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Every half a year, Clariden Global gathers new strategic insights and perspectives from global thought leaders around the world and contribute their insight articles on critical leadership in every dimension of business, from corporate leadership to negotiation strategies and global economic outlook. These featured articles are written by leading authorities in their field and Clariden Global’s Reseach team.


Corporate Strategy

East Meets West in the Executive Mind

Learn how Google used Strategic Intuition to create successful business strategy. This article was published successfully at the Business Times in Singapore and was re-printed in many other media across Asia

By William Duggan, Columbia University Business School Professor

Global Leadership

Successful Leadership - How Would You Know?

How do you measure a successful leadership? In this defining piece, Sir Andrew Likiermen walks us through how you do one measure successful leadership and what are the practice that defines leadership success

By Andrew Likiermen, Dean of London Business School

Global Economic Outlook

How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?

This Op-Ed, which appeared in New York Times, highlighted Paul Krugman's view on how many economists got it so wrong on predicting the Great Financial Crisis.

By Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winner, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, Centenary Professor at the London School of Economics

Negotiation & Influence Strategies

Nonrational Escalation of Commitment in Negotiation

What are the common pitfalls in making successful negotiation? How do you master the art of negotiation. This article examines successful strategies on how to create a win-win negotiation tactic and strategy

By Margaret Neale, Professor at Stanford University

Strategic Marketing & Branding

China Luxury Branding and Marketing

Today, Gucci and LVMH dervies more than 50% of their revenue from Asia and China accounts for a significant portion of this revenue. China has experienced a relentless surge in consumer buying since 1990s. This article examines the latest trend and con

By KPMG and Monash Universisty
Corporate Strategy
Global Leadership
Global Economic Outlook
Negotiation & Influence Strategies
Strategic Marketing & Branding

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