09:00 Conference Introduction by Chairperson
Highlights on Conference Day 1 Key Sessions

Store Experience of the Future: How Digital Innovations and Experiential Retail is Transforming Customer Experience

  • Exploring the next evolution of smart ecosystem on how to transform inherently traditional store portfolio to boost value in-store experience and continuously surprise and delight your customer
  • Discover on how staying true to your brand and living out your brand promise
  • Hear retailers create exceptional experiences across all customer touch points in in-store
  • Best practices in engaging employees in your CX vision
Richard-Gustafson-rounded Richard Gustafson
Japan Country Lead

Store Technology Experience of the Future: Wearable, Facial Recognition, System Lighting, Mobile POS and More in Shaping Shopper Experience

  • Share insights into the role of bricks-and-mortar retail
  • Navigate the pitfalls of change implementation successfully
  • Understand in-depth of the constraints, needs and demand on using aid of robots, VR, smart shelves and in-store navigation, to especially serve customer emotional at the point of sale
Francis_rounded Frances Martin
VP Retail
10:45 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session

Case Study: How IKEA is Transforming into VR to Elevate the In-Store Experience

  • Emerged with new tech such as store VR experience include entertainment that draw in customer
  • Highlight key features of incredible technology taking the next level and trying to educate consumers and draw potential guests to the store
  • The best business to integrate all their shopping experience for a unified great experience
Michael-Donath-rounded Michael Donath
Country Multichannel Manager
11:45 Social Robotics – Where and How They are Being Used in Retail Stores Today

  • Incorporating the ‘social’ robots, exhibit social behaviour in recognizing, assisting, and following customer needs
  • Discover on how robots focus on customer experience to enhance personal touch point, engaging interaction, and brand experience
  • The value of social robots being able to attract, serve and satisfy more customer is a key success and increasing revenue
Nicci_Rossouw_rounded Nicci Rossouw
12:30 Networking Luncheon
AI and Big Data Analytics in Retail

Redefining Retail Customer Journey in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – how has this changed the way we live?
  • Retail stats/trends
  • Shoppers journey
  • Retail brand to talk about how they redefined their customer journey
  • 5 Actions To Take Now
Pauline-rounded Pauline Pangan
Founder and President


Predictive Analytics in Retail Pricing : How Use of Advanced Pricing Analytics Improve FMCG Margins  

  • AI is augmenting human thinking in new ways
  • This new thinking creates competitive advantages never seen before
  • If you are not investigating/experimenting with this new AI-enhanced thinking, rest assured your competitors are

Franki Chamaki


How AI Plays into Every Step in the Retail Customer Journey: From Inventory Management to Product Management


Tuan Jean Tee
Chief Digital Advisor


Marcella Larsen
Retail Industry Solutions Executive – Australia

15:30 Refreshment & Networking
15:45 Interactive Roundtable Discussion

  • The last one metre to the product on display
  • Selling with and without a salesperson – How do we close the deal
  • What motivates a sales person?
1. How to Bring Products to Life in the Store Environment
Angus_JOnes_rounded Angus Jones
LG Electronics
2. Metrics that Matter: Retailing for now and for what’s next

  • Getting to know your customer
  • How do you successfully and quickly gather relevant data on your customer?
  • Retailers challenge of prioritizing for success
Jemma_Caprioli-New-rounded (1) Jemma Caprioli
Chief Customer Officer
Dashing Group
dan-ries-rounded Dan Ries
Director of Technology
3. Identify Customer Pain-Points and Remove Friction Along the Shopping Journey to Heighten their Experience

16:45 Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:00 End of Day One Cocktail Reception

After a long day of learning, benchmarking, and planning, unwind and mingle with your peers.

09:00 Highlights on Conference Day 2 Key Sessions by Chairperson  
09:10 Meet Moby Mart, the World’s First Self-Driving RoboMobile Store

  • How mobility can save physical retail
  • A new way of dealing with logistics
  • How would retail look like if invented today?
Per-Cromwell-rounded Per Cromwell
CEO and Founder
Moby Mart
 10:00 Design Future Store Experience with Magic Mirrors: How Magic Mirrors can Deliver Compelling Customer Engagement

  1. How to rein the in-store digital revolution? Can there be too many digital screens? Video walls, smart price tags, shelf-edge screens, self-service kiosks, smart fridges, magic mirrors, virtual assistants. How to make them improve, not complicate customer experience?
  2. Digital screens draw attention. How much? How to leverage that power to deliver a consistent message, increase engagement and ultimately boost sales?
  3. Personal privacy in the phygital world. Is it possible? Will it matter? Where is the balance?
  4. Future trends. Is there going to be more or less screens in the future? What will they be capable of? Personal devices, wearables, Virtual Reality, autonomous stores, artificial intelligence, swarms of IoT sensors… How is this all going to change the industry and customer experience?
Vladimir_rounded Vladimir Ilyash
Head of Business
10:45 Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
11:00 The path to Paragon, using in-store display to turnaround a failing business in a declining and over saturated market
Philip_Newton_rounded Phillip Newton
Immediate past VP & CMO
11:45 Seamless Check Out: What Retailers can Learn from New Check Out Free Stores That Enriches Customer Experience 
12:30 Networking Luncheon

The Rise of Subscription Retail and How AI and Machine Learning is Optimizing Compelling Customer Experience

14:15 5 Reasons Why Retailers Need to Think Unified Commerce: Bridging The Gap In-Between Digital Platform and In-Store

  • Best practices in unifying commerce platform in seamless customer-centric journey
  • Emerge mobile such as digital apps, POS, loyalty to help bridge the gap between in-store and online
  • Real-life examples innovation in software and advancement in digital technology
15;00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
15:15 How drones and technology are disrupting the retail logistics chain

  • The future of retail logistics using human-centric technology
  • Automation and transportation: removing the human element
  • Disrupting the last kilometer of the logistics chain using drones
josh-keegan-rounded Josh Keegan
Director and CEO
World Drone Challenge Pty Ltd
15:45 Innovation in Last Mile Fulfilment and Delivery

  • Discuss the last mile logistic delivery of online grocery shopping
  • The pressure for speedy delivery gives retailers with the best store network a leg up
  • In-home delivery issues. Such as smart-doorbell and home security start-up that convenience see the packages being delivered from mobiles phones 
Rob_rounded Rob Hango-Zada
16:15 Panel Discussion: What Will Be The Next Big Game Changers In Retail That Will Transform The Store in 5 Years?

  • How can we blend the digital offering with in-store experience to exceed the expectation of today?
  • Prediction of the future of store experience in 2023
Peter-Ratcliffe-rounded Peter Ratcliffe
Head of Digital
The Retail Apparel Group

Q&A Session & Closing Remarks by Conference Chairperson

Store Experience of the Future Site Tour

Physical retail design and digital technology has become a significant driver for enhancing customers’ in-store experience, business efficacy and boosting sales. Some of the world’s most innovative companies including Apple, Nike, IKEA and ZARA, are at the forefront when it comes to using digital innovations to drive compelling in-store experience.

In this Store Experience of the Future site tour visit, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the Australia’s most innovative technologies that can be used to enhance in-store retail experience. From using augmented/virtual reality to creating immersive in-store experience to understanding how AI-driven in-store analytics can help to create better foot traffic and experiential shopping experience, you will discover how digital innovations can be used to create compelling store experience. You will also have the opportunity to see new technologies such as magic mirrors, interactive changing room, interactive display, IoTs and beacons that can be used to re-define in-store experience.

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