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Executive Education
Clariden Leadership Institute
Reinventing Organizational Design and Structure: Optimizing Strategy, People, Processes, Accountabilities and Functions (Zurich)
Paul Gustavson
Organization Planning & Design Inc
Paul Gustavson, Organization Planning & Design Inc
  • Author of two bestselling books “Running into the Wind, Bronco Mendenhall, Five Strategies for Building Successful Teams” and “Living by the Power of Design”
  • Paul’s work has been featured in over 50 books, company magazines and periodicals, including, Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine and many more
  • Paul’s Organizational Design and Planning Model has been implemented by his clients and proven successful results
Paul W. Gustavson is a leading management consultant specializing in strategy and organization design, business process improvement, leadership development, the design of high performance teams and work systems, change management and knowledge management. He has co-authored two best-selling book on “Running into the Wind, Bronco Mendenhall, Five Strategies for Building Successful Teams” and “The Power of Living by Design” and his work was featured in over 50 books, company magazines and periodicals, including, Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine and many more. His Organizational Design and Planning Model has implemented by his clients and proven successful results.
“Several years ago when I was leading a large transformation project for the upstream division of an integrated oil and gas company, I reached out to Paul to lead us through the design of our new organization. Not only did his expertise help us deliver award-winning world class results on that project, his principle-based techniques and methods have met the test of time as I've applied them on numerous other company transformation projects over the past few years. On a personal note, I've attempted to incorporate Paul's teaching style into my own approach as a business consultant and as a leader of organizations in transformation or rapid growth phases.” – Hess
“After working with Paul on workflows and organizational design, the bank increased profits from $1.8 mil to $3 mil all within 30 months. This is most remarkable given the complete turn-around in a relatively short time period. Both bank staff and management became the talk of American Express Financial Services, and even with bank regulators given our greatly improved loan controls and auditing procedures. Paul shared several methodologies and taught us how to think about workflow processes and desired outcomes. He then challenged us to come up with organizational designs that produced those outcomes and various control and reward systems to monitor and reinforce those desired outcomes.” – American Express

Program Summary

Reinventing Organizational Design and Structure is a 2-day comprehensive program that will show you how to make smart design decisions in designing your organization structure to enable complex strategies to be executed effectively in today's competitive environment. You will learn how to set up business strategies and management processes to align its accountabilities effectively in the matrix, and how to engage the right people in implementing challenging organizational changes.


Led by Paul Gustavson, international thought leader and author of two bestselling organizational design books, Paul will show you five key models and tools used to design and transform organization for superior performance starting with the organization’s strategy. You will also grasp the knowledge on proven Organizational Design Model to influence your organization’s culture and design high performance organization.


Presenting new frameworks, concepts, and tools that examine how world class companies have tackled today's design challenges, this program will provide new ways of thinking about design as well as a coherent way to organize existing knowledge about the field. It is an essential program for HR leaders who want to make better organizational design and structure.

Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.


According to a recent research on Global Human Capital Trends by Deloitte, 92% of the HR leaders ranked organizational design as their key priority in the coming years in order to compete in today’s highly challenging business environment and competitive talent market. Companies are shifting their structures from contemporary functional models towards a more interconnected and flexible teams in order to be a more agile and customer-focused organization. This highly interactive 2-day “Reinventing Organizational Design and Structure: Optimizing Strategy, People, Processes, Accountabilities and Functions” executive program will bring you in-depth overview of how to design and transform your organization in this increasingly evolving and challenging environment.


Led by author of two bestselling organization planning and design books, Paul Gustavson, you will be equipped with critical skills and insights in creating a sustainable organization’s strategy and process to optimize your employees’ performance that drive your organization to your business objectives. Through interactive exercises and proven best practices, this program will provides you with insights on success proven Organizational Design Model to influence your organizations culture and design an optimum performance organization.


Explore on effective ways to identify your organization’s core enabler and unlock the best process to create a highly functional organizational structure. You will also learn the relationship between the results that organizations get or desires and the culture that drives these results and the choices that organizations can make or do make to drive their culture. At the end of the day, you will be expected to walk away with the key principles and tools that could assist you in designing a performance driven organizational structure that align with your organization’s business objective through effective change management process.

What You Can Expect

  • Benchmark your organization design and structure against world class companies that have succeeded in today's competitive environment, including Google, Apple and many others
  • Identify your own organization’s key differentiating strategies that are essential for a great organization design
  • Design a Change Management Structure & Process to align with key tools and templates for a successful transformation
  • Determine an organization’s core and enabling processes and how to categorize the work of these processes and their activities in order to design and align the right organization structures and systems

Who Will Benefit Most

This interactive and comprehensive two-day program is designed to help HR leaders, corporate and strategy professionals and organization development practitioners to gain maximum benefit from transforming organizations in this increasingly challenging environment to stay ahead with competitions. It will focus on core external and internal forces that require changes in your organization and the role of change management structure to ensure the quality and buy in of the design and its successful implementation.

