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Executive Education
Clariden Leadership Institute
Strategic HR: Moving From Operational To Strategic HR (Melbourne)
Dr. Karl Larson, PhD
Kensington Consultants
Dr. Karl Larson, PhD, Kensington Consultants
  • Dr. Karl has consulted and trained various Fortune 100 organizations including Citibank, Shell, HP, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, KPMG, National Power Corporation, San Miguel Corporation, SABIC and etc
  • Highly qualified and experienced HRM, HRD and training development course facilitator with over 40 years of international consultancy and global training experience
  • His extensive expertise in HR directed Coring Glass’s worldwide organization development effort as well as Rockwell International’s $100 billion B1B aircraft program


Dr. Karl Larson is a highly qualified and experienced HRM, HRD and education & training specialist with over 40 years of international consultancy and global training experience in his career that incorporates senior executive, strategic and entrepreneur leadership; operational management across blue chip corporations.


Major clients that Karl has been working with includes Citibank, Shell, HP, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, KPMG, National Power Corporation, San Miguel Corporation, SABIC and etc. Karl’s corporate experience includes senior level international management assignments with Coring Glass where he directed their Worldwide OD effort, and Tiger International (currently Federal Express). In addition he served as VP of Management Resources and Planning for Rockwell International and the $100 billion B1B aircraft program.


Karl has held both academic and administrative appointments at Northeastern University, UCLA, Springfield College and the University of Texas at Austin.

Program Summary

In this interactive and comprehensive 2-day executive program, you will be guided to be a player at the table creating value to the C Suite 3 (CEO, CFO and CHRO) of future and the organization in this age of disruption. This program will equip you with skills to set the people agenda and discover sensible ways to manage business issues. You will grasp the knowledge in major HR strategies to ensure a long-term viability of your business. In addition, you will be able to develop a comprehensive annual HR business support plan to meet your business requirement. You will also learn critical techniques in strategizing a definitive plan of HR strategies to implement back in your own organization. At the end of the 2-day program, you will be able to quantify costs and benefits (ROI) by pinpointing precisely the reason of your organization not performing well or reaching its goals as well as recommend actions that will unlock and create value for your organization.

Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.


HR has endured a season of disgruntlement where various journals indicated that many organizations are questioning the value of HR contributing to their organizations. A recent cover by Harvard Business Review (HBR) suggested in an article that “it’s time to blow up HR” while Ram Charan proposed that human resources functions should be break up and giving the responsibilities to the CFO. It seems that most of these doubts derived from organizations where their HR spend their time in administrative and compliance related activities or in out dated HR Practices from decades past. The research is clear that if HR is going to be part of the C Suite 3 of the future (CEO, CFO and CHRO), then it needs to bring a particular set of capabilities and value to the table.  CEOs know that businesses don’t create value; people do. In order for Human Resources Leaders to be a player at the table creating value for the C Suite 3 and the organization, it needs to understand that organizations are in the age of disruption.


To address these critical challenges most HR is facing, Clariden Global’s latest program on Strategic HR: Moving from Operational to Strategic HR, led by our highly qualified Dr. Karl Larson who has over 40 years of international consultancy and global training experience, will help you to boil down the reams of frameworks and tools for HR professionals in building and/or increasing capabilities in driving the organization and creating greater value for the organization.


The program is designed with different interactive exercises and proven best practices that will provide you with insights in develop a comprehensive annual HR business support plan to meet your business requirement and actions to unlock and create value in the HR team. You will also learn how to capitalize the organization’s business processes and HR business processes that will assist you to create a differentiation strategy that add unique value to your organization. Last but not least, you can expect to grasp the skills in developing a high performance team and a leadership brand for your organization that creates competitive advantage for your organization.


By the end of this program, you will walk away with key principles and tools in capturing the hearts and minds of your human capital to enhance its engagement as well as methodologies strategizing a definitive plan of HR strategies to implement back in your own organization.

What You Can Expect

  • IDENTIFY and CATEGORIZE the organization’s business processes in order to create a differentiation strategy that add unique value to the organization
  • LEARN and understand the core HR business processes in order to create a differentiation strategy that add unique value to the organization
  • DEVELOP high performance teams for organization that creates competitive advantage
  • CREATE a “leadership” brand for organization that creates competitive advantage
  • DESIGN key knowledge, creating and sharing designs that creates competitive advantage
  • GRASP the principles and tools for capturing the hearts and minds of human capital to enhance their engagement
  • EXPLORE methodologies on how to deal with their specific HR problems in their organization

Who Will Benefit Most

This highly interactive program is designed for Executives, Managers, Directors, Head of Departments, CHROs (Chief Human Resource Officer), CPOs (Chief People Officer), CLOs (Chief Learning Officer) and CKOs (Chief Knowledge Officer) but not limited to, human capital, learning & organization development, compensation & benefits as well as practitioners involved in HR strategies.

Program Outline

Day 1 - 19th June 2017 | 09:00 - 17:00


Session 1 - Workshop Overview and Participant HR Problem Identification  

  • Insights on the latest trends in organization’s management
  • Gather participants’ problem censes
  • Explore critical corporate HR challenges now and beyond


Session 2 - Overview Critical HR Strategies to Consider in your Organization  

  • Understand the requirement of today’s HR professionals
  • Overview of the major HR Strategies to ensure business success
  • The future and prospect of HR in contribution to the organization


Session 3 – Necessary Values and Trends to Consider When Designing and Planning HR Strategic Strategies 

  • Strategic HR , A values clarification participant exercise
  • Strategic HR Definition and how it Differs From Operational HR
  • Trends in Strategic HR and Why They are Important to Consider


Session 4 - The Importance of Developing the Annual HR Support Plan to Ensure Business Requirements 

  • Key strategic issues facing Human Resources today
  • Overview and discussion of each key HR functions’ issues
  • The importance of annual human resources business support plan and how to write one for approval by management


Day 2 - 20th June 2017 | 09:00 - 17:00


Session 5 - Participant Planning HR Strategy Exercise For Their Organization 

  • Participant exercise: Reviewing participants’ organization strategic business plan and identifying critical human resources strategies to drive the business
  • Each participant develops a definitive plan of action to implement identified human resources strategy back on the job for management’s approval


Session 6 – Overview of Important HR Issues Facing Corporations Today

  • Identify the new annual business review support plan process
  • Grasp the knowledge necessary in required preparation areas
  • Critical HR issues facing corporations today


Session 7 – Participants Consultation Session on Their Specific HR Issues for Which They Are Confronted 

  • Participant consultation session on their critical human resources issues
  • Participants will identify specific HR problems issues within their organization 


Session 8 - Why HR Strategies Fail an Overview …….Factors And Elements to Consider 

  • Implementation to consider back on the job
  • Aligning your HR contribution to the business strategy

CFOs Leadership :
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Discover how our leadership program has shaped the perspectives of CFOs across Asia
Venue: Melbourne Marriott Hotel
Date: 19 - 20 Jun 2017
Faculty: Dr. Karl Larson, PhD
Early Bird 1: AU$1,995 (by 1 May 2017)
Early Bird 2: AU$2,195 (by 29 May 2017)
Regular Fee: AU$2,295
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Contact: kevin@claridenglobal.org
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