Transforming Palliative and End of Life Care: Best Practices and New Models of Care
09:00 Opening Address
09:15 Keynote Address: Transforming End of Life Care and Palliative Care with International Best Practices
  • Gain an overview of the latest development in global palliative and end-of-life care efforts
  • Model after international best practices in delivering patient-centric EOL care
  • Discuss the future outlook of palliative and end-of-life care initiatives in Australia
Elected Vice-President of the 17th Council, Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network;
Head of Department, Concord Centre for Palliative Care;
Chair of Sydney Institute of Palliative Medicine
09:45 Palliative Care at the Doorstep: How an Improved Palliative Care Model can Improve EOL Care, Avoid Hospital Re-Admissions and Reduce Length of Stay
Palliative Aged Care – Nurse Practitioner
Calvary Health Care
10:15 Delivering Innovative Models of Integrated Palliative Care
  • Learn how to develop Integrated Palliative Services by starting in the community
  • Understand the growing need for community-based palliative care
  • Case Study: Integrating palliative care across a health region
Director of Clinical Operation
Silver Chain Group
10:45 Morning Refreshments
PallTech: Supporting Palliative Care with Advances in Technologies
11:15 Improving Access of Palliative & Aged Care in Rural and Remote Settings in Australia through Remote Patient Monitoring and Tele-health 
  • How to overcome gaps in palliative care delivery to rural areas through technology-enabled care
  • Exploring the concept of uber-fication in aged care: Bringing doctors to patients
  • Addressing the challenges and road mapping the digital future of palliative & aged Care

CSIRO’s Health & Biosecurity research

11:45 Managing Manpower Shortages in Palliative and Aged Care Facilities with Technologies 
  • Discover the practical applications of assistive technologies in facilitating palliative care
  • How to select functionally viable & affordable assistive technologies
  • Review the usage of mHealth and wearable technology
Managing Director, Health ANZ 
12:15 Lunch & Networking
13:15 Digital Assisted Living – Lessons from recent trials using Low-Cost IoT Sensors 
  • Core design considerations and motivation for these choices
  • Feedback and Insights from trials
  • Lessons learnt and recommendations
Deputy Director, Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory;
Head of R&D, Swinburne NICTA Software Innovation Lab
 Advances in Pain Management with Palliative Care
14:00 Management of Complex Pain in Palliative Care
  • Advancement in pain management
  • Other alternatives to complex pain management
Senior Research Analyst
Ward MM
14:30 Advances in Assistive Technology in Managing Pain and Real-Time Monitoring Among Older People
  • Discover how technology come into play to reduce pain level among elderly
  • How technology can be used to produce a reliable environment to ensure patient safety
  • The PainChek application
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments
Planning End of Life Care
15:30 Overcoming Difficult End of Life Conversations
  • How to initiate the elephant in the room conversation with your patients
  • How to normalize and engage in meaningful conversations about life, ageing and death with senior citizens
  • Introduce a holistic, personalized and interactive palliative care
Sally Evans
16:00 Delivering Best Practices in Palliative Care by Incorporating Psychosocial, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Needs
Social Worker 
Palliative Care
16:30 Roundtable Discussions: Increasing Access of Palliative Care for the Minorities 
Table A: Delivering Inclusive Palliative Care for Aboriginals

  • Exploring Cultural Practices during the EOL Experiences for Maori People in Australia
Senior Lecturer (Nursing)
University of Southern Queensland
Research Fellow
University of Auckland
Table B: Delivering Inclusive Palliative Care for CALD
Table C: Delivering Inclusive Palliative Care for LGBTI 
Nation Project Manager
National LGBTI Health Alliance
17:00 Closing Remarks by Chairperson
17:10 Champagne Networking 
 Champagne Networking Session Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.
Designing a Sustainable Aged Care Model
09:00 Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson 
09:10 Delivering a Consumer-Centric Aged Care Service in a Consumer-Directed-Care (CDC) Market
  • Learn how to deliver Consumer Directed Care in the aged care setting
  • How to attract & retain elderly consumers in your organization
  • Case Study: Silver Chain Group Aged Care Model
09:50 Assessing the Effectiveness of Community Aged Care Services to Improve Elderly Well-Being and Outcomes
  • Information Communication Technology as an enabler of integrated community aged care services
  • Employing social engagement tools for the delivery of quality person-centered services
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating services that lead to successful ageing
Professor of Centre for Health Systems & Safety Research
Macquarie University
10:30 Morning Refreshments
11:00 Improving Aged Care Delivery for Rural and Remote, LGBTI, CALD, Indigenous Older People Living with Disability, Those With Mental Health Needs or People Who Are Socially Isolated 
  • Understand resiliency at old age & what does it mean to age-in-place in the community
  • How ageing Australians live independently in the comfort of their own home
  • A study of extraordinary people ageing in place in a remote rural community
Member of Parliament
11:30 Review of Single Aged Care Quality Framework and Updates on National Aged Care Taskforce
  • Assess trends, emerging issues and potential scenarios relevant to the current and future aged care workforce
  • Gain insights on a wide-ranging workforce strategy focused on supporting safe and quality aged care for senior Australians
  • Catch up on the latest Australian government’s aged care reform plans
12:15 Lunch & Networking
13:15 Panel Discussion: Preventing Elder Abuse by Providing Safe & Quality Aged Care for Senior Australians
  • Understand the different types of elder abuse: physical, financial, emotional
  • How to recognize and prevent them
  • Co-create solutions to stop elder abuse
13:45 ACFI & the Future of Residential Aged Care Funding Improving Financial Sustainability of Aged Care Services
  • Overcoming challenges in Aged Care Funding Instruments (ACFI)
  • Learn how to design effective fundraising & marketing tactics for your aged care organization
  • Explore alternative payment models & financial resourcing that aligns with your organization’s missions and goals
Harnessing Technologies to Improve Aged Care
14:15 Age In Place, Patient Centred Care and the role of Technology
  • Increase the adoption of assistive technology among the elderly
  • How to identify the right assistive technology for your elders
14:45 Re-Purposing Smart Technologies to Meet the Needs of Ageing Australians 
  • Find out the latest technology and innovation in Australia’s aged care
  • Encouraging independent ageing by utilizing assistive technology in aged care
  • Case Study: Feros Care
Lifelink Operations Manager
Feros Care
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments
15:30 Reducing Medication Errors with Electronic Medication Management (EMM)
  • Recognize the pros and cons of implementing electronic medication management system
  • Closing the loop on medication errors
  • Layout the steps to successful electronic medication management
Empowering Your Workforce to Enhance Delivery of Aged Care
16:00 Fostering Teamwork Among Multidisciplinary Aged Care Staff to Ensure Better Aged Care Delivery
  • Mending walls – professional boundaries in EOL and palliative care
  • Outline and examine potential damages for healthcare professionals dealing with dying patients
  • Practical suggestions to foster professional and compassionate relationship between dying patients and health care professionals
Hearth Care
16:30 Increasing Aged Caregivers’ Resiliency with Grief & Bereavement Programs
  • Providing supportive grief & bereavement programs for carers & patients’ families
Griefline Community & Family Services
17:00 Closing Remarks by Chairperson
17:10 Champagne Networking 
Champagne Networking Session Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.


Improving the Quality of Life of People Living with Dementia
09:00 Introduction and Day 3 Highlights by Chairperson 
09:10 Australia’s First Dementia Village: Korongee Village Case Study
  • How Australia’s first dementia village offers innovative model of care
  • Insights into the Australia’s first Dementia Village
Glenview Community Services
09:50 The Physical Environment – Designing for People with Dementia
  • Look into innovative design for people with dementia living in the community, in residential aged care facilities and in acute settings
  • Redesign your surroundings for improved outcome for dementia patients
  • How to reduce noise levels in aged care facilities
Allied Health Team Leader / Physiotherapist
Churches of Christ Care
10:30 Morning Refreshments
Implementing Innovative Models of Dementia Care for Better Outcomes
11:00 How Training and Mentorship Can Help Build a Person-Centred Approach in Dementia Care
Michelle Harris Allsop
Care Partnerships Australia
11:30 Group Homes Australia (GHA)’s Model of Care – Doing Dementia Differently
  • Living through EOL – Dying Differently
Founder & CEO
Group Homes Australia
12:00 Applying Person-Centered Approach in Dementia Care
  • Dementia and delirium in the acute care setting
  • Recognizing and responding to people with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD)
  • Identifying and delivering activities that suit the individual living with dementia
  • Initiatives and education provided around non pharmacological interventions and treatment
Chairman, Binational (Aus & NZ) Faculty of Old Age Pschiatry;
Head of Clinical Services, The Dementia Centre, HammondCare
12:30 Lunch & Networking
Merging Technology & Human Touch in Caring for People with Dementia
13:30 How Virtual Reality is Transforming Dementia Care in Australia
  • Discover the use of award winning Virtual Dementia Experience (VDE) and Educational Dementia Immersive Experience (EDIE)
  • How to modernize dementia care
Business Management Manger
Dementia Australia Victoria
14:00 Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Earlier Dementia Intervention: AI Can Now Detect Dementia 2 Years Before Onset of Symptoms
14:30 Applying Intelligent Assistive Technology Applications to Dementia Care
  • Dementia prevalence is one of the biggest challenges facing our aged and health care systems. Dementia care needs to adapt to the unique and growing needs of people with dementia
  • Assistive technology provides many innovative and current solutions to many of the issues consumers and providers face
CEO, Dementia Australia;
Secretary, Dementia Australia Research Foundation
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments
15:30 Roundtable Discussions: Exploring Novel Therapies in Dementia Care
Table A: Dogs4 Dementia 
 Table B: Dementia and Performance Art; a Resource for Communication, Expression and Play
Artistic Director
Mind the Change Inc
Table C: Music Therapy
Arts Health Institute
Table D: How other Technology Helps Determine Dementia Pain 
16:00 Innovating Dementia Care in Residential Aged Care through Award Winning ABLE Model
  • The ABLE Model of care demonstrates the importance of right care at the right time and right place when enabling a meaningful life for people living with the condition of dementia
  • Engaging family members/significant others within the journey has been a positive influence in achieving this model of care
  • Supporting residents to be more engaged, active and fulfilled is having a positive impact on a ‘good’ life
Aged-care manager, Director Member Board
Rural Northwest Health
16:30 Panel Discussion: How Elders & Dementia Patients Live Together by Creating a Dementia-Friendly Community
  • Investing in research and how we can strengthen translation into policy and practice
  • Implementing evidence into practice for best dementia care
  • Ensuring best practice in sustainability, innovation & quality in dementia care
Aged-care manager, Director Member Board
Rural Northwest Health
17:00 Closing Remarks by Chairperson