Conference Highlights

10 Key Reasons to Join Us This February

  1. Meet Industry Experts, Developers, Builders, Investors, Buyers at a Singular Platform
  2. Discover New Trends and Opportunities Affecting the Sector’s Transformation
  3. Understand Financing Options Available for Pre-Fabrication Projects, and Overcoming Present Bias
  4. Discover Best Practices from Modular Projects from Across the Region
  5. Find out How Pre-Fabrication Techniques Can Help in Education, Aged Care, Affordable Housing and Infrastructure Project Sectors
  6. Gain Insights on Building Code Compliance for Modular Construction
  7. Explore How Modular Construction and Pre- Fabrication can Meet Australia’s Housing, Institutional and Infrastructural Needs, Upgrade New Towns and Cities to Cope with NewEmigration Influx, and Also Meet New Zealand’s Critical Housing Needs by Overseas OSM Manufacturers
  8. Understand Building Cladding and Fire Safety Considerations for Modular Projects
  9. Explore BIM Digital Innovation in Modular Construction
  10. Discover Current and Upcoming Projects & Future Prospects for the Region

Hot Topics to Be Discussed


  • Construction Technology Automation & Innovation Showcase
    • 3D Printing for Modular Construction
    • Robotics Brick Laying, Welding, Concrete Dispensing
    • Latest Developments in New Construction Automation Technologies
    • Upskilling Labour Force to Adopt New Construction Systems


  • Keynote: World-class International Prefab Modular Projects
  • Singapore Success Case Study: Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)
  • Prefabricating Schools, Childhood Centers and Universities
  • Prefabricating Australia’s Tallest Prefab Apartment: La Trobe Tower
  • Australia’s First Integrated “Modular” Design Hotel Tribe
  • CHAMPAGNE NETWORKING SESSION: Enjoy a perfect glass of champagne, build exclusive networks and exchange powerful insights with delegates.


  • Creating Smarter Cities with Modular Construction
  • World’s Largest Engineered Timber Building Case Study: 25 King at Brisbane Showground
  • Slashing Construction Time with Kitchen & Bathroom Pods New Designs
  • Modular Construction Opportunities in Rural Health Care Facilities
  • New Prefab Opportunities for Government, Institutional, Commercial and Infrastructural Projects

Construction Technology Automation & Innovation Showcase


The Showcase will highlight how the digital world can help reshape the way we deliver and maintain our built assets, add value to the industry in key areas such as co-design, digital job guidance, progress monitoring, safety guidance and asset management for efficiency and sustainability.