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Enter into Industry 4.0.

The World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report predicts that with the current speed that disruptive innovations artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, 3D printing, genetics and biotechnology, IoT and smart systems are impacting markets, a net of 5.1 million jobs could be lost by 2020.

Yet, a global 2014 PwC study also showed that the most innovative companies are predicting growth of 62.2% over the next five years, against the global average of 35.4%, and with even the least innovative companies predicting growth of 20.7%. An overwhelming 51% of the executives also agreed that in 2019, innovation will be a “competitive necessity” for their organization.

Here are some predictions for 2020 (Sources from Quantumrun):

  • Global number of Internet-connected devices reaches 50,050,000,000
  • Cancer treatments begin the same day as diagnosis
  • World’s first robot Olympics held in Japan
  • New Zealand’s “Rebuilding of Christchurch” is fully completed
  • Autonomous vehicles take up 5% of global car sales

Where does Australia stand in the midst of the global race? How do you leverage your existing capabilities and resources to become a robust and dynamic player, and eventually emerge as a leader?

Following the success of the inaugural Disruptive Innovation Forum in Australia last year, the 2nd Disruptive Innovation World Forum will gather senior leaders, experts and policymakers who will explore, examine, and discuss the ways to emerge as a winner in this global race.

It is no longer a question of “IF” disruptive innovations will affect the economy, but “when”, and that “when” is now.

Mark 21 – 23 November 2018 in your calendar and book your seat now! We welcome you to tap into the expertise of our panel of distinguished speakers to discover the latest developments in disruptive technology across all industries.

We look forward to welcoming you this November!

5 Great Benefits of Attending the 2018 Forum

  • Discover futuristic application of disruptive innovation and what they mean to your organization and customers to get the business future-ready
  • Explore the opportunities and analyses the potential risks and pitfalls of integrating innovative emerging technologies into existing business models
  • Study the use cases of established market leaders that have multiplied growth and remained ahead of the game with innovation and transformation
  • Navigate through the new ecosystems and examine the implication on your business environment
  • Engage with innovators, influencers and leaders across all industries to explore potential cross-sector collaboration

2018 Forum Key Themes

Discover These Key Themes At The Forum:

  • How Spotify, Didi Chuxing, SpaceX and Alibaba are Unleashing Innovations with Disruptive Business Models
  • How AI, Advanced Analytics and Super-Intelligence will Challenge Conventional Industries and Business Models
  • Disruptive Innovations in Transportations with Flying Cars and Taxis
  • Creating a Culture and Structure for Disruptive Innovation
  • How AI & Robotics Can Bring Massive Improvement in Automation
  • Blockchain Revolutionizing Healthcare, Food Safety & Security
  • Future of Medicine: Precision Medicine, Immunotherapy and CRISPR
  • Disruptive Innovation in Energy Storage, Batteries and Microgrids
  • AI’s Disruptive Implications in Legal, Consulting, Advisory and Banking
  • How Edge Computing Will Be Disruptive by 2022
  • 3D Printing Transforming Future of Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Re-Invent Business Models in a Disruptive Era
  • Learning Lessons from Companies That Failed
  • Translating Disruptive Innovations to Tangible Business Models

What's New at This 2018 Forum?

Australia’s Top 15 Most Disruptive Start Ups to Watch Showcase & Disruptive Innovation Robotics Site Visit: 21 November 2018

Site tour image 1

09:00 – 12:00: Australia’s Top 15 Most Disruptive Startups: How They Are Unlocking Innovations with Visionary Goals

Unique to this year’s forum is Australia’s Top 15 Most Disruptive Startups to watch out for, where you will gain eye-opening experience on how start ups are developing new innovations to disrupt future business models. From blockchain innovations to agtech, you will discover how these companies are penetrating new markets with compelling business models, unique innovations and culture. Expect to listen from exciting business models including Trove (insurtech startup), Plattar (augmented reality innovator) to leaders such as Amazon on their AI platform.

Site tour image 3

13:00 – 16:00: Disruptive Innovation in Robotics Site Visit

In this unique and informative site visit, you will visit some of the world’s largest robotics research institutes. These institutes have been instrumental in developing breakthrough technologies and in conducting world-leading research and development of field robotics principles and systems.

They have also partnered with major national and international agencies in academia, government and industry, and has established a number of leading research centers funded by the Australian Research Council, mining, security and defence, and environmental agencies.