Conference Highlights

5 Unbeatable Reasons Why This Is An Uniquely Different, Must-Attend Healthcare Conference Of The Year:

  1. Discover The Latest Innovations In AI And Robotics That Can Boost Hospitals’ Efficiency And Precision
  2. Acquire New Skills And Strategies To Effectively Incorporate AI And Robotics Into Healthcare Operations
  3. Learn How To Elevate The Patient Experience With AI-Powered Medical Devices
  4. See How To Maximize The ROI Of Your Investments In Hospital And Healthcare Digitization
  5. Network And Build Valuable Partnerships With Innovative Minds At The Forefront Of Medical And Healthcare Technology

Hot Topics To Be Discussed

DAY 1: TUESDAY, 10 November 2020


  • Harnessing Data Science and AI to Improve Management of Chronic Diseases and Mental Health in Singapore
  • Enhancing The Human Touch And Care Experience With AI And Robotics
  • How Changi General Hospital Uses AI to Optimize Patient Flow, Bed Management and Resources
  • Best Practices on AI in Rehabilitation Care
  • How AI Helps in Epidemic Prediction
  • Using AI In Garnering Insights From Clinical Notes For Detecting Adverse Medication Events

DAY 2: WEDNESDAY, 11 November 2020


  • First in South-east Asia: How Surgeons Uses Robots For Precise Heart Surgery
  • Harnessing AI to Halt Cancer: Breakthrough Case Study From NUS
  • How Robots Help Run Singapore’s Hospitals
  • AI In Medical Diagnostics
  • How Microsoft Uses AI To Scan Thousands Of Daily Research Papers Into An Enabler Of Precision Medicine
  • Carrying Out Precise Heart Surgery With Robots: A Case Study From Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Featured Key Themes

  • How AI And Robotics Are The Keys To Singapore’s Healthcare Evolution
  • How Woodlands Health Campus Pioneer The Future Of Patient Care With AI
  • How Does Changi General Hospital Carry Out Precise Heart Surgery With Robots
  • How NUS Successfully Personalized Treatment For Advanced Cancer With AI
  • How Chatbots Empower Patients To Make The Right Decision
  • How Changi General Hospital Uses AI To Optimize Patient Flow, Bed Management And Resources
  • How To Improve Functional Mobility For Paraplegic Patients With Exoskeletons
  • How A-eye Spots Signs Of Diabetic Eye Disease Faster With AI
  • How AI Assistant Helps Doctors Expedite Diagnosis And Treatment Recommendations
  • How AI Automates Tumor Outlining In Radiotherapy Treatment
  • How To Boost Treatment And Patients Served By 20% With A Rehabilitation Robot
  • How Oncoshot Improves Clinical Trial Initiation, Screening And Enrolment With AI
  • How To Identify Patients At Risk For Early Intervention With Predictive Analytics And AI Profiling
  • How To Transform Healthcare With Homebased Monitoring And Predictive Analytics
  • How Predictive AI Helps The State Of Penang Pinpoint Possible Dengue Outbreaks
  • How Microsoft Uses AI To Scan Thousands Of Daily Research Papers Into An Enabler Of Precision Medicine