Program Outline

Day 1:


Session 1: Establishing principles and processes for designing organizations that create strategic competitive advantages

  • Identify the five key phases of Design and transformation: 1) Charter, Scope and Change Management Structure; 2) Analyze; 3) Design; 4) Implement; 5) Evaluation
  • Review the three key tools for analysis: 1) environmental scan; 2) process / technical analysis 3) culture / social analysis
  • Utilize stakeholder analysis tools to ensure buy in and the capturing of the hearts and minds of those in each of the key stakeholder groups
  • Application exercise – Develop a charter and change management structure for your organization design project
  • Environmental scan

Session 2: Strategy is about creating sustainable superior performance

  • Learn the methodology for defining an organization’s Market Place Positioning
  • Learn about the power of differentiation and creating competitive advantage through uniqueness
  • Learn the key elements of a strategy process
  • Application exercise – Identify the Market Place Positioning for your organization and its uniqueness

Session 3: All organizations are made up of business processes, some are core process and others are enabling

  • Review and identify the characteristics of an organization’s Core processes
  • Review and identify the characteristics of an organization’s Enabling processes
  • Identify how to map the sub processes of the organization’s core and enabling processes
  • Identify how to map the activities and task for an organization’s sub processes
  • Application exercise – Identify and map your organizations key processes and identify which are core & enabling

Session 4: Each of these processes has sub processes, activities & tasks and deliverables, which need to be defined. Categorization of Work - not all work is created equal.  Organizations need to understand the work that truly differentiates them and ensure that it is properly resourced 

  • Review the methodology to identify and categorize the organization’s most important and unique work
  • Review the methodology to identify and categorize the organization’s business essential work
  • Review the methodology to identify and categorize the organization’s compliance work
  • Application exercise – Categorize your organization’s processes determining which are unique and a source of competitive advantage, and which are essential staying in business

DAY 2:


Session 5: Organizations are perfectly designed to get the results that they get.  Here we examine the relationship between the results that organizations get, their culture and the organizational choices that they make in the environment that they participate in

  • Understand the power of the OSD model to “perfectly design high performance organizations” that create focus, alignment, and an environment of execution
  • Overview an organization’s external influencing factors which impact an organizations choices, culture and outcomes
  • Overview the elements of an organization’s performance outcomes
  • Overview the key elements that define a high performance organizational culture
  • Overview the ten key design choice categories (direction setting, structure & systems) that drive and influence an organizations culture
  • Application exercise – Using the OSD model do a gap assessment of your organizations design between the current state and the ideal future state

Session 6: Knowledge management is critical to the success of superior performing organizations

  • Identify the key performance requirements for the new organization design
  • Identify the different types of knowledge necessary to deliver those performance requirements
  • Identify the appropriate learning processes for the different types of knowledge required to achieve the performance requirements
  • Identify the organizational design elements needed to support the learning processes needed to develop the knowledge capabilities needed to achieve the performance requirements
  • Application exercise – identify the key roles needed to support the organization’s design and identify begin to develop a performance model for those roles

Session 7: Capturing hearts and minds is key to success. 70% of strategies never achieve their object and the key reason why is because the hearts and minds of those needed to support the new strategy or design were never captured

  • Overview whole-brain theory to ensure a connection to each employee
  • Overview the key change management principles of education, involvement, and communication to capture the hearts, minds, and hands of the workforce
  • Overview the key elements of a communication plan for capturing hearts and minds Application exercise – develop a back home plan for capturing hearts and minds of those key to the success of the organization design project

Session 8: Planning your back home organization design project 

  • Review the five key phases of Design and transformation: 1) Charter, Scope and Change Management Structure; 2) Analyze; 3) Design; 4) Implement; 5) Evaluation and overview key elements needed in an organization design project
  • Review key elements associated with developing a change management and implementation structure
  • Review key measurement systems and renewal processes to minimize design drift and ensure the continuous improvement on the superior performance
  • Application exercise – develop a project plan for your organization design project

CFOs Leadership :
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Discover how our leadership program has shaped the perspectives of CFOs across Asia
Venue: Hotel Novotel Zurich City-West, Switzerland
Date: 22-23 January 2018
Faculty: Paul Gustavson
Early Bird 1: CHF 1,895 (by 27 November 2017)
Early Bird 2: CHF 2,095 (by 18 December 2017)
Regular Fee: CHF 2,295
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Contact: mandy.denver@claridenglobal.org
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