About The Forum

Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly today and even more tomorrow. Climate change and sustainability and its environmental, social and economic impact continue to rise up the agendas of governments and organizations around the world.

If we want to achieve sustainable development goals, we need to open a new file for green projects and scale up the financing of investments that provide environmental benefits, through new financial instruments and new policies, such as green bonds, green banks, carbon market instruments, fiscal policy, green central banking, financial technologies, community-based green funds, etc., which are collectively known as “GREEN FINANCE”.

To help you to acquire more insights and better manage the environmental and social risks involved in the Green Economy Initiatives, Clariden cordially invites you to the inaugural GREEN FINANCING & IMPACT INVESTMENT GLOBAL FORUM: How Global Finance and Investments Can Power Our Sustainable Future Today this coming December 2019 at Sydney, Australia.

Throughout the 2 days of thought leadership content-filled event, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking and experience sharing. You can maximize your forum experience by attending the keynote sessions, panel discussions, interactive roundtables and exclusive masterclass providing actionable takeaways to bring back to the office.

Why You Must Join Us At This Forum

5 Powerful Reasons  To Attend The Forum

  1. Join an exclusive gathering of thought and business leaders for meaningful exchanges around green financing and impact investment, and how to effectively leverage these for great positive change
  2. Accelerate your organization’s journey towards sustainability with actionable insights, proven solutions and effective strategies
  3. Discover ways for various internal stakeholders to collaborate in the pursuit of social impact
    through green financing and impact investment
  4. Forge valuable partnerships with some of the leading minds behind the drive for environmentally and socially responsible investing
  5. Learn more about how organizations in various fields and industries have successfully attracted investors, enhanced company reputation and increased equity with green financing

The Forum At A Glance


  • The Gold Rush for Green Bonds: How Investors’ Appetite for Green Bonds Are Helping Companies Lowering Financing Costs
  • How Monash University Demonstrated its Commitment to Zero Emissions with Green Financing By Issuing World First University Climate Green Bond
  • How India Is Raising US$50 Billion Annually For Funding Green Energy Infrastructure Goal by 2030
  • How Green Financing Helps Companies Improves Access to New Institutional Investors and Creates New Financing Liquidity By Increasing Their Commitment to ESG
  • FlexiGroup Green Bond Case Study: What Institutional Investors Look For When Investing in Green Bonds


  • Institutional Investor Perspectives on Owning Green Bonds
  • Understanding Compliance and Performance Monitoring of Green Bonds
  • How Green Financing Enhances Company Reputation and Increases Equity Values of Issuing Companies
  • How Should Impact Investments and SDG Impact Be Measured at a Portfolio Level?
  • How Impact Investment Can Help Australians with Disability Improve Their Economic Conditions?
  • Case Study: How Impact Investments is Alleviating Global Poverty

Unique To This Year's Event


MASTERCLASS A: Structuring Successful Green Bonds: From Establishing ESG Ratings to Acquiring Anchor Investors and Compliance Monitoring for New Bond Issues

Green bonds set a new annual high last year, with more than $140 billion issued globally. But with the waters around green financing as muddied as they are, tapping the rising demand for these bonds calls for a variety of measures to maintain investor trust and confidence. Successful green bond issuers must tailormake green bond frameworks incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings, implement strong compliance and reporting practices, secure anchor investors and more. Let Andrew de Souza, technical trainer at the Australian Financial Markets Association, guide you through all these in this exclusive masterclass.

MASTERCLASS B: Understanding The Emerging Differences in Green Bond Standards for Green Bond Issuance

Investing green is easier said than done. Green bonds can currently be issued under a variety of voluntary standards, with no universal compliance with the main green financing frameworks. The uncertainty creates for investors poses risks of ‘greenwashing’ – where green bonds are used to fund non-green projects – and demands clearer understanding of the finer points of what exactly makes a green bond. Learn what these are and how your organization can issue credible, transparent and effective green bonds, in this masterclass headed by Australian Financial Markets Association technical trainer Andrew de Souza