Summit Highlights

6 Powerful Reasons to Join Us At This Summit

  1. Maintain accessible, real-time and digital communication pipelines
  2. Tackle inclusion in the whole employee lifecycle from hiring to development and performance
  3. Performance and succession planning to empower individuals and reduce turnover
  4. Understand the link between high performance and employee journeys
  5. Accelerate the learning process in your organization through innovation approaches and digitalization
  6. Align talent with business strategy to enable your employees develop into the roles you will need in the future

Hot Topics to be Discussed

  • Design Thinking And Employee Journey Mapping
  • Developing An Integrated & Compelling Employee Experience
  • Future Of Workplace Site Tour
  • Improving Employee Experience With Authentic Leadership
  • Future Physical Workspace Design
  • Improving Experience With HR Chatbots, Advanced Analytics, And Automation
  • Employee Experience For Multi-Generational & Diverse Workforce
  • How Employee Experience Can Be Measured
  • Case Studies Of Top Experiential Employee Experience Organizations
  • Employee Experience Key Touchpoints
  • People Analytics And Employee Experience
  • Building Strong And Differentiated Employee Experience Brand

Next Generation Office Site Tour


future 1

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