Global Speakers


Amy Kulka-Marks

President & Owner; Member

XSite Modular; Modular Building Institute

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

AMY MARKS is the CEO and Co-Founder of XSite Modular Consulting.  XSite is an  off-site program manager and prefabrication consulting firm focused on enabling and optimizing the use of prefabrication in large, complex, technology-embedded buildings.  XSite has some of the largest global companies as their clients working on projects including high-rise, hi-tech industrial, healthcare, hospitality semi-conductor and mission critical.  Ms. Marks is an Alumna of the prestigious Harvard Business School and a graduate of the University of Florida.  She is an industry thought leader and a highly sought after chairperson and keynote speaker for international conferences on construction and innovation.  She is chairing the upcoming Advancing Prefabrication Conference in January in Dallas and teaches for the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). Amy was appointed by the Government of Singapore to their Panel of Experts focused on Construction and Productivity.  She is the founder and moderator of the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) a closed Group on LinkedIn and is trained in CoreClarity to deliver personal development and team dynamics workshops.  Amy and her team have worked on six of the seven continents implementing prefabrication.

 XSITE Modular


John Martinovic

State Manager/Project Consultant

Stiebel Eltron

With a passion for engineering related industries, John has more than 20 years’ experience in sales and project management. He has extensive experience in delivering hydraulic solutions for large scale projects – from early concept designs, through to the final stages of commissioning and hand over.

Topic: Decentralised water heating in multi residential and commercial buildings can unlock extra space, reduces energy use and offers ongoing cost savings. Traditionally, water heating during the 1940s until the 1980s used to be decentralised before central hot water plants came into place. Central hot water plants heat and store water, then reticulate hot water throughout the building. This method results in a lot of wasted energy and proves to be very inefficient. Decentralised hot water avoids this energy waste and the end user only pays for the energy used. Due to the compact size of the units, decentralised water heaters have seen an increase of usage in prefabricated and modular buildings, so called PODS. A huge benefit is the simplified and streamlined process, which speeds up construction off site as well as on site compared to centralised alternatives.



Greg Boyer


Drone Ranger

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Drones for Inspection and Pre-Planning



Christina Knorr

Team Leader / Accredited Fire Safety Engineer

Stephen Grubits & Associates

Sydney Session Only

Christina is a practicing Accredited Fire Safety Engineer with an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master with Distinction on Fire Safety Engineering. She currently works at Stephen Grubits & Associates at their Sydney office. Christina delivers an extensive range of building projects covering product development and litigation work, as well as innovative fire engineering solutions for all sectors in the building industry. Her projects cover residential, commercial, educational, heritage and infrastructure developments.

Topic: Modular Construction and Australian Fire Safety Regulations

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Stuart Marsland


Rothelowman Architects

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

As a Principal at Rothelowman, Stuart’s role is to constantly push the boundaries in design and detailing, creating cleaner, more efficient, rigorous and elegant solutions on challenging sites.

Stuart’s passion for high quality dense urban design was born out of training at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, just as the city was going through its post-industrial regeneration.

Upon graduation in 1996, Stuart moved to London where he worked for nine years on large commercial and residential projects with clients including the London Underground. Throughout this period Stuart was constantly creating innovative designs and expanding sites that initially appeared to have reached their maximum yield.

Topic: Prefabricating Australia’s Tallest Prefab Apartment Case Study: La Trobe Tower – Challenges and Lessons Learnt


Andrea Morton

Director, Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Management, Finance & Performance

Housing New Zealand

Sydney Session Only

Topic: Contracting, Tendering and Procuring for a Modular Construction Project: Perspective from New Zealand



Basil Richardson

Studio Director

Bates Smart

Sydney Session Only

Topic: World’s Largest Engineered Timber Building Case Study: Landmark Modular Project at 25 King at Brisbane Showground

Bates Smart


Simonne Bailey

General Manager

(Connected Living) Lendlease

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Advances in Construction Technologies influencing Future Ways of Living



Dr Ana Evangelista

Research Fellow

Western Sydney University

Sydney Session Only

Topic: New Opportunities: Tapping the Prefabrication market in Sydney – An Update



