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Improving Strategic Key Accounts and Client Relationship Management: Techniques to Managing Your Company's Most Important Strategic Customers (Sydney)
Colly Graham, FISMM, FSII
Recognized by The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management as among the top 8 Sales Trainer in UK
Colly Graham, FISMM, FSII, Recognized by The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management as among the top 8 Sales Trainer in UK
  • Finalist for Sales Trainer of the Year by The British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards (BESMA)
  • Ranked among the top 8 Sales Trainer in UK by The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management
  • Advised and consulted with HSBC, American Express, Royal Bank of Scotland, Toyota, Pfizer, Coca Cola, Unilever, Philip Morris, Carlsberg, ING, Brunei Shell, and many more
  • Fellow of Institute of Sales and Marketing (FISMM) and Fellow of the Sales Institute of Ireland (FSII)


Colly Graham is a recognized international sales trainer who achieves excellent results. In 2014 Colly Graham was recognized by The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management as among the top 8 Sales Trainer in UK. He was also the finalist for the title of Sales Trainer of the Year organized by The British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards (BESMA)


With over 20 years experience in sales training, Colly has trained and consulted for renowned companies across multiple industries. His credentials include providing his expertise in sales development and improvement to HSBC, American Express, Royal Bank of Scotland, Toyota, Pfizer, Coca Cola, Unilever, and Philip Morris and many more. Colly’s skills and knowledge in designing and building sales workforce have been brought worldwide as he conducts trainings in Malaysia, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Barcelona and UK, assisting companies to raise their sales standard.


His 40 years of global sales experience brought to the table a balanced set of technical and strategic skills. His deep involvement in different areas of sales, from telephone and field sales to sales recruitment, training, and management, along with staying on top of latest trends of the field, has allowed him to quickly understand and identify the root of his clients’ problems, as well as effectively design and build a number of successful sales teams.


Program Summary


This comprehensive 2-day program is designed for Sales and Key Account Management professionals to improve and deepen their relationship with their organizations’ strategic clients. Led Britain’s top 8 sales trainer, Colly Graham, this program will help you to discover how to establish and improve current key account management strategies and processes


Our comprehensive program will show you how to develop sustainable key account management strategy. You will be guided to build a knowledge-based client relation system to identify needs, drive engagement and create compelling sales propositions as well as to discover the necessary tools mix to negotiate and influence client’s decisions


Colly will also reveal to you how to improve your client relationship by leveraging CRM data to accurately identify your company’s most important strategic key accounts and analyze the customers’ real needs to formulate the right strategy to approach clients with higher success rate.  


By the end of this program, you can expect to walk away with your own key account management strategies and action plans to achieve significant return on your sales activities.


Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.



The Internet and Globalization have created a boundless business world where competition is steeper than ever. Customers are constantly bombarded with information on new products and new suppliers, making it much harder to build customer loyalty. According to a research by Bain & Company, improving customer retention by 5% alone can lead to 25% to 95% increase in companies’ bottom line, thus customer relationship management is one of the most crucial tasks of your company’s sales force. 


With the limited resources and manpower, it is crucial for key account management and sales professionals to identify and increase emphasis on their top 20% customers who can generate 80% of their company's profit. To help you to effectively manage and enhance your company's relationship with your top clients, Clariden Global is proud to present the “Improving Strategic Key Accounts and Client Relationship Management: Techniques to Managing Your Company's Most Important Strategic Customers” program, led by internationally acclaimed sales trainer, Mr Colly Graham. Colly will bring you a complete guide on how to establish and improve your key account management strategies and processes to achieve significant return on your sales activities.


The program is designed with different interactive group learning activities to guide you through from the building blocks of building sustainable key account management strategies to proven best practices and negotiation and influencing skills to improve outcomes of your interactions with key clients. Through hands-on exercises, you will find out what it takes to make evidence-based decisions in your account management and master the tools to build partnership with key clients. Discover global business opportunities to maximize your organization’s profit by incorporating a global outlook to your key account management strategy. Last but not least, you will understand how to maintain your team's top performance by establishing a positive knowledge sharing culture and spearheading customer-centricity within the organization to retain and nurture key accounts.  


By the end of this program, you will walk away with comprehensible sales strategy and action plans which you can implement in your company. You will also gain 6-month access to Colly’s eLearning platform where you can refresh your learned knowledge, share insights, and consult Colly to keep your learning in check.

