29 October 2018, Monday

9:00 – 12:30

Masterclass A – RPA and IA Bootcamp: Preparing Your Organization for Successful RPA Implementation

  • Identify roadblocks that can come in the way of a successful RPA implementation
  • Learn about IA’s current and ever-evolving capabilities and what it can offer in the years to come
  • Better understand which business processes and scenarios can utilize these technologies and how they differ from other automation management tools
  • Leverage on automation and discover RPA’s various functions to create a competitive edge for your business
12:30 – 13:30 

Networking Luncheon

13:30 – 16:30

Masterclass B – Scaling RPA for Enterprise Wide Adoption

  • Review internal processes for deployment of RPA
  • Develop a governance structure by maturing the RPA culture in your DNA
  • Develop realistic targets for your IA strategy & roadmaps to build your competitive advantage and to achieve them for business success
  • The importance of internal stakeholders & governance models


 30 October 2018, Tuesday 

9:00 Opening Address and Day 1 Highlights by Forum Chairman
Case Studies of Successful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) Implementation
9:15 DBS RPA Implementation Case Study:  How Robotics Process Automation Enables DBS to Free Up 25,000 man Hours of Menial Work
09:45 Revolution in Automation that Robotic Process and Intelligent Automation Can Bring
  • Overviews on what problems can RPA and IA tackle
  • How businesses could harvest the benefits of RPA and IA
  • Case Studies
Louise-McCarthy_112x128 LOUISE MCCARTHY
Chief Operations Officer
Global Digital Transformation HSBC UK
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking
Challenges, Pain Points and Learning Lessons in RPA Implementation
  • Case studies and pain points in using RPA and IA in wholesale banking
Hua-Xing-Chen-112x128 HUA XING CHEN
Head of Data and Analytics, Group Wholesale
11:00 How RPA Helps to Automate Manual Tasks Across Standard Chartered
Shaun-Norris-112x128 SHAUN NORRIS
Global Head – Cloud Infrastructure Services
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Logo
11:30 The Dark Side of Robotics: Lessons Learnt from Failed Robotic Process Implementation
Prajit_Datta_112x128 PRAJIT DATTA
STA, Chief Data Scientist Organization
12:00 Sponsor for Project Showcase
12:30 Lunch & Networking
Implementation Strategy, Roll Outs, Governance Model and Scaling Up
13:30 Preparing your Organization for RPA and IA Implementation: Developing Realistic Targets, Quick Wins and Roadmaps to Enable Successful Implementation
  • Defining where to start when you’re considering an RPA strategy
  • Understand how to set targets, relative to organization’s business goals and structure
  • Evaluate existing processes to determine where RPA and AI fits in your business
  • Learn how to leverage on RPA and IA to build market leadership
14:00 The Importance of Governance Models in Process Automation and Implementation Roll-Outs
Jaishankar-Srinivasan-112x128 JAISHANKAR SRINIVASAN
Chief Operations Officer
Deutsche Bank Singapore

14:30 Dealing with Unstructured Data Analysis and Unclear Rules-Based Processes in RPA
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to Capture Unstructured Data
  • Connecting RPA with Artificial Intelligence
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15:30 Assessing RPA Missteps to Avoid Failures in the Long Run
  • Overcoming proof of concept confusion
  • Collaboration of selected vendors and your internal IT department to help choose the right selections
  • Overlooking the reality of diminishing returns by only focusing on a fully automated end-to-end process only
16:00 Choosing the Right RPA and IA Platform, Vendor and Proof of Concept
16:30 Taking RPA to the next level: Scaling Implementation into Global Expansion
17:00 Closing Remarks by forum Chairman
17:15 image-3
Champagne Networking Session

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

 31 October 2018, Wednesday 

9:00am Forum Introduction and Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson
9:15am Industry Interactive Roundtable Discussion (30 mins per table)
Roundtable A: Vendor Assessment & Selection
Roundtable B: Getting started with RPA:  Decide what, Where, When, Why and How to Automate 
Roundtable C: How RPA and IA Can Improve Productivity of Legacy Systems
Roundtable D: Justifying the ROI of RPA for Buy-in
Roundtable E: Developing the Center of Excellence to Scale Up RPA
Ananjan_112x128 ANANJAN SANTRA
Program Manager, Transformation Office
AXA International Logo
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:30 2 Live Demonstrations
  • Live Demonstration A (30 mins): 10:30 – 11:00
  • Live Demonstration B (30 mins): 11:00 – 11:30
Case Study: How RPA and IA Brings Massive Automation in Reporting, Financial and Accounting Closing
Sahil-Gupta-112x128 SAHIL GUPTA
ASEAN Fintech Manager
Ernst & Young
Ernst&Young Logo
12:00 Case Study: How RPA Delivers Value by Improving Automation in Procurement, Operations and Data Reconciliation
Asher-Loy-112x128 ASHER LOY
Business Development Director

BT Global Services
BTGlobalServices logo
12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Case Study: How RPA Can Automate 65% of HR’s Rule-Based Processes
14:00 Case Study: Applying Robotics in Banking, Financial and Insurance Industry
  • The evolution of Robotics in the banking industry
  • Business transformation model by leveraging process automation, loan processing, automated customer service, smart ATMs, mobile and online banking application
Shashank-Singh-112x128 SHASHANK SINGH
Digital Lead
Prudential Financial
Prudential Financial Logo
14:30 How RPA Will be a Game Changer in the World of Data
  • Managing data tasks with RPA
  • Extracting, analysing and recording data in a much more efficient way with RPA
  • Optimizing Big data analytics with RPA
Praveen-Lala-112x128 PRAVEEN LALA
Regional Director
GE Digital
15:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
Future Innovations with RPA and IA
15:30 Keynote: AI is the Future of Digital Automation and RPA
Yu-Chien-Siang-112x128 YU CHIEN SONG
Chief Innovation & Trust Officer
Amaris AI
16:00 Cognitive Process Automation – How AI and Robotics Come Together to Create Higher Value Automation Solutions
vince_kasten_112x128 VINCE KASTEN
Head of Workflow Automation
Prudential Corporation Asia
Prudential corporation Asia logo
16:30 Incorporating Successful Change Management Strategy as a Part of RPA
  • Designing an effective change management strategy
  • Seamless communication and hand off between stakeholders to incorporate changes without affecting execution
Regional Chief Operating Officer
Alain-Boey-112x128 ALAIN BOEY
Chief Technology Officer
Media Prima
Prajit_Datta_112x128 PRAJIT DATTA
STA, Chief Date Scientist Organization
Bank of America
17:00 Closing Remarks by Forum Chairman