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Executive Education
Clariden Leadership Institute
7th Annual National EA/PA Masterclass (Singapore)
Lizzie Wagner
The Lizzie Wagner Group
Lizzie Wagner, The Lizzie Wagner Group
  • Influential Leadership: Lizzie was Finalist for the Telstra business women’s Awards, Lifetime
  • Achievement Award, the International MAXI Awards and BOMA Australia awards
  • 30 years of experience training C-level executives, EA/PAs, HR leaders and department heads on project management topics
  • Some of her clients include AMP, Minter Ellison, Westfield, Lend Lease, Institute of Chartered Accountants, National I-Med network, Park Hyatt Hotel Group and leading Australian Government Departments including Department of Defence, Australian Taxation Office and many more

Lizzie Wagner is an acclaimed business coach with over 30 years of experience providing practical professional development training for major private and government organizations in Australia and internationally. She has trained thousands of individuals including C-level executives, HR leaders and department heads on topics including stakeholder engagement, project management, communication and negotiation skills, self-improvement and leadership in the workplace. Some of her clients include The Tradies Group, Department of Defence, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Park Hyatt Hotel Group, Westfield, The Australian National University and many more. She has also rolled out national training initiatives on topics such as dealing with workplace stress, creating a positive work environment and team building.


Her expertise in business, corporate training and staff management has been recognized with international and national accolades such as being the finalist for the Telstra business women’s Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award, the International MAXI Awards and BOMA Australia awards.


Having a reputation for providing excellent practical solutions to businesses through her trainings, she is regularly featured in radio interviews and television programs such as Australian Broadcasting Commission, The Canberra Times, The Financial Review and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Program Summary


Today’s EA/PA is constantly facing increasingly complex responsibilities. In order to provide full support to the management team and ensuring efficiency, EA/PAs has to be well-versed on the company agenda and able to respond on behalf of the executive. This 2-day intense and highly interactive 7th Annual National EA PA masterclass is designed for executive assistants and personal assistants to equip you with management skills that will help you outperform in your role. You will identify your role and duties within the workplace structure and culture, honing the art of effective communication skills to improve relationships and team performance. You will also get to learn types of personality and tailor an approach to deal with difficult people, understanding your boss and react appropriately to conversation topics. Then, you will be exposed on how to create your own professional brand and image by developing networking skills through business and social etiquette. At the end of the 2-day masterclass, you will learn how to establish self-awareness through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence to manage stress and work-life balance.

Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.



Today’s director are looking for professional assistants whom they can rely on to be their right hand person, and who have the ability to be involved in the growth of the business and handle clients. Long gone are the days where secretaries handled simple administrative work. Administrators straddle responsibility between ‘The Executive’ and the rest of ‘The Business’ but also act as ‘Gate Keepers’ between their bosses and the outside world. A recent report by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) revealed that the administrative professional’s role has changed dramatically, and many are involved in executive work more than ever before. The profile of the work required to be done by Secretaries, Office Managers, and PAs now require a concerted combination of management, interpersonal and technical expertise including a creative work attitude.


Today’s Admin professionals need to be versatile, tactful, organized, pro-active, and able to think on their feet at a moment’s notice. Not only exceptional organizational and management skills are essential, but also presentation skills, diplomacy, perception and an unparalleled ability to communicate effectively and productively with people at all levels.


Designed carefully to enhance existing skills, this intensive masterclass will provide you with valuable survival kit and a complete set of tools and techniques to deal with every aspect of your everchanging role. Walk away with a Manager’s perspective for leadership skills; dealing with difficult people and managing conflicts; improve interpersonal interaction; increase productivity with mindfulness and self-awareness and contribute more to your organization.

What You Can Expect


  • Identify your role and duties within your current workplace structure
  • Master the art of effective communication to identify positive and effective persuasion
  • Understand personality types and dealing with difficult people
  • Manage conflicts and the ART OF SAYING NO
  • Re-brand and maintain your professional image
  • Perfect your Networking with Business and Social Etiquette
  • Evaluate your Leadership style and accelerating your skills
  • Become self-aware through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Uphold healthy holistic mindset through self-awareness and meditation for managing stress

Who Will Benefit Most


This course is designed for all administrative professionals from any industry who is involved in secretarial support or manage an office environment within the organization including Executive/Personal Assistants, Executive Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Secretaries, Office Managers / Administrators, Research Assistants, Media Assistants, Editorial Assistants, Marketing Assistants, Legal Secretaries and Department Coordinators.

Program Outline


DAY 1 - 23 Apr 2018



  • Speed introductions
  • Identifying your role and duties as EA/PA and assessing your current workplace structure and culture. Clarifying the positives and negatives of your current role and articulating your desired outcomes within the two day program; to assist in unpacking the tools required to build your skill set and ideal working environment
  • Identifying and resultant effects and strategies of Effective Communication with your team, colleagues and superiors, and Managing your boss with efficiency and grace. Dealing with difficult people and Managing conflict
  • Outline of the two day program and learning outcomes
  • Presentation and overview of subject matter
  • Topic and components breakdown
  • Learning objectives for day one
  • Introducing “parking”, ideas and vision board to be used throughout the two day program

*Highly interactive, the participants will share their role, duties and desired outcomes which will be recorded on the “parking” flipcharts for review over the two days. Learning is shared by understanding each other’s roles and challenges.


