09:00 Conference Introduction by Chairperson
Highlights on Conference Day 1 Key Sessions

Innovative Experiential Retail
How New Experiential Store Layouts Are Creating Immersive Experiences, Driving Product Discovery and Delivering Compelling In-Store Experience

  • How can you implement and scale innovation technologies as part of companies’ immersive strategies roadmap to drive in-store experience?
  • What other agile approaches to innovation to consistently deliver on a new store concept that delights shoppers?
  • What are the key criteria when evaluating which in-store technologies are the best suited to meet the needs of your global customer base
Stacy Paoa
Director of Stores and Client Experience

Shifting Store Format
Specialty Smaller Stores Are In; Larger Stores Are Out – How Smaller Stores with Curated Selections Will Drive Better In-Store Experience

  • How small and midsize retailers can drive a unique experience, revenue driven, efficiency and loyalty with smart adoption of advanced technology
  • Uncover the right technology helps to seize market opportunity and maintain a small-business feel
Michael Fahd
Head of Special Projects
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session

Interactive Roundtable Discussion:

1. Seamless Retail: How Retail Biggest Brands Are Bridging The Gap Between Digital And In-Store

2. Presenting Merchandise in Experiential Way
Christian-Schaefer-112x128 Christian Schaefer
3. Empowering Employees to Keep Customers Happy
Nabih-Awad-112x128 Nabih Awad
Managing Director
Retail Safari
Retail Safari
4. Leveraging Experiential Physical Locations to Enhance Engagement with Customers online
Michael-Obrein-112x128 Michael O’Brien-Brown
Handpicked Wines
Retail Director
Hand Pick wines
Innovations, Case Studies and Retail Brands Curating Store Experience of the Future
11:30 Donut King: Gamifications
How Donut King Leverages Gamifications to Drive Store Traffic, Boost Engagement and Create Immersive Experiences for its Customers

  • Utilizing WIFI triangulation to determine consumer paths and dwell time in the store to keep it immersive, fun and interactive to keep millennial customer engaged.
  • Installing motion sensors and smart-light fixture to measure traffic to different department
  • Developing a holistic understanding of in-store customer behaviour, digital transformation strategy in order to integrate gamification with marketing automation to boost customer loyalty and retention
12:00 Leadership in In-App Checkout: How A First-Mover “Scan and Go” to Improve Checkout Efficiency and Maximize the Customer Payment Experience

  • The Party People is one of very few retailers globally to initiate trial “scan and go” technology
Dean-Salakas-112x128 Dean Salakas
Chief Executive Officer
The Party People
eCommerce Pioneer & 2018 Retail Leader Of The Year(The Party People was awarded by the Australian Retail Association as the Independent Retailer of The Year (2nd year in a row) and the Online Retailer of the year)
The Party People
12:30 Networking Luncheon

Heinemann Tax & Duty Free: Retailtainment at work
How Heinemann Tax & Duty Free Increase Retail Entertainment and In-Store Experience to Maximise Passenger Penetration

  • Setting the scene for the pre-flight in-store experience
  • Adopting the store layout to present immersive retailtainment design from activation to acquisition, how to ensure your promotions result in a purchase mindset
  • The do and don’ts of theatre
Richard-112x128 Richard Goodman
Managing Director
Heinemann Australia
Emerging New Technologies That Will Be Key Components of Store Experience Success

Making Sense of Physical Retail Space in an Online World and How Technology and ARVR Can Assist in Bridging the Gap between the Two

Nicholas-Criticos-112x128 Nicholas Criticos
Head of Store Design
David Jones
David Jones

Advanced ARVR in Retailing: Successfully Leveraging Immersive Technologies for Enhancing Customer Experience in Retailing with Case Studies in Australia, New Zealand & Asia

Pradeep-Khanna-112x128 Pradeep Khanna
Executive Director, Asia Pacific
VR AR Association
ARVR Association
15:00 Hyper-Personalization
Hyper-Personalization: Integrating AI, Data Analytics and Marketing to Create Hyper Personalized Online and In-Store Customer Experience