What You Can Expect


  • Leverage CRM data to accurately identify the company’s most important strategic key accounts to focus efforts on improving client relationship  
  • Learn how to analyze the customers’ real needs to formulate the right strategy to approach clients with higher success rate
  • Understand how to examine key attributes of accounts to determine viability of conversion 
  • Develop customized action plans and compelling sales pitch to successfully retain, up sell and cross sell to key accounts  
  • Learn to spot objections early in the sales cycle and formulate resolutions to overcome rejections 
  • Grasp techniques of outstanding negotiation and influencing skills to effective convince clients and stakeholders  
  • Discover the steps to achieve stronger partnership and customer loyalty  

Who Will Benefit Most


This program is designed for but not limited to mid to senior level Sales & Marketing, Key Account Management, Strategic Account Management, Business Development, and Customer Relation, Business Manager and Directors who want to improve their key account management process and improve business performance through long lasting client relationship.

Program Outline


Day One

Establishing Guidelines for a Successful Key Account Managers 


  • Setting the training objective: What do you wish to achieve?
  • Taking the role of a farmer: What it  means to be a farmer in your sales plan
  • Differentiating account management from selling to avoid doing the tasks of others
  • Assessing strengths, weaknesses and unique advantages as a supplier to realize its full potential
  • Determining the criteria for major account status
  • Creating a knowledge-sharing environment to bring out the best of every key account manager within the team


Role Play: Experiencing the Role of Key Accounts Manager

Examining Key Attributes for Effective Key Account Conversion

  • Sales and business objectiveness: Is it viable and achievable?
  • Building a successful cross-functional team of key account managers to spot trends to 
  •  the likes of clients
  • Accessing market opportunities and converting them into key accounts
  • The key account selection matrix: How to select the right key account?
  • Client attractiveness: Revealing the ten step process
  • Using gap analysis to see where your clients are at and where does your clients want to be


Formulating Account Strategy to Approach Client with Higher Success Rate


  • Creating an account plan, setting objectives and strategies for each account: 
  •  Focusing on the real need
  • Analyzing the client’s short term and long term buying cycle and the strategies to use
  • Developing competitive pricing strategies and capitalizing on it to gain new advantages
  • Competitor analysis: Knowing where your competitors are at 
  • Implementing ‘Porter’s Five Forces of Competitive Position’ on each key account to monitor the external environment



Venturing into Global Account Management to Gain Access to Bigger Opportunities

  • Determining the three key factors of success for an effective global account management strategy
  • Classifying global companies and mapping out the location of opportunities
  • Examining the drivers of global account management to sustain the challenging economic changes
  • Adopting key account management into global account management outlook as a part of the bigger picture

Case Study: Integrating of the Key Account Management into the Global Account Management

Day Two

Building High Efficient Team by Transferring Customer-Knowledge from Individual to Team 


  • Mastering knowledge on your customers and putting this to work throughout the organization to create a knowledge sharing environment
  • Developing an extensive client profile and analyzing past business activities with client to grasp a better understanding on purchasing behavior
  • Contributing to the development of core competencies skills of the team to work as a whole in the workplace
  • Willingness to share: Encouraging knowledge sharing within the team


Role Play: Individual versus Team Work in Key Account Management

Managing the Key Accounts Using the Right Tools to Maximize on Profit

  • Analyzing key decision makers of the client’s company and making the effort to keep in contact
  • Influencing and negotiating with multiple decision makers to speed up the decision making process
  • Utilizing the ‘ROI selling’ to generate a bigger interest in the company which in turn, would be translated to sales
  • Creating a value added marketing program for major accounts to ensure a strong rapport between the two parties
  • Looking for opportunity: Identifying wider sales across the whole account


Selling Solutions to Clients to Achieve a Win-Win Agreement and a Stronger Relationship

  • Building rapport and communication skills for a longer lasting relationship
  • Recognizing common problems of large account sale and removing the obstacles to ensure no relationship is jeopardized
  • Denominations of value: Three major sources of value
  • Building the value proposition which caters directly to the client and enables them to feel understood
  • Exploring the problem: Envisioning a solution

Group Activity: Customer Relationship Management Techniques


Developing Your Key Account Strategy That Would Best Suit Your Organization

Setting Goals for Your Key Account That Would Enable You to Benchmark it for Your Next Goal

  • Developing a plan for your key accounts which focuses on selling the solution and ROI
  • Shaping the key account to look like a partnership instead of a buying and selling process
  • Designing a business plan template as part of your key account strategy

CFOs Leadership :
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Discover how our leadership program has shaped the perspectives of CFOs across Asia
Venue: InterContinental Sydney
Date: 27 - 28 March 2017
Faculty: Colly Graham, FISMM, FSII
Early Bird 1: AU$2,195 (by 30 Jan 2017)
Early Bird 2: AU$2,395 (by 27 Feb 2017)
Regular Fee: AU$2,495
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Contact: kylie.matthews@claridenglobal.org
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