About the Summit

Australia’s energy sector has been transforming constantly, production of renewable energy rising, partly owing to the realization that burning fossil fuels for electricity was contributing to climate change, along with Australia’s potential to generate energy from green sources, and its commitment to international environmental goals.

Virtual Power Plants are now the talk of the town. More nuanced systems are being developed to integrate large numbers of small scale solar systems and batteries into the grid. Once successful, they will be able to apply market principles to deploy and reward these distributed energy resources (DERs).

The Virtual Power Plants, New Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Innovations Global Summit 2019 will provide the most timely, important platform to accelerate the further adoption of microgrids, renewable energy technologies, the Internet of Energy, allowing consumers to use energy more efficiently and presaging the Rise of the Prosumer.

This event, a key industry gathering of international smart grids experts, VPP exemplars, energy storage innovators, new power project owners, energy government market regulators, electric power professionals & scientists, is a top-of-the-range value-added networking opportunity, an excellent showcase of new energy technologies and innovations accompanying, you cannot miss!

Why Join This Summit

5 Reasons to Attend this Important and Timely Summit!

  1. Profit from new opportunities which VPPs, new energy storage and renewable energy innovations usher in
  2. Receive the latest updates on government policies, incentives on VPPs, DER and decarbonisation
  3. Discover an exciting showcase of innovative products and solutions in the smart grid, metering and renewable energy equipment sectors
  4. Learn from renowned exemplars in the VPP, renewable and battery storage space how they go about in moving ahead of the curve
  5. Connect with an influential community of electric power professionals, smart grid suppliers, regulators, market makers, commercial and retail users at one strategic platform

The Summit at a Glance

DAY 1: 13 November 2019, Pre-Summit Site Visits

  • Site Visit A: Visit to Monash University Microgrid at the Clayton Campus
  • Site Visit B: Battery Technology Research and Innovations Hub at Deakins University + CSIRO

DAY 2: 14 November 2019

  • The Role of Virtual Power Plants in Australia’s Future Energy System
  • Case Study: Tesla’s VPP in South Australia
  • AGL’s Virtual Power Plant – Learnings and Opportunities
  • Integrating VPP into the National Electricity Market
  • How Microgrid Enables Monash to run Entirely Off Renewables
  • Case Study: Challenges of Developing World’s First 100% Renewable MicroGrid at Daintree

DAY 3: 15 November 2019

  • AEMO: Integrating Virtual Power Plants into the National Electricity Market
  • Orchestrating DERs into the Distributed Electricity Network
  • Innovations in Grid Scale Flow Battery Energy Storage
  • Blockchain Energy Trading: How Blockchain Enables Australia’s First Peer-to-Peer Power MicroGrid Trading Kick-off
  • Harnessing the Power of Advanced Analytics in Transmission and Distribution Asset Management
  • Future of Hydrogen as Renewable Energy Storage

Companies Expected at the Summit

  • ActewAGL
  • AGL Energy
  • AusNet
  • Australian Gas Light Company
  • CS Energy
  • Delta Electricity
  • Ecogen Energy
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Eraring Energy
  • Green Rock Energy
  • Horizon Power
  • Hydro Tasmania
  • Lumo Energy
  • Macquarie Generation
  • Pacific Power
  • Power and Water Corporation
  • Prospect Electricity
  • Solar Systems
  • Stanwell Corporation
  • Synergy
  • Tarong Energy
  • Verve Energy
  • Western Power
  • Energy Safe Victoria
  • Ergon Energy
  • and many more