Conference Highlights

10 Key Reasons to Join Us This February

  1. Discover successful and best practices in modularization and pre-fabrication to increase the uptake of this methodology in the industry
  2. Understand how modular construction transforms the current construction labor model and help to increase relevant workforce
  3. Learn from international case studies on pre-fabricated designing to integrate this skill into your local industry market
  4. Find out how prefabrication techniques can help in the healthcare and education sector in Australasia
  5. Gain insights on how building code compliance for modular construction and pre-fabrication provide guidelines to the industry stakeholders
  6. Learn how the modularization industry can reinvent traditional construction methods into flat pack innovation
  7. Acquire information on developing affordable housing through modular construction to ease the property crisis in Australia
  8. Join us at our Construction Technology, Equipment and Automation Innovation Showcase
  9. Explore the opportunity of working with industry stakeholders at early design phases to ensure successful project delivery
  10. Understand how pre-fabricated components can produce hybrid structures buildings to enhance landscape suitability

Hot Topics to Be Discussed


  • Construction Tech, Equipment & Automation Innovation Showcase
    • Arrival of Driverless Trucks Bulldozers
    • 3D Printing for Modular Construction
    • AR/VR and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • SITE VISIT: Modular Construction and Pre-fabrication Factory/Assembly
  • WORKSHOP: Construction Building Fire Safety Design & Compliance


  • Advances in DfMA for Prefab: Increasing Productivity, Quality Improvements and Cost Reduction
  • Case studies on Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) for Public and Private Housing
  • Panel Discussion: Prefabrication Transforming the Construction Label
  • CHAMPAGNE NETWORKING SESSION: Enjoy a perfect glass of champagne, build exclusive networks and exchange powerful insights with delegates.


  • Exploring Hybrid Structures in Prefabrication
  • Developing Affordable Housing using Modular Construction
  • Flat-pack Construction and Innovation in Modular Residential Homes

What Attendees Valued Most from Our Conference:

“Listening to real life ‘champions of pre-fab’.” – Martin Apap, Rawson Homes


Openness and Honesty of the Presenters.” – Bernard Kennelly, Pryda


“The clearly stated position that the industry is in now.” – Peter Johnstone, New Zealand Consulting Engineers Limited


Feedback and lessons learned from industry regarding barriers and enablers, finance and mobility.” – Lio Herbert, Curtin University


Variety of speakers and topics. Knowledgeable speakers.” – Tony Stodart, Turner


“Understanding what is happening in Australia.” – John Rayner, Grindley Construction


Great cross-section of speakers to give a broad intro for me who has limited knowledge so far.” – Richard Evans, Smart Alliances


“Having so many experienced people willing to share their experience.” – Alex Campbell, Tallwood Constructions


Great insights from across the value chain. Busted some myths, honesty around implementation and challenges.” – Sean Wong, Bluescope