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Executive Education
Clariden Leadership Institute
Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Crime and Counter-Terrorism Financing (HK)
Neil Jeans
Initialism Pty Ltd

This program has been independently accredited and certified by CPD
Neil Jeans, Initialism Pty Ltd
  • Leading Authority in financial crime investigations with more than 20 years of professional experience in domestic and international fraud and money laundering investigations
  • Previously held various senior AML, Sanctions and Anti-Bribery compliance and management roles across 5 continents in renowned firms such as ABN AMRO, UBS, National Australian Bank and PwC
  • Actively involved in global compliance associations as a member of the Faculty for the Australian Compliance Institute (ACI) AML Diploma, founding member of the SWIFT Sanction Advisory Group, founding Chair of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) Australasian Chapter and member of the UK Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) Board


Neil has a unique background in financial crime risk management, spanning 25 years. This includes working within Law Enforcement agencies investigating financial crime, including domestic and international fraud and money laundering, and as a Financial Services Regulator, developing AML regulation and supervision techniques. Working at senior levels managing AML/CTF, Sanctions and Anti-Bribery compliance across Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia and Australia within three major European financial services companies and one of the major Australian banks. Neil has extensive experience in designing and implementing policy and controls to address AML/CTF and TFS compliance and since August 2012 has working as an independent consultant advising financial institutions in Australia and globally on AML/CTF, Sanctions and Anti-Bribery matters.


In addition, Neil is member of the faculty and lectures as part of the International Compliance Association (ICA) Diploma of Applied Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Management, is a founding member of the SWIFT Sanction Advisory Group, and has regularly attended the Private Sector Expert forum of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). He was founding Joint-Chair of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) Australasian Chapter, and has been a member of the UK Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) Board.


Since August 2011 Neil has been working as a consultant advising organisations in Australia and globally on AML/CTF, and TFS matters, including a major global provider of financial crime risk management solutions, developing innovative solutions to address global challenges in customer due diligence.

This course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted CPD guidelines. On average, this executive program contributes 16 hours towards your CPD.

Program Summary

This comprehensive 2-day program is designed for compliance leaders to design a high quality and agile compliance framework that is able to withstand the ever challenging and stringent regulations and requirements from regulators. You will pick up the skills to engage with law enforcers and other investigation agencies through understanding the drivers and expectations of the latest regulations and standard developments in financial crimes. This session will help to create a holistic compliance framework and culture to ensure appropriate governance and cohesive compliance culture. You will also learn how to implement effective Customer Due Diligence (CDD) process in AML to maintain great client relationships.

Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.


Businesses around the world is facing a new phenomenon in compliance with the heightened scrutinization, stringent regulations and increase in non-compliance costs from the regulators. The recent Panama Paper leak has also impacted organizations’ compliance efforts globally as greater stewardships in determining beneficial ownerships, know your customer’s standards and due diligence is required. Thus, it is more critical now for organizations to take initiatives to reassess their current compliance program to mitigate their non-compliance risks and vulnerabilities.

What You Can Expect

  • Learn the roles and latest development of FATF policies to avoid non-compliance penalties 
  • Learn the current key predicated offense to prevent negative consequences from financial crimes 
  • Develop risk based approach to AML to reduce the non-compliance risks that hamper the organization's reputation 
  • Understand the client’s life cycle to ensure a more effective CDD and monitoring process which leads to greater client relationship 
  • Insights for audit approaches and regulatory visit to achieve optimal outcome for organization 
  • Implement the most appropriate compliance framework to create a holistic and participative compliance culture

Who Will Benefit Most

This program is designed for but not limited to mid Senior Level Compliance and Risk Management Officers, Supervisors, Risk and Compliance Managers, Directors, Chief Risk Officers and Financial Controllers who wants to strengthen and reinforce the importance of cultivating a compliance culture, lucid compliance monitoring and reporting process, and comprehensible compliance programs that is agile and ready for the ever integrated compliance environment today.

Program Outline

09:00 – 17:00 / Day 1


Drivers and catalysts for developing AML/CTF over the last 25 years: 

  • Evolution of FATF Recommendation 
  • Enforcement Activity

Overview of the AML/CTF regime 

  • Risk Based Approach 
  • Customer Due Diligence Regime: 
  • CDD 
  • Screening 
  • Enhanced CDD 
  • Monitoring Regime 
  • Reporting Regime 
  • Management accountability and responsibilities

Current drivers that are impact AML regimes globally 

  • FATF Mutual Evaluations

Recent results and reports, and evaluation plans and schedules 

  • Panama Papers 
  • G20 Bribery initiatives 
  • G20/FATF Tax and Beneficial Ownership Transparency

This session will provide context and background to the rest of the workshop and will cover both global issuers and perspectives as well as local content and information per country.


