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Mega Project Governance and Reporting Workshop: Effective Controls, Processes, Procedures for Successful Project Delivery (Singapore)
Beverley Honig
Honeylight Enterprises
Beverley Honig, Honeylight Enterprises
  • Prestigious Award-Winner of 100 Women of Influence Awards for 2015 by The Australian Financial Review and Westpac, and inducted to 2016 Businesswoman Hall of Fame
  • Author of best-selling books, including 'Project Management: The Managerial Process’, which has been globally adopted by business leaders and used in university curriculums
  • Over 20 years of legal experience in Australia and delivered more than 200,000 training courses globally on topics such as Effective Commercial Contract Management, The Managerial Process in Mega Project Management, PPP infrastructure projects


Beverley Honig is an internationally qualified lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in Australia, the United Kingdom and Middle East. A winner of The Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards for 2015, she is also listed in Who’s Who of Business in Australia.


Her expertise in contracts has enabled her to publish one of her two bestselling books, “Project Management: The Managerial Process”, in 2010. Besides serving as a judge for the Essential Services Commission Appeals, Beverley is also a Board Director and Chairman of several public and private companies.


Her wealth of experience has won her accolades from clients as well as tenders to design frameworks and training in this field. As a seasoned strategist and corporate trainer, Beverley has designed and delivered more than 200,000 training courses globally, across Europe, the UK, Asia and the US on topics such as Effective Commercial Contract Management. She is also a well-known business advisor to corporations and governments globally in fields such as international business sourcing, contract management, project management and negotiation, having advised major organizations including Ericsson, National Australia Bank, NEC and Melbourne Market Authority. 


Currently, Beverley is the CEO of Honeylight Enterprises, a leading business consultancy. From 2005 to 2007, Honeylight Enterprises repeatedly received the prestigious International Trade Awards, bestowed by the Prime Minister of Israel, in recognition of its outstanding contribution in the forging of international trade links.

Program Summary

Mega complex projects globally have experienced low success rate with major projects seen failing since 2000 due to absence of key governance features.


Focusing on lessons learned from mega projects, this powerful 2-day program feature massive case studies in the management of mega project risk, cost, and schedule. It provides an analysis of the difficulties in managing mega projects during each phase and over the life span of the project, while delivering useful lessons on why projects go wrong and what can be done to prevent project failure.


Beyond strategic case studies, you will learn how to use advanced tools and techniques to manage the scope and quality of multiple project teams concurrently - from using advanced financial management and capital budgeting to utilizing best practices in risk and change management in project management, this 3-day advance program will help you manage complex deliverables, issue changes, assess risks, maintain communications, and live up to expectations by making the most of the latest technology and software — and by avoiding common problems that can trip up even the best project managers.


Led by leading expert in the field, Beverly Hoenig, is an award winning co-author on Project Management: The Managerial Process. She has also been awarded for 100 Women of Influence Awards for 2015 by The Australian Financial Review and Westpac, and inducted to 2016 Businesswoman Hall of Fame.

Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.


With the global population surging, the pressure is on government departments that are required to deliver large and  complex strategic infrastructure projects in an environment of fiscal constraint where there is a high risk that financial results on future mega projects will continue to erode shareholder value and trust. 


The problem here is, large infrastructure projects suffer from significant under & upper-management of risk in practically all stages of the value chain and throughout the life cycle of a project. In particular area, poor risk assessment and risk allocation, for example, through contracts with the builders and financier, early on in the concept and design phrase lead to higher materialized risk and private financing shortage later on. 


Without in-depth knowledge and effective project handling, managing of mega projects process may lead to failure to meet performance expectation, poor client relationships and poor business reputation. In addition, business risk, potential liabilities and costs may be incurred due to ambiguities and even project failure. For instance, there was a lot of noise in the media about Wheatstone LNG projects in Western Australia, famous for a cost of more than $200bn that would hit budget or schedule. The overruns for this mega project have been blamed on labor cost (with a high dollar for most of the construction period), complex regulatory processes and lack of industry cooperation. 


An intensive two-day workshop designed to provide an advanced understanding of project management from a mega project perspective, lessons from previous mega projects experiences, and know-hows on application of best practice methods and approaches leading to successful mega project delivery. This interactive executive program will show you how to govern and manage effective mega and complex projects as well as review multi-disciplinary approaches drawing from case studies for in-house, outsourced or mixed business services to ensure delivery of high quality service standards for your company. The workshop will address concerns on effective controlling and processing in terms of budget and schedule performance, sophistication of management controls, reporting from contractors and risk management for successful project delivery. 


Led by Beverley Honig, who has over 20 years of project management experience in Australia and delivered more than 200,000 training courses globally, she will provide you with a solid insight and comprehensive PPPs framework and real-life case studies. You will also grasp the effective techniques and strategies to confidently manage and handle your projects’ processes, better control your risk assessment and achieve successful delivery of projects – while ensuring projects are value-for-money (based on the Public Sector Comparator), and the scope of services, bidding and key performance measurement parameters are clearly defined and carefully assessed. 


Packed with real-life case studies drawn from actual cases and interactive discussion sessions, you will leave this program with a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of project management in mega projects’ context. The development of some materials from scratch over long development cycles adds to the complexity of mega projects management.

What You Can Expect


  • Examines mega project's management scope, scheduling, and cost management—including reasons for project delays and cost overruns
  • Learn how to control mega project costs, manage risk, and analyze trade-offs
  • Establish effective governance, controls, processes and reporting structure in mega projects
  • Establish advanced financial planning and capital budgeting for mega projects
  • Understand implementation guidance for every phase of a mega project, based on the real-world methodologies from leading companies around the globe

Who Will Benefit Most

This highly interactive program is designed for CIOs, COOs, Chiefs, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, Heads and Controllers of, but not limited to, project planning and management, infrastructure, structured finance and treasury, management, urban planning and development, business development, strategic planning, operations, facilities, maintenance as well as contractors, government officials, lawyers and federal and state legal counsels, from all industry sectors.

Program Outline


Session 1 - Introduction of Mega Project Management

  • Definition of a mega/complex project
  • Characteristics of good governance
  • Essential elements of good project governance
  • Governance, risk, compliance
  • Project management life cycles and Project Constraints
  • Preferred organisational models
  • 8 Governance Components and Their Applicability to the Real World


Session 2 - Mega Project Initiation

  • Case Study
  • Project Governance plan
  • Alignment with organisational governance
  • Internal governance mechanisms
  • Roles and responsibilities, PMO roles, Project team structures ( virtual teams)
  • Longevity - monitoring the governance plan
  • Setting project parameters
  • Stakeholder identification, assessment, engagement and communication
  • Project selection
  • Needs assessment  and business case 


Session 3 - Project Governance Reporting

  • Reporting checklist
  • Over and under reporting
  • Managing reporting needs
  • Dashboards and portals
  • Case study - Comparing software packages


Session 4 - Governance of Planning

  • Governance of planning checklist
  • Requirement documentation
  • Frameworks and methodologies
  • Core project team
  • Quality-management requirements
  • Scope planning and management 


Session 5 - Governance of Project Delivery

  • Defining and measuring success
  • Contract management, purchase orders and agreements
  • Sourcing and managing multiple strategic suppliers
  • Managing delivery of services and goods
  • Governance of assessing project performance
  • