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Executive Education
Clariden Leadership Institute
Account Based Marketing: Proven Strategies for Accelerating Growth in Strategic Accounts (Melbourne)
Daniella Mancuso
TradeSearch & EiSoft Australia
Daniella Mancuso, TradeSearch & EiSoft Australia
  • Daniella has advised blue chip companies including AMP, Westpac, RAMS, Aussie Home Loans, ING & NAB
  • 20 years’ experience in strategic leadership roles, managing sales, account management, partnerships and business development teams across a range of sectors
  • An outstanding communicator and natured with robust presentation skills with a long track record of delivering highly profitable and strategic B2B solutions

Daniella Mancuso has over 20 years’ experience in strategic leadership roles, managing sales, account management, partnerships and business development teams across a range of sectors including start-ups, disruptive technology, construction, logistics, financial services, telecommunications, education, training, wellness & personal development.


Daniella regularly draws on her experience as a company director and has worked across a number of industries with over 20 years’ experience in corporate sales, speaking & senior leadership roles. She has outstanding communication and presentation skills as well as a long track record of delivering highly profitable & strategic B2B solutions. Daniella is an expert at coaching teams and individuals, she has also conducted in excess of 10,000 coaching sessions. Daniella has worked with blue chip companies including AMP, Westpac, RAMS, Aussie Home Loans, ING & NAB.


Daniella is also an international speaker, invited to present keynotes on conscious leadership, personal branding, mindset, confidence and wellbeing.


Daniella studied law for 5 years & holds accredited qualifications across a number of disciplines including Train the Trainer, Certificate IV Mortgage Broking, Certificate IV Master Personal Trainer, Diploma of Wellness Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner and is currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management.


Program Summary

According to Information Technology Sales & Marketing Association, 84% of marketers and sales directors have found that Account Based Marketing provides significant benefits for retaining and expanding existing client relationships, and 97% emphasized that it delivered higher ROI than other sales and marketing methods.


Effective account-based marketing involves a multichannel approach and requires close alignment between an organization’s sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Designed for B2B Sales, Marketing and Key Account Directors and Managers, Daniella Mancuso, Chief Marketing Officer at TradeSearch & EiSoft Australia, will reveal to you how to develop an effective account based marketing by combining personalized and targeted marketing together with compelling sales proposition to drive engagement and influence client’s decisions. You will also discover how to improve your client relationship by leveraging CRM data to accurately identify your company’s most important strategic key accounts and analyze the customers’ real needs to formulate the right strategy to approach clients with higher success rate.


Covering case studies from the Fortune 500 companies, you will also have the chance to discover how to improve your overall Key Account Management process, retain your most strategic customers, and achieve significant return on your sales activities.

Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.


According to a recent survey on Account Based Marketing by ITSMA in 2016, some 84% of companies who engaged in ABM have indicated that the ROI of ABM is significantly higher than other types of marketing strategies while 86% have reported that the importance of ABM has increased in the last 2 years and will continue to grow. Such response has led companies to increase their spending on ABM from 2016 onwards. Although some companies have been doing ABM for years, many are still infant to this method and there is much room for improvement in areas such as scaling ABM programs and coming up with strategic recommendations to ensure program’s growth and success.

To assist your organization in overcoming the challenges of ABM, Clariden Global’s latest program on Account Based Marketing: Proven Strategies for Accelerating Growth in Strategic Accounts, led by our seasonal sales, marketing and people strategy consultant with more than 20 years of experience, Daniella will enlighten you on the crucial benefits of stakeholder engagement and the key to aligning sales, marketing and account management teams to collaborate and execute the strategy.

You will also be guided on how to identify the right target accounts and discover the best practices where you will learn about the tactical components necessary to successfully execute your ABM implementation. You will also learn how to address your organization’s KPIs and metrics to provide insights, measure success and evaluate the impact and ROI of your AMB program.

At the end of the 2-day program, you will gain insights from the practical examples of successful ABM implementation from Fortune 500 companies’ case studies, and be able to position it for your organization as a strategic business strategy.

What You Can Expect

  • Focus your marketing on the accounts that are most profitable for you and develop customized account-based marketing plan to successfully retain, up sell and cross sell these major accounts 
  • Develop highly personalized marketing messages to penetrate your key accounts
  • Design highly targeted sales pitches based on their needs from your CRM strategy to increase customer conversion
  • Align your marketing, sales and account management teams to collaborate and drive better key account execution strategy
  • Analyze the key digital marketing metrics you need to develop a highly effective lead scoring model
  • Develop a highly structured approach to implementing highly customized marketing strategies with tailored content


Who Will Benefit Most

This highly interactive program is designed for General Manager, SVP, VP, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Head and Executives, but not limited to, sales and marketing, B2B marketing, Business Development, as well as practitioners who are tasked to accelerate growth in strategic accounts through Account Based Marketing.

Program Outline

Day 1

Session 1: Understanding the Essentials of Account Based Marketing

  • Why Account Based Marketing (ABM)?
  • Building the right foundations
  • Investing in the right tools & technologies
  • The ABM adoption model
  • Deciding which accounts to focus on
  • The ABM Programme roadmap

Case Study: Making the difference at SAP North America
Case Study: Fujitsu- Using segmentation to prioritise sales opportunities

Session 2: Account Based Marketing Step By Step

  • Knowing what is driving your targeted accounts
  • What drives today’s buyers

Case Study: KPMG LLP- Making a big impression at a key global account

Session 3: Playing To the Client’s Needs

  • Changing your mindset
  • Developing the play
  • Prioritizing possible plays

Case Study: BT- Creating more effective sales conversations with KAM Live

Session 4: Mapping and Profiling Stakeholders

  • Understanding the decision making unit
  • Building DMU stakeholder profile
  • Mapping your stakeholders’ wider networks
  • Stakeholder profiling for ABM Lite and Programmatic ABM

Case Study: Juniper success with ABM


Session 5: Developing Targeted Value Proposition

  • What is a value proposition?
  • The six elements in a targeted value propositions
  • Creating an elevator pitch
  • Creating a hierarchy of propositions

Session 6: Planning Integrated Campaigns

  • Ingredients of a successful ABM campaign
  • Setting your campaign objectives
  • Defining the audience for your campaigns
  • Creating personalized content
  • Designing an omnichannel campaign
  • Visualizing your campaign

Case Study: Cognizant- Strong growth through a focus on innovation

Session 7: Executing Integrated Campaigns

  • Aligning marketing and sales
  • The role of the ABM-er on the account team
  • Project management- making sure things get done
  • The marketer as facilitator
  • Agile working
  • The politics of the account team

Session 8: Evaluating Results and Updating Plans

  • Measuring the returns of ABM
  • ROI in marketing
  • Finding the right metrics and defining the time frames
  • Objectives and metrics
  • Demonstrating interim success
  • Using metrics in the account team
  • Using metrics with business leaders

Case Study: Microsoft- Making the case to scale up with ABM metrics

CFOs Leadership :
Experience Clariden
Discover how our leadership program has shaped the perspectives of CFOs across Asia
Venue: InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto
Date: 7 - 8 Sep 2017
Faculty: Daniella Mancuso
Early Bird 1: AU$2,195 (by 13 July 2017)
Early Bird 2: AU$2,395 (by 10 Aug 2017)
Regular Fee: AU$2,495
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Contact: stefanie@claridenglobal.org
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