Predicate Offenses Overview 

  • Money Laundering
    o What is money laundering
    o Beyond placement, layering and integration; money laundering how the professionals do it
    o Real life case studies 
  • Terrorist Financing and Sanctions
    o What is Terrorist Financing
    o What is the difference between Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
  • Tax evasion
    o What is tax evasion
    o Overview of methods used 
  • Bribery and Corruption
    o What is bribery and corruption
    o What are the risks of bribery and corruption 
        - Internal risks – business and suppliers 
        - External risk – customers and products 
  • Other predicate crimes
    o Drug Trafficking / Fraud / Human Slavery

This session will provide context and background to the crimes of money laundering and terrorist financing and the key current predicate offences.

  • AML/CTF regime
    o Legal and Regulatory basis
    o The current regulatory regime in East Asia: 
       - Current Requirements 
       - Current Expectations 
       - Current initiatives and changes planned
    o Law Enforcement expectations
    o Partnership approach - including the regulated sectors in the fight against financial crime

This session will provide knowledge about the AML/CTF regime the delegates operating in the country, discussing the regulatory drivers and expectations, supervision and enforcement perspectives and how to engage with law enforcement and other investigative agencies.


The Risk Based Approach to AML/CTF 

  • Overview of the rationale for the Risk Based Approach 
  • Limitations and opportunities within a Risk Based Approach 
  • Overview of key ML/TF risks
    o Environmental
    o Customer
    o Business
    o Product
    o Channel
    o Country/Jurisdiction 
  • Methods and approaches to identify, quantify, and manage each key risk

This session will provide understanding of a key concept in AML/CTF compliance, which drives the entire AML/CTF regime in the country and impacts the compliance arrangement that should be in place.



09:00 – 17:00 / Day 2


Customer Due Diligence - Part 1 

  • On-boarding
    o What do I need to know about my customer
    o Individuals vs Legal Persons
    o Identification and verification
    o Legal Persons - Beneficial ownership and control
    o Name screening
    o Customer risk rating methodology 
  • On-going
    o The client life cycle
    o Monitoring transactions and client behaviour
    o Implementing the right information systems
    o Reporting to management and regulators 
  • Practical issues with CDD
    o Risk based CDD
    o Electronic verification
    o Name screening and language issues
    o New trends in on boarding

This session will provide a detailed understand of the CDD landscape and requirements in the delegates’ country and will allow them to understand their obligations, put in place proportionate controls, and can assess and demonstrate compliance with CDD requirements.


Monitoring & Reporting 

  • Monitoring
    o Transaction Monitoring
    o Manual vs Automated
    o Red Flags
    o Managing Alerts
    o Managing Automated systems 
  • Reporting
    o Compliance/Regulatory Reporting
    o Threshold Cash Transaction Reporting
    o Suspicious Matter Reporting
    o International Transaction Reporting

This session will provide a detailed understand of the monitoring and reporting obligations and the issues they create for an organization. 

  • Preparing for an audit or regulatory visits
    o What to prepare
    o How to engage with the examiner
    o How to deal with findings

This session will provide insight into the approaches and methodologies for preparing for an audit or regulatory review of an AML/CTF program and provide knowledge on how to manage the process and achieve optimal outcomes from such a review.


Creating a holistic compliance framework 

  • Tone from the top 
  • Designing a compliance stance that makes sense 
  • How to implement a “compliance culture” 
  • Governance & Assurance
    o Board Reporting
    o Business Management Reporting
    o Roles and Responsibilities
    o Front Line Testing
    o 2nd Line Oversight
    o Audit Assurance

This session will provide delegates with practical insight into managing an AML/CTF program within an organisation and ensuring appropriate governance and accurate and timely assurance over an AML/CTF program.

CFOs Leadership :
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Discover how our leadership program has shaped the perspectives of CFOs across Asia
Venue: Cordis Hong Kong, at Langham Place
Date: 25 - 26 Sep 2017
Faculty: Neil Jeans
Early Bird 1: US$2,595 (by 31 July 2017)
Early Bird 2: US$2,795 (by 28 August 2017)
Regular Fee: US$2,895
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Contact: gwen@claridenglobal.org
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