Branding Yourself - The “ME PTY LTD”

A first impression is a lasting impression

  • Know how to sell yourself, your product and organization
  • Image and creating your own personal and professional brand
  • Professional dress code, corporate grooming
  • Portraying professionalism and confidence through body language / power posing /mirroring techniques
  • What approach should I take based on the skills and abilities I already have?
  • Defining Brand You. Self-analysis processes and exercises. Listing your top ten attributes, negative and looking at weaknesses and strengths, threats and opportunities

*Demonstrations and video footage of case studies. Highly interactive exercises requiring group work on body language and written exercises on personal and professional development.


Understanding Personality Types

  • Taking an in-depth look at varying personality types and how to deal with them
  • Using personality profiling to help tailor your approach to each individual
  • Learn to actively listen and react appropriately to conversation topics
  • Identify and put a stop to irrelevant or negative conversations
  • Strategies for managing your boss
  • Effective tools to understanding your boss and how to work with different leadership styles

*Exercises, group work and live role play on personality types. Identifying them and strategies to effectively engage in that style, mirroring, gentle persuasion and dealing with conflict. Negotiating positive outcomes.


Effective Communication Skills to Improve Your Social Skills

  • How to leverage a conversation to your benefit
  • Improving not only your relationships but your work performance
  • Using emotional intelligence
  • The art of positive and effective persuasion
  • Leveraging conversations to be of benefit in improving relationships and team performance
  • Creating effective communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Leading a team/s with effectiveness, efficiency and flair
  • Body language, creating a powerful presence, negotiation skills
  • Communicating clear strategies and goals whilst developing your people / managing staff performance more effectively

*Live role playing, group work using new communication skills. Adapting to different conversation styles. Having difficult conversations, creating a “win, win”.


Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People

  • Confrontation and conflict / styles and methods for mediation
  • Furthering effective interpersonal skills within the team/s (How not to let emotions get the best of you. Take time when responding to a potential conflict)
  • How to create a more productive workplace
  • Being aware of body language and the styles of non-verbal
  • Effective feedback formula’s, self-regulation
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Finding solutions / Expressing confidence
  • Don’t wait Mediate / Conflict
  • Explore ideas for dealing with challenging situations and interpersonal conflict

*Case studies on handling difficult people and managing conflict. Live role play - Handling difficult people and situations with guidelines for conversation, positive body language and other useful strategies.


The Gentle Art of Saying No!

  • Take time to consider requests
  • Guilt free strategies
  • Practice makes perfect: Practical exercises and live role playing


DAY 2 - 24 Apr 2018


Business and Social Etiquette

  • Etiquette - are you leaving the right first impression
  • Consideration of others
  • Setting professional boundaries with consideration and manners
  • Protocol
  • Effective introductions
  • Meet and greet / handshaking
  • Telephone / Internet and social media etiquette

*Group exercises, meet and greet, handshaking demonstration on table manners, how to set up for a meeting/boardroom lunch, seating plans.


How to Build Successful Networking

  • How to succeed with networking
  • Why networking is the key to professional development
  • The value of a mailing list
  • Conversation and interpersonal skills for effective networking
  • Work etiquette outside the workplace
  • Cocktail parties and networking etiquette
  • Name tag etiquette
  • Image and creating your own personal and professional brand

*Demonstration - How to conduct oneself at an event. Jacket, bag, plate, cup, saucer, finger food. Exercise - write down how many new contacts you have made this week and how you can utilize these contacts. Practice the skills developed from the session during the luncheon and networking afternoon.


Managing and Resolving Conflict for Productive Working Relationships

  • How to view conflict and triggers. Cause and effect. Unresolved issues, environmental, personal. Utilizing personality types model and self-evaluation to manage conflict
  • Confrontation and conflict resolution strategies, overcoming objectives
  • Active listening, asking the right questions, gather information
  • Mastering the art of communication to negotiate and resolve conflict
  • Team building and identifying the needs of your team/s
  • Polishing your presentation skills
  • Creating effective interpersonal skills within the team / creating healthy debate to resolve conflict
  • Self-awareness in the workplace. Learning to diffuse and resolve conflict quickly

*Role play - participants to work in groups and with varying scenarios, master dealing with conflict, in varying ways to fit the personality type models and tools learned thus far in the sessions.


Unleashing Your Leadership Skills

  • A forensic look at your leadership style / self-analysis processes
  • Merging your leadership style with company culture and vision
  • The art of positive and effective persuasion
  • Leveraging conversations and effective presentation skills
  • Creating effective communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Leading a team/s with effectiveness, efficiency and flair
  • Communicating clear strategies and goals whilst developing your people / managing staff performance more effectively

*Case studies on effective leadership, difficult people and managing conflict. Participants to give a 5 minute presentation to “board or management/public speaking”.


Mindfulness to Improve Self-awareness and Managing Stress

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Identifying stress, sources of stress, its consequences and how it affects performance, conflict and the catalyst for dealing with difficult people
  • Social frameworks at work - Effective communication
  • Work-life balance best practices
  • Creating a positive working environment by being self-aware
  • Mindfulness and self-awareness techniques


Activity: Mindfulness, self-awareness and meditation exercises. There will be several exercises led by the facilitator in this session, to engage in relaxation and mindfulness exercises. This is to encourage a healthy and more holistic mindset in the work environment.

CFOs Leadership :
Experience Clariden
Discover how our leadership program has shaped the perspectives of CFOs across Asia
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
Date: 23 - 24 Apr 2018
Faculty: Lizzie Wagner
Early Bird 1: S$2,595 (by 26 Feb 2018)
Early Bird 2: S$2,795 (by 26 Mar 2018)
Regular Fee: S$2,895
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Note: GST is applicable to participants from Singapore registered companies.
Contact: kevin@claridenglobal.org
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