Professor Vivian W. Y. Tam

Associate Dean (International) at School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics

Western Sydney University

Sydney Session Only

Topic: New Opportunities: Tapping the Prefabrication market in Sydney – An Update



Simon Amos

Director Construction Technologies

FBR (Fastbricks)

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Lean Construction and Robotics: Brick Laying, Welding and concrete Dispensing for Building and Construction Structures Inspection



Michael Haines



Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Towards a full 3D Federated Digital Built Environment



Professor Priyan Mendis


ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: The Future and Latest Developments in Modular Construction – Latest developments for the future

ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing


Mike Warren

Director, Architecture

Dickson Rothschild

Sydney Session Only



Peter C. Lippman

School Designer, Educational Facility Planner | Researcher | Educator

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Can future-focused learning environments be prefabricated? The evolution and development of schools as prefabricated buildings and protoypes/ kit of parts. How can we make the simplest of buildings the most inspiring places to learn?


Ninotschka Titchkosky


Architecture BVN

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: New Case Studies & Updates on:
A. The Australian National University that involves 6 new buildings to create a new heart for the campus, incorporating significant prefabricated facades and 2 buildings are full timber CLT construction essentially prefabricated and built on site.
B. Construction robotics initiative using 3D printing and carbon fibre.

Architecture BVN


Matthew Tobin

Co-Founder/Managing Director

UAP Company

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Matthew Tobin is co-Founder and Managing Director of UAP. He and his brother Daniel established the company in 1993, as a studio and workshop in which to collaborate with artists and create artwork for the public realm. These days Matthew oversees all operations of the company, spending his time in the Brisbane, Shanghai and New York studios. Matthew’s primary focus is strategic business growth, and UAP’s engagement with advanced manufacturing techniques and Industry 4.0.

Matthew has played an integral role in UAP’s evolution from a small Brisbane workshop to an international brand, fostering an outlook that embraces all creative possibilities. From 2009 – 2012 he was based in China establishing UAP’s Shanghai office. Matthew has a vast knowledge of all aspects of project delivery, providing sound government which enables the ever expanding UAP team to undertake jobs which push the levels of innovative fabrication and artisanal craftsmanship.

Matthew studied Visual Arts at the Queensland University of Technology. He currently resides in Brisbane.

Topic: Robots that can see in Construction: Digital Transformation in Art and Design-Led Manufacturing – Making big, ambitious art and architectural projects

Developing innovative robotic vision systems and software user-interfaces to reduce the integration time between design and custom manufacturing, with case studies


Mark V Peters


Tribe Hotel Group

Melbourne Session Only

Topic: Prefabricating Hotel Case Study: How Australia’s First Integrated “Modular” Design Hotel Tribe Uses Pre-Fabrication to Deliver Project on Schedule and on Budget

Tribe Hotel Group


Kate Nason


ARKit Advanced Prefabricated Architecture

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: The Limitless Opportunities of Prefabrication: Passive Houses & Positive Energy Homes, with case studies



Jamie Coe

Senior Management

Hutchinson Builders

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: A. Healthcare Modular Construction: A Radiation Oncology Treatment Centre case study.
B. Building New Modular Projects in ANZ and a Case Study on Prefabricating Student Accommodation: How Australia National University’s Award Winning Modular Student Housing Case Study was Constructed with Pre-fabricated and Pre-finished Volumetric Modular Construction (PPVC) System.

Hutchinson Builders


Issa El Assaad

Architectural Designer


Melbourne Session Only

Topic: Re-purposed Prefabrication: Explore modular and prefabricated structures as a temporary means to build a city that can be reused and re-purposed



David Rowlinson


Planet Ark

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: The Benefits of Wood: Is Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Build Material of the Future as CLT is 30% Lighter than Concrete and Steel, Improves Construction Costs by 15% and Promises 50% Lower Carbon Footprint?



