Conference Highlights

Why Join Us

  1. Discover emerging opportunities to deliver exceptional customer in-store experience and business growth from many practical case studies
  2. Explore the steps of action plan linking happiness, optimism and positivity to engagement and overcome evolutionary bias to negativity
  3. Actionable, impactful CX insights which add value & build your future of business growth
  4. Top tips to adopting a fresh new approach to customer engagement
  5. Leverage on technology such as 5G, AR, VR, ChatBots and IoTs to develop engaging customer experience
  6. Gain first-hand experience from small, medium and large firms on their digital transformation journey
  7. Mapping the digital transformation journey to identify strategies that best suit your business
  8. Using Big Data, Data Analysis and AI to Deliver Compelling Shopping Experience and create brand royalty
  9. Unified Commerce Platforms to path a seamless customer-centric journey
  10. The future of store experience, digital economy and the new realities of consumer experience

Hot Topics to be Discussed


  • Keynote: Store Experience of the Future: How Digital Innovations and Experiential Retail is Transforming Customer Experience
  • Augmented Reality: The Next Major Revolution in Transforming In-Store Customer Experience
  • Case Study: How IKEA is Using Virtual Reality to Elevate the In-Store Experience
  • Case Study: Retail, In-Store Analytics: How Big Data and AI are Giving Retailers Insights to Deliver Compelling Shopping Experience?
  • Predictive Analytics in Retail Pricing: How Use of Advanced Pricing Analytics Improve Retail Margins
  • How AI Plays into Every Step in the Retail Customer Journey: From Inventory Management to Product Management


  • Store Technology Experience of the Future: 7 Wearable, Facial Recognition, System Lighting, Mobile POS and More in Shaping Shopper Experience
  • IoTs and Beacons: Discovering New Customer Behaviour and Optimizing Product Placement Across the Store
  • Meet Chip, Australia’s First Robotic Shopping Assistant
  • Seamless Check Out: What Retailers can Learn from New Check Out Free Stores That Enriches Customer Experience
  • Designing Brand Engaging Pop Up and Experiential Retails Stores
  • The Rise of Subscription Retail and How AI and Machine Learning is Optimizing Compelling Customer Experience
  • 5 Reasons Why Retailers Need to Think Unified Commerce
  • Innovation in Last Mile Fulfilment and Delivery
  • Panel Discussion: What Will Be The Next Big Game Changers In Retail That Will Transform The Store in 5 Years?


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Future of Retail Reimagined with Digital Transformation

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