Forum Highlights

Key Themes Of The Forum

12 Key Themes That Are Powerfully Relevant To Your Organization:

  1. How To Improve Schools’ Readiness Towards An Effective Suicide Prevention Practice
  2. How To Co-Navigate Our Youths Through A Universal Storm Using Our Personality Compass
  3. Why Building Mental Resilience Into School Curriculums Is Vital 
  4. How Lived Expertise And The Difference It Makes With One-On-One Counseling For Youth Who Are Experiencing Suicidal Ideation
  5. What Are The Roles Of School, Community And Health Care And In Youth Mental Health Prevention And Intervention
  6. How To Build Mental Resiliency To Prevent Student Depression And Promote Mindfulness And Empathy
  7. Innovating With New Techniques To Improve Student Wellbeing And Mental Health
  8. How To Tackle “Shame-Based” Stigma And Discrimination Surrounding Mental Health Issues
  9. How To Be More Proactive To Explore Prevention And Education Strategies For Parents Of Students Within A School Setting
  10. Dealing With Stress And Staving Off Burnout Among Teachers And Principals 
  11. Exploring The Link Between Student & Social Media Use 
  12. How To Equip Teachers To Identify Hidden Signs And Symptoms Of Student Mental Issues

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

Day 1: Monday, 14 February 2022 | Main Forum

  • Singapore’s Student Mental Health And Suicide Crisis And Why It Is At A Tipping Point
  • Co-Navigating Our Youths Through A Universal Storm Using Our Personality Compass
  • Tackling “Shame-Based” Stigma And Discrimination Surrounding Mental Health Issues
  • Preparing Students For The Transition To University To Reduce The Risk Of Mental Health Problems
  • Build Mental Resiliency In Schools To Prevent Student Depression, Mental Illness And Suicidal Thinking
  • Identifying Warning Signs Of Hidden Student Depression, Mental Illness, Anxiety And Suicidal Thinking

Day 2: Tuesday, 15 February 2022 | Main Forum

  • Tackling Further Discrimination And Rising Trends
  • The Role of School, Community And Health Care And In Youth Mental Health Prevention And Intervention
  • Keeping Teachers From Burning Out And Improving Wellbeing Of Principals In Schools
  • Improving Mental Health For Students With Learning Disabilities
  • Improving Mental Health For Students With Substance Abuse

Day 3: Wednesday, 16 February 2022 | Post-Forum Workshops

  • From Creative To Resilience: Using Art To Achieve Self-Care And Stress Relieve
  • Managing Psychological Energy For Personal Wellbeing

Post-Forum Workshops

Workshop A – From Creative To Resilience: Using Art To Achieve Self-Care And Stress Relieve

Workshop A

Art is a powerful medium it allows individuals to express emotions and search for answers. Art therapists use this tool to help their clients to achieve their goals through the art-making process and different materials. Art Therapy has been used with different populations and each population has achieved various positive outcomes. The workshop will be introducing what art therapy is, briefly explore this form of intervention and how it helps various populations. Experiential will be conducted in this workshop to demonstrate the use of art and how it can help individuals to achieve stress relief and self-care.

Andrew Tan
Founder/Art Psychotherapist, AThR
Creative Bear

Workshop B – Managing Psychological Energy For Personal Wellbeing

Workshop B

This is an experiential workshop where participants will learn to manage their cognitive, emotional, and spiritual energy in trying times. The workshop allows them to understand and experience the importance of aligning their energy for optimal work performance. They will learn to apply the science of psychology to manage the different dimensions of their energy and understand how this affects their overall wellbeing. Finally, they will identify an area in their life that is important to them.


Benjamin Chan
Head, Soft Skills & Pastoral Care
Senior Lecturer, Psychology and Counselling
School of Business, Singapore Polytechnic


Farah Seet
Certified EQ and Insights Practitioner and Assessor
Senior Lecturer, Soft Skills and Pastoral Care
School of Business, Singapore Polytechnic