Dr Shan Kumar

Head of Innovations and R&D Chief Engineer | National Vice President

Hickory Group | Concrete Institute of Australia

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Case Studies of Award-Winning Prefab Projects



Carl Pettersson

Senior Fire Engineering Consultant

RED Fire Engineers

Melbourne Session Only

Topic: Performance Based Design of Fire Safety in High-Rise Timber Buildings



Daniel Wurm

Managing Director

Green Building Institute | National Painting and Decorating Institute

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Upskilling Labour Force to Adopt New Construction Systems: Overcoming Shortages of Skills in Modular Construction, Training for Prefab

Green Building Institute Australia


Daniel Kalnins

Global Head of Digital


Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions



John Gardiner

Managing Director | Manager, Determinations and Assurance

Building Confidence | Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, New Zealand

Melbourne Session Only

John Gardiner is a Fellow of Engineering New Zealand and Managing Director of Building Confidence Ltd. Building Confidence Ltd is a niche consultancy helping those with obligations under the Building Act and related legislation meet those obligations in a savvy and business smart way.

Clients include:
• product suppliers and the building product support industry such as certification bodies
• importers and local suppliers of manufactured building solutions (PreFab)
• network building owners
• local authorities

Building Confidence also provides consulting services in the area of engineering governance, technical risk management and management systems audit.

Prior to setting up Building Confidence, John was Manager Determinations and Assurance at MBIE. At MBIE he was the decision maker for Determinations under the Building Act, was responsible for building product issues as well as being programme manager for the implementation of the new Earthquake-prone Buildings legislation. Prior to joining MBIE he was Deputy Chief Executive of Engineering New Zealand (then IPENZ).

Topic: Clearing New Zealand’s Imported Prefab Product Compliance Pathway: What Suppliers and Builders need to know


Julian Anderson


Bates Smart

Melbourne Session Only

Topic: World’s Largest Engineered Timber Building Case Study: Landmark Modular Project at 25 King at Brisbane Showground

Bates Smart


Professor Tuan Ngo

Research Leader

CRC-P for Advanced Manufacturing Building Envelope Systems

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Prof Ngo is the Research Director of the ARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing (CAMPH) at the University of Melbourne. He is also the Research Leader of the CRC-P for Advanced Manufacturing of Building Envelope Systems. He has carried out significant research collaborations with industry to develop new products and perform R&D experiments of prefabricated building structures (facades, wall panels and floor slab systems). Prof Ngo has won a number of prestigious scientific awards, including the prestigious Eureka Science Prize (2013) for Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia. He has been working as an expert on many projects to protect critical infrastructure against extreme events (blasts, impacts, fires, earthquakes). He is one of the pioneers in Australia carrying out research in the research area on safe and sustainable technologies for structures and high performance façade systems. Prof Ngo has also been leading the research and development of advanced protective materials and systems for a number of companies in the civil and defence industries.


Nick Deeks

Managing Director

WT Partnership

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Visionary Address: New Cities – Creating Smarter Cities with Modular Construction



Jeremy Harkins



Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: AR/VR & BIM: Latest Advances in Digital Innovation in Modular Construction



Patrick Keane


Enter Projects

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: Stylish and Ingenious Modular Housing Development for Elderly Residents: what works, with case studies

Palliative Speaker

Dr Fred Moshiri

Senior Structural Engineer


Sydney Session Only

Topic: Prefabricated timber modules in multi-residential, commercial and industrial buildings

Palliative Speaker

Eddie Pallotta

Operations Director

Hickory Group

Both Melbourne and Sydney Sessions

Topic: How Kitchen & Bathroom Pods New Designs Can Help to Cut Construction Time by 30% and Slash Defects by Up to 80%


Palliative Speaker

Andrew Major

Director Reform Projects

Victorian School Building Authority Department of Education and Training

Melbourne Session Only

Topic: Prefabricating the Victoria’s Education Infrastructure: Modular Construction for Schools, Early Childhood Centers and Universities to Prepare for 175,000 Students by 2030

Victorian School Building


Enza Angelucci


Angelucci Architects

Melbourne and Sydney Sessions


Joyce Ferng

Associate Director/ ANZ Modular Lead


Melbourne and Sydney Sessions