  • Using AI to cross-sell and upsell customers in-store through concierge-level service
  • Determining first steps for making AI an integral part of your store experience
  • Evaluating areas of your business that actually need this technology
  • Using AI functions and data to enhance online experience and store experience separately, and also to create truly unified commerce
Brad-Golchin-112x128 Brad Golchin
Director | Chairman (Public Practice Committee)
Wise Advice Limited | CPA Australia
15:30 Refreshment & Networking
Innovative New Ways Stores Are Driving Engagement with Customers
16:00 Re-directing and Overhauling Traffic to Spike Sales
Misha Collection Case Study: How Misha Collection Used SEO, PPC and Experience Optimisation to Achieve a Drop in Cost Per Acquisition of 77% and Grow The Business 35% YoY Across 42 Countries

  • In mid-2016 online traffic started to plateau, and global brand awareness and sales had become stagnant. The platform was also experiencing site redirection issues, which meant shoppers had trouble completing their purchases.
  • These redirection issues were addressed; the online user experience across 42 countries overhauled, so it was easy to buy anything from the Misha Collection from anywhere in the world.
Michelle-Aznavorian-112x128 Michelle Aznavorian
Founder and Creative Director
Misha Collection
Misha Collection
16:30 Case Study of Adidas In-Store Experience In Enhancing Customer Interaction Across Your Brand Channels to Maximize Purchasing Potential in Today’s Complex Multi-Channel Customer Journey

  • How can you better connect to customers with new technologies that take them on an in-store digital journey?
Senior Management, Retail
Adidas (Confirming)
17:00 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:05 End of Day One Cocktail Reception

After a long day of learning, benchmarking, and planning, unwind and mingle with your peers.

09:00 Highlights on Conference Day 2 Key Sessions by Chairperson  
Emerging Retail Tech Innovations in Shaping Future Store Experience
09:10 Lego: Experiential Augmented Reality
How Lego Stores Revolutionizes Its In-Store Experience with Augmented Reality

  • How to leverage ARVR technology to bring luxury retail experience to life and create customer excitement around your brand and experience?
  • Sharing success story in implementing AR in-store support the customer conversation, which increased sales and engagement across their bricks and mortar estate
Sarah-Meaney-112x128 Sarah Meaney
Trade Marketing Manager APAC and ANZ
LEGO Group
LEGO logo
 09:45 Emerging Technologies
Are we over-hyping the importance of in-store tech? 

  • Why tech isn’t the best solution to exceed your customer’s expectations
Rebecca-112x128 Dr. Rebecca Dare
Managing Director
Australian Consumer & Retail Studies (ACRS)
10:15 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
New Ways to Drive Store Traffic
10:30 Increasing Store Traffic with Influencers
Increasing Store Traffic with Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

  • How can you transform your workforce into true brand ambassadors that create memorable moments in-store and help build lifelong relationships with your customers?
  • How can you best turn every store associate into brand ambassadors and influencers with digital tools that can help them in their day-to-day operations?
Paul-Tinkler-112x128 Paula Mitchell
Chief Digital Officer
General Pants
11:00 In-Store Analytics
Driving A Culture Of Experimentation In A Multi-Channel Retail Brand – Understanding Choice Architecture And The Psychology Of Choice In The Customer’s Journey

  • Over the last decade data and a single view of the customer has been deemed the new frontier of marketing. But, is seeing past action helping us understand why customers buy and how they make decisions?
Paula Mitchell
Chief Digital Officer

General Pants
Nima-Yassini-112x128 Nima Yassini
Behavioural and Experience Optimisation Specialist
General Pants
11:30 Increasing Store Traffic with Gen Z and Millennials
Did You Know? 47% of Gen Zers Use Smartphones While Shopping In Stores for Comparison and Sharing – How Stores Can Capitalize On These Touchpoints

  • Curating store fixtures, signage, product assortments and layouts to encourage photography especially dedicated for Gen Zers
  • Creating a taggable electronic location, establishing hashtags, and providing free and fast WIFI
  • Designing “wow” moments through technology, events, visual effects and unique immersive experience
Peter-Wilson-112x128 Peter Wilson
Research & Strategy Director
The Shopper Collective
the shopper
12:00 Aldi: Store Experience
Case Study: Refreshing Aldi’s Physical Stores to Create a Nicer Discount Shopping Experience and Better Traffic

  • Discussing motion sensors installation and smart-light fixtures to measure traffic in different departments
  • Developing fixtures and features that increase foot traffic and empowering frontline employees
  • Identify opportunities with established brick mortar brands through in-store experience and activations that drive foot traffic and bolster engagement
12:30 Networking Luncheon
Driving Store Experience with Big Data, Analytics and AI
13:30 Retail Analytics
Why Retail Analytics In Stores Are Critical to Optimizing Future Customer Experiences – Using Big Data to help Retailers Plan Based on Consumers’ Actual Buying Behaviours

  • What’s the most relevant data analytics can be collected from in-store to get a 360 degree of the customer
  • Some examples of how the company has successfully applied to retail analytics to the pre-purchase behaviour of prospective buyers to the pre-purchase behaviour of customer
  • Predict likelihood to buy for first-timer buyers
Bruce Song
Head, Online Marketing and Sales
14:00 AI in Store Experience
How AI and Analytics Plays Into Every Step in the Retail Customer Journey: From Curating Customer Recommendations to Stocking the Right Merchandise In-Store

  • Using AI to access visual merchandising
  • Fostering two way conversations with multiple stores and employee through new communication tools
  • Leveraging social media data to drive merchandising decision
  • Examining the role that technology now plays in visual merchandising
Lynna-Barrett-112x128 Lynna Barrette
Chief Marketing Officer
National Tiles
National Tiles
Unified Communications and Omni-Channel
14:30 Fantastic Furniture Omni-Channel Experience
Making Seamless Omni-Channel Retailing a Reality by Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital Engagement

  • Exploring the next evolution of Omni-channel on how to transform inherently traditional store portfolio to boost value proposition and continuously surprise and delight your customer in between physical and digital engagement
  • Discover how staying true to your brand and living out your brand
  • Hear retailers create exceptional experiences across all customer touch points in-store
  • Best practices in engaging employees in your CX vision
Manik_Godhwani-112x128 Manik Godhwani
15:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
15:30 Unified Experience
Creating Truly Seamless Omni-Channel and Unified Experience by Bringing Your Website In-Store

  • Creating relevant avenue for customer service and delivery across all channels with the various other customer touch-points to enable the provision of a seamless customer experience
  • One-stop-shop model across all channels, how physical service channel fits into service channel in Omni-channel experience
  • The power of an engaging customer centric workforce
Chris Wilesmith
Managing Director
Super Retail Group
super retail group
Innovations in Retail
16:00 The Pop-Up Channel – How Calendar Club Exploited an Under-Served Micro-Niche and Pioneered Pop-Up Retailing in Australia and New Zealand
Paul-Breen-112x128 Paul Breen
Founder / Chairman
Go! Calendars, Games and Toys
16:30 New In-Store KPIs and Metrics That Measures In-Store Experience: The Bunnings Case Study

  • How can we blend the digital offering with in-store experience to exceed the expectation of today?
  • Prediction of the future of store experience in 2023
  • Sharing success stories planning and design
Senior Management

Q&A Session & Closing Remarks by Conference Chairperson

Store Experience of the Future Site Tour

Physical retail design and digital technology has become a significant driver for enhancing customers’ in-store experience, business efficacy and boosting sales. Some of the world’s most innovative companies including Apple, Nike, IKEA and ZARA, are at the forefront when it comes to using digital innovations to drive compelling in-store experience.

In this Store Experience of the Future site tour visit, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the Australia’s most innovative technologies that can be used to enhance in-store retail experience. From using augmented/virtual reality to creating immersive in-store experience to understanding how AI-driven in-store analytics can help to create better foot traffic and experiential shopping experience, you will discover how digital innovations can be used to create compelling store experience. You will also have the opportunity to see new technologies such as magic mirrors, interactive changing room, interactive display, IoTs and beacons that can be used to re-define in-store experience.


Space in Each Site Tour is Limited, Registrations Will Be Available On First Come, First Reserved Basis