Digital Supply Chain Innovations Site Tour
  Site Visit 1: Supply Chain Innovation Lab @ Republic Polytechnics  
  • Purpose-built facility providing integrated end-to-end solutions for supply chain and logistics management
  • Facility for SMEs/MNCs to partner RP’s Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM) to develop and testbed new logistics solutions and technologies to improve cost competitiveness, productivity and create new value for customers
  • A living lab for both PET and CET students providing a realistic distribution centre environment for hands-on learning and skills training
  site visit 1  
  Site Visit 2: Step Into A Fascinating World of Innovation at DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC)  

APIC is the company’s first dedicated center for innovation logistics services in the Asia Pacific region. With the vision to drive customer-centric innovation, it serves as an immersive and interactive experience in the future of logistics.

Beyond this, it’s highly inspiring atmosphere makes it ideal for innovation events, guided visits as well as business workshops. Thought leaders from across the region have found APIC a refreshing platform to voice their visions, ideas and inventions here.

APIC aims to inspire customers through thought-provoking experiences and insight into industry trends and solutions; to connect partners and experts to drive the development of game-changing solutions; and to engage the community through highly-anticipated innovation events.

Let’s transform the future of the logistics together!

09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:15 Visionary Keynote:
Digital Supply Chain of the Future – Revolutionizing Supply Chain Logistics with AI, Blockchain, Driverless and IoTs
Vincent-Phang-rounded Vincent Phang
CEO ST Logistics and Executive Vice President Global Logistics
Singapore at Toll Group
09:45 How 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Will Have a Disruptive Impact on Global Supply Chain Logistics and Trade Players 
Catherine-Soo-rounded Catherine Soo
Vice President Contract Logistics/SCM
Schenker Singapore
10:15 Interactive Speed Networking
 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
11:00 How digital champions will create connected supply chains and use advanced data analytics to create a competitive advantage
Christopher Ong
Director, Consulting
 11.30 Competing On Customer Experience

  • Examine what technologies will pull the next wave of innovation through supply chain
  • What is supply chain innovation, what are the drivers and barriers to innovation?
  • Is customer experience becoming more critical to supply chain performance and is technology adoption the key to performance
Joseph Lim
Sales Director APAC
BluJay Solutions
12:00 Quality implications with Disruptive Smart factory transformations:

  • The need to leverage Digital transformations to meet the evolving customer needs and improve overall experience
  • How can organizations make these transformations and not be caught up in the ‘myth’
Anson-George-rounded Anson Alexander
Global Industrial Quality Director
Schneider Electric
  Networking Luncheon
 13:30 Lucky Draw 1
13:45 Digital technology is transforming the entire supply chain, companies with the strongest end-to-end supply chains will rule
  • Today’s supply chains need a new architecture to keep up with customer demand and agility
  • To win in the digital age, companies must operate as agile business networks that connect systems, processes, and business partners of all types with visibility, automation, and insights from source to customer; a journey towards intelligent, autonomous, supply chain orchestration
Cas Brentjens
Vice President Solution Consulting for Asia Pacific & Japan
14:15 Case Study: Empowering the Next Generation Digital Supply Chain with Big Data Predictive Analytics
Timothy Kooi
Head Data Analytics Innovation Leader APIC
14:45 Fireside chat
 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session
15:35 Technology Roundtable Discussion (20 mins per table):
  • Table 1: Improving Visibility in Your Supply Chain with Cloud, IoTs and More
Ng,-Kian-Sian-rounded Ng, Kian Sin
Global Head of Innovation – Contract Logistics
Kuehne + Nagel
  • Table 2: Latest Developments on Drone Delivery
Bernard-rounded Dr Bernard Leong
Head, Airbus Aerial Asia
  • Table 3: What is E2E Supply Chain Management, Innovation in Supply Chain
Joseph Lim
Sales Director APAC
BluJay Solutions
  • Table 4: Demand Planning, Inventory and Network Optimization Tools with AI, Big Data and Predictive Analytics
Dr. Ing. Antonio Feraco
Managing Consultant, Vice President, Digital Services
TUV SUD Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
16:15 Chief Supply Chain Officer Panel: Disruptive Innovations in Last Mile Delivery – Crowdsourcing Apps, Drones and Delivery Robots
Stephanie Krishnan
Advisory Board
The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society
Bernard-rounded Dr Bernard Leong
Head, Airbus Aerial Asia
Sandeep-rounded Sandeep Sreekumar
Global Head Digital Operations
Zachary-Wang-rounded Zachary Wang
Neuron Mobility
Maarten-Hemmes-rounded Maarten Hemmes
17:15 Closing Remark by Conference Chairperson
Stephanie-Krishnan-rounded Stephanie Krishnan
Advisory Board
The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society
17:35 Champagne Networking Session
  champagne Networking

Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.

09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:15 Smart glasses Deployments in Enterprise
Paul-Travers-rounded Paul Travers
President & CEO
Vuzix Corporation
09:35 Driving Digital Transformation in the Maritime Sector
Wendy-Teo-rounded Wendy Teo
Assistant Director
Singapore Maritime Port Authority
10:05 Robotic Process automation (RPA) in transportation and freight management
Ferhad-Ismail-rounded Ferhad Ismail
General Manager / Head of Freight and Transportation systems (Asia Pacific)
CEVA Logistics
 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:55 Case Study: Improving Visibility and Supply Chain Efficiencies With IoTs
KAMISH_rounded Kamish Mirza
Head of Supply Chain Management Asia Pacific
11:25 Connected Warehouse: Integrating IoT and Advanced Analytic in Warehouse to drive safety and productivity 
Budi-Djojo-rounded Budi Djojo
OMS Programme Director (IT) APAC
DHL Supply Chain
11:55 Digital Supply Chain Finance – Time To Embrace It Part Of Core Supply Chain Model

  • Growing impact of Block Chain, IoT driving supply chain finance efficiency
  • Digital supply chain financing case study on Block Chain & IoT
Sarat-Mohanty-rounded Sarat Mohanty
Head, Global Trade Implementation Transaction Banking
Standard Chartered Bank
 Networking Luncheon
13:30 How Blockchain WIll Improve Trust, Operational Efficiency and Security in Global Supply Chain and Trade
Soeren-Duvier-rounded Soeren Duvier
Managing Director, Asia
Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BITA)
14:00 Exploiting Blockchain’s Full Potential With Industry Alliances: Adding Greater Transparency, Visibility and Efficiency Across the Entire Supply Chain

  • One truth across the supply chain network
  • Blockchain offers a shared ledger that is updated and validated in real time with each network participant
  • Blockchain optimizes business transactions and trading relationship
Chris-Edwards-rounded Chris Edwards
Vice President, Business Development and Channels
One Network Australia/Asia Pacific
14:30 How Autonomous Trucks and Truck Platooning Will Cut Delivery Costs & Make Supply Chain Logistics More Efficient
Anders-Liss-rounded Anders Liss
Country Manager
Scania Singapore
 15:00 Using the Sustainability lens to derisk your supply
Mat-langley-rounded Mat Langley
Vice President & Global Head of Enterprise Operations
 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Session
15:50 Lucky Draw 2
16:00 Reducing Supply Chain Forecasting Error and Improve Demand Planning with AI and Machine Learning
Gaurav Dixit
Head of Consulting – SEAA
Fractal Analytics
16:30 Disrupting Technologies Impacting Both Transport & Warehouse Systems, First and Last Mile Delivery – How is DHL Responding?
Arun-rounded Arun Mambully
VP of Domestic Delivery for Asia Pacific
DHL e-Commerce
17:00 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
Joe Lombardo
Director – Project & Performance Management
ESP Consult