On the ground clinical experience
  • Real world constraints
  • The future of Stem Cell Research & Applications
  • Inclusiveness and patient safety
Professor-Erwin-Loh-112x128 Professor Erwin Loh, Executive Director, Innovation, Patient Safety & Experience/Chief Medical Officer, Monash Health
Michael-Kenihan-112x128 Michael Kenihan, General Manager/Director, Magellan Stem Cell/Melbourne Stem Cell Centre
12:30pm Presentation by Senior Management, Siemens Healthcare
12:40pm The Importance of Patient Identification and Standards
david-perry-112x128 David Perry, National Sales Manager ANZ – Healthcare Division, Peacock Bros
12:50pm Lunch and Networking
Interactive Sessions:
1:45pm Advances in Medical Robotics and Bionics
  • Use of robotics in revolutionizing Medical Robotics & Bionics healthcare delivery
  • Robotics in the surgical theatre
  • Latest developments in Vascular Bionics
Robert-Steele-112x128 Robert Steele, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Epworth Richmond Orthosport Victoria
Nicholas-Opie-112x128 Nicholas Opie, Chief Technology Officer, SmartStent/University of Melbourne
Andrew-Tang-112x128 Mr Andrew Tang, Director, Epworth Musculoskeletal Clinical Institute
2:15pm Advances in Healthcare AR/VR
  • Advent of AR in healthcare
  • Case study: AR in RCH, Melbourne
  • Case Study of Astronaut Health & VR, in collaboration with NASA, USA
  • Case Study of Deakin University’s cARdiac ECG iOS
Peter-Bright-112x128 Peter Bright, Online Medical Curriculum Coordinator, School of Medicine, Deakin University
Liam-McGuire-112x128 Liam McGuire, Executive Director (Healthcare), Opaque Multimedia
2:45pm Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning: Disruptive Technology & Big Data in Healthcare
  • Data analytics is now a key pillar of digital health
  • Smart clinical decisions and big data
  • Leveraging clouding computing and deep learning for wider accessibility of advanced diagnostics
  • Leveraging care pathways to deliver better outcomes
  • Clinical decision support systems in Hospitals
  • AI for Healthcare and Hospital Operations
  • Emotive AI for therapeutic care
  • Artificial intelligence will be a key enabler of digital health capabilities
  • Disruptive Technology for Chronic Disease Management
Dr-Yang-Li-112x128 Dr Yang Li, Data Scientist (Health), AI Sydney/BICG
Ross-Hardy-112x128 Ross Hardy, Founder, Adyuvo
Male Speaker Alberto Fernandez, Managing Director, Lewers Research
3:15pm Nursing Leadership and Technological Changes
  • Developing Nursing Leadership programs
  • Real-time monitoring of prospective gaps in mandatory risk assessments
  • The adept use of nursing information and data
  • Integrating patient care
  • Infection prevention in the wards
  • Managing nursing shortage and talent management challenges
  • Intensive Home Care Telehealth & Remote Monitoring
Christine-Giles-112x128 Christine Giles, CEO, Portland District Hospital
Cheryl-McCullagh-112x128 Cheryl McCullagh, Director of Clinical Integration, The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
Patrik-Hutzel-112x128 Patrik Hutzel, Director, Intensive Care at Home
3:45pm Advances in Pharma Practice
  • ADMs in Pharma & Clinical Practice
sanjoy-nand-112x128 Sanjoy Nand, Service Manager, Pharmacy & Medication Safety, Middlemore Hospital
4:15pm Afternoon Refreshment and Networking
4:30pm Case Study of an Integrated electronic medical record strategy and implementation
Cheryl-McCullagh-112x128 Cheryl McCullagh, Director of Clinical Integration, The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
5:00pm Case Study of Co-Designing the “Waiting Room of the Future” with Staff and Patients
Sonja-Pedell-112x128 Assoc Professor Sonja Pedell, Director, Future Self & Design Living Lab, Swinburne University
5:30pm Healthcare of the Future Panel Discussion
  • Healthcare solutions of the future need to focus on prevention rather than cures
  • Patient specific devices and the future development of bespoke healthcare
  • From predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics?
Palliative Speaker Invited Speakers of the Summit
6:00pm Closing Remarks & End of Day 2

9:00am – 12:30pm Post Summit Seminar:

Optimizing Digital Technology Solutions in Healthcare

Led by Professor Michael Buist. Michael Buist is a fulltime academic physician and intensive care specialist.  He also  He is currently the Director of Intensive Care at the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie, Tasmania and Honorary Clinical Professor, Faculty of Health, University of Tasmania. In addition he undertakes private physician clinics in a community general practice in Wynyard, Tasmania and is a clinical co-ordinator for Ambulance Tasmania. Professor Buist founded and directed a  company called Patientrack which is an electronic system of tracking and managing real time patient alerts (Australian Patent AU2004/001499): “System and process for facilitating the provision of healthcare.” These systems are now wide spread in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

At the end of this seminar, there will be a free format mini-panel discussion on Experience Sharing in deploying digital tech in healthcare.

Panelists invited include:

Michael-Buist-112x128 By: Professor Michael Buist, Clinical Leader (Intensive Care), Tasmania North West Area Health Service
Male Speaker Gary Trytell, Deputy CIO, Epworth Healthcare
Female Speaker Dr Evelyn Hovenga, CEO, GeHCo
Male Speaker Jim Kolitsis, Healthcare Technology Consultant to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital
2:00pm – 5:00pm Hospital Tour:

Visit to Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, Melbourne

Hospital Tour & Presentation on RCH’s Digital Journey on Becoming a HIMSS Level 6 Hospital.

2:00pm: Meet Adrian Hutchinson CNIO at Main Reception of RCH

2:10pm: Presentation of RCH “Big Bang” EMP Implementation – Opportunity for questions

3:30pm: Tour of RCH – Wards (Emergency Department, Intensive Care, Outpatient Clinic, Inpatient Ward)

Palliative Speaker By: Adrian Hutchinson, Chief Nursing & Allied Health Information Officer, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne