Global Speakers


Amy Kulka-Marks

President & Owner; Member

XSite Modular; Modular Building Institute

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Adam Strong

Owner & Managing Director


Exclusively at Sydney Session Only


Chris Johnson


Urban Taskforce Australia

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Chris Johnson is the CEO of Urban Taskforce Australia, an organisation that represents the property industry. In this role Chris has produced research papers on the structure of local government in NSW and publications on the future of our cities. He worked closely with local government as Executive Director in the NSW Department of Planning in developing the Housing Code, plans for regional cities and urban renewal generally. Before this he was NSW Government Architect for 10 years, a member of the Central Sydney Planning Committee, the Heritage Council of NSW and many government committees. Chris has written or edited over a dozen books on urban planning, architecture and cities. He has been adjunct professor at 3 Sydney universities and was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2012.


David Michel

Founder and Managing Director

Bedrock Offsite Modular Solutions

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Dr Masa Noguchi

Associate Professor, Environment Design

School of Architecture, University of Melbourne

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Dr Masa Noguchi specialises in environmental experience design research. He is a Chartered Engineer, Environmentalist, and Technological Product Designer registered respectively with the Engineering Council, Society for the Environment, and the Institution of Engineering Designers in the UK. In 2002, he also became a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and now he serves as a Certified Passive House Designer registered with the Passive House Institute in Germany. Dr Noguchi is the founding coordinator of ZEMCH Network which consists of over 670 partners from nearly 45 countries and initiated a number of industry-academia knowledge transfer events. At the Melbourne School of Design, he leads ZEMCH (Zero Energy Mass Custom Home) design courses, i.e. “Travelling Studio” and “Design Thesis Studio”, within the graduate program. Before coming to Melbourne, he was a Reader at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, The Glasgow School of Art affiliated with the University of Glasgow, where he established a ZEMCH pathway within the Master of Architectural Studies program. His research is based on ZEMCH engineering design and socially, economically and environmentally sustainable housing community developments in developed and developing countries. Inventing a “mass custom design” system approach to sustainable housing, he developed a digitalised interactive mass custom design communication tool, which was demonstrated in the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon’s Canadian house 2005. In 2006, he designed Canada’s first net zero energy modular home – Alouette Homes’ EcoTerra house – built and commercialised in 2007 through the federal government’s EQuilibrium sustainable housing initiative/competition. He is active, contributing to Scottish and Brazilian ZEMCH construction projects.


Drenka Andjelic

Managing Director

Construction Assignments

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Drenka established Construction Assignments in 2006 and is sole owner and Managing Director of the company. She is a civil engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the property and construction industry. Drenka gained extensive experience in project management working in roles including Project Engineer with AMP Property Investments and Construction Manager with Accor Hotels. Drenka’s industry niche is the cost-effective design and construction of hotels. She has been responsible for the design and construction of 20 new hotels in the last 18 years. Construction Assignments represent developers and investors. Currently, they have two hotels currently under construction with a further two yet to be publicly announced. Drenka has received awards including NAWIC, CB Richard Ellis Businesswoman of the Year, 2011, UTS 2011 Alumni Award, Faculty of Engineering and IT for her exceptional business leadership in a traditionally male dominated industry. Drenka is current Chair of the Property Council of Australia’s Hotel Property Committee for 2015/2016. In 2014, she established the UTS Women in Engineering companion initiative ‘one of the guys’ where she serves as an accessible and inspirational mentor for young engineering students.


Steve Hayden

Procurement Expert & Senior Project Manager

Procurement Capital Works, ACT

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Andrew Bradley

Manager – Strategic Projects and Supply Chains

ICN Victoria

Exclusively at Melbourne Session Only

Andrew is one of the Managers of Strategic Projects and Supply Chains with ICN Victoria. Joining ICN in 2007, he brings with him over 40 years’ experience across the Construction, Infrastructure, Transport and Health sectors. Prior to joining ICN, Andrew worked in Jordan and Qatar, and has helped set up export distributors in Middle East, USA, Europe and SE Asia for local manufacturers. Andrew’s experience has assisted in determining and understanding our client’s needs and help identify relevant and achievable solutions. Some of the many projects he has been involved with at ICN include Ravenhall Prison, Royal Hobart Hospital, Melbourne Park, City West Police Complex and the Redevelopment of Royal Hobart Hospital.


A/Prof Tuan Ngo


APTES Group & ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Besides winning multiple awards for his contribution to the science community, Dr Ngo also plays a key role in the PrefabAUS. He has carried out numerous research collaborations with industry and government agencies to conduct R&D experiments on prefabricated modular components of building structures (facades, wall panels and floor slab systems).

He has successfully coordinated a large Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing funded by ARC and industry. The national and international research interactions have given Dr Ngo widespread recognition amongst the scientific community and industry as an expert in design and manufacturing of building components and systems using high performance materials.


Joyce Ferng

Associate Director – Building Structures


Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Pham Quoc

Principal BIM Consultant


Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Makoto Ochiai

Product Development and Manufacturing Manager

Sekisui House Australia

Exclusively at Sydney Session Only

Makoto is a registered architect in Japan, specialized in product design and engineering of SHAWOOD product. He is responsible for product development of SHAWOOD home division in Australia.


Dino Vrynios

Architect (Strategic Development)

Grieve Gillett Andersen

Exclusively at Melbourne Session Only

Councillor of Australian Institute of Architects (SA)


Nick Deeks

Managing Director

WT Partnership

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Nathan Hildebrandt


Fulton Trotter

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


David Tweedie



Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Jeremy Harkins



Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Glenn Day

Sales Director/Project Consultant

Stiebel Eltron

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Glenn has 22 years’ experience with STIEBEL ELTRON in operational, sales, product and market development roles. He has been involved in local and offshore project designs as well as product and market training in Germany and Asia. Glenn is a previous member of the Australian Standards committee for solar water heaters and heat pumps as well as the Clean Energy Council.

Palliative Speaker

Anton Van Wyk


Spatial Technologies

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Robert Beson



Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Knut Menden



Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Joachim Clauss

Associate Director


Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Chris Kakoufas

General Manager (Development)

Cbus Property

Exclusively at Melbourne Session Only


Roger Wallis

Project Responsible Person, Building Fabric, Buildings and Property Division

Monash University

Exclusively at Melbourne Session Only

Palliative Speaker

Patrick Weeden

Managing Director

Scout Aerial

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Patrick, a commercial pilot and a CASA Certified UAV Controller  is currently the group managing director of the Scout Aerial group of companies (Scout Aerial Media and Surveying Pty Ltd, Scout Aerial Systems Pty Ltd and Scout Aerial Africa Pty Ltd), heavily involved in RPAS innovation and new and emerging technologies and their potential application. Patrick is passionate about streamlining processes and utilising new technologies in order to maximise project efficiencies and service delivery. Patrick has over 9 years of team management and project execution experience within various, administrative, business, technical and voluntary roles. In his professional career Patrick has provided data management, quality management, risk management and communication strategies for monitoring and remote sensing programs across multiple industries. Complementing Patrick’s expertise in competently managing diverse and numerous data, other responsibilities and activities include: RPAS experimental design, analysis and manufacturing processes for remote sensing platforms. Patrick is extremely passionate about the RPAS industry, the applications for improving processes and using technology to create change for the better. With a fairly diverse exposure to many different capacities in the RPAS industry, he brings with him a keen understanding of project integration and safety system development. With a unique exposure to operations and regulation development in third world countries, as well as in Australia, he is able to work “between the lines” to ensure safety and operating standards are implemented and maintained in countries with limited RPAS resources.

Palliative Speaker

Trent O’ Sullivan

Founder & CEO


Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions