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Why Join This Forum

Robotics Process and Intelligent Automation Forum

8 Reasons to Attend the Forum:

  1. Capitalize on experts’ evaluations on RPA for your business in areas such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, and Insurance
  2. Inspirational case studies and solutions on how to effectively scale robotics efficiently and embedded automation into your business culture
  3. Explore the potential and capabilities that RPA and IA will bring to organizations
  4. Prepare and customize the RPA journey for your business in early adoption stage
  5. Understand how Centre of Excellence could engage people and utilize change management for an effective automation program
  6. Be informed of the advances in RPA and IA and the potential in integrating RPA with AI
  7. Transform business processes and operations by leveraging on RPA and IA
  8. Socialize with our global experts from Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Malaysia and China to exchange knowledge and experiences

Hot Topics to be Discussed

DAY 1: Tuesday 30 October 2018

  • DBS RPA Implementation Case Study: How Robotics Process Automation Enables DBS to Free Up 25,000 Man Hours of Menial Work
  • Revolution in Automation that Robotic Process and Intelligent Automation Can Bring
  • Challenges, Pain Points and Learning Lessons in RPA Implementation
  • Taking RPA to the Next Level: from Local Implementation To Global Expansion: How Standard Chartered Improved Efficiency and Productivity by Massively Scaling up RPA to 3000 Bots
  • The Dark Side of Robotics: Lessons Learnt from Failed Robotic Process Implementation
  • Preparing your Organization for RPA and IA Implementation: Developing Realistic Targets, Quick Wins and Roadmaps to Enable Successful Implementation
  • The Importance of Governance Models in Process Automation and Implementation Roll-Outs

Day 2: Wednesday 31 October 2018

  • Industry Interactive Roundtable Discussions
  • Case Study: How RPA and IA Brings Massive Automation in Reporting, Financial and Accounting Closing
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Case Study: How RPA Delivers Value by Improving Automation in Procurement, Operations and Data Reconciliation
  • Case Study: How RPA Can Automate 65% of HR’s Rule-Based Processes
  • Case Study: Applying Robotics in Banking, Financial and Insurance Industry
  • The Next Steps: Integrating RPA and IA with Machine Learning and AI
  • Developing a Robotic Process Centre of Excellence

Pre-Forum Masterclass

Pre-Forum: Monday 29 October 2018

Masterclass A – RPA and IA Bootcamp : Preparing Your Organization for Successful RPA Implementation

  • Identify roadblocks that can come in the way of a successful RPA implementation
  • Learn about IA’s current and ever-evolving capabilities and what it can offer in the years to come
  • Better understand which business processes and scenarios can utilize these technologies and how they differ from other automation management tools
  • Leverage on automation and discover RPA’s various functions to create a competitive edge for your business

Networking Luncheon

Masterclass B – Scaling RPA for Enterprise Wide Adoption

  • Review internal processes for deployment of RPA
  • Develop a governance structure by maturing the RPA culture in your DNA
  • Develop realistic targets for your IA strategy & roadmaps to build your competitive advantage and to achieve them for business success
  • The importance of internal stakeholders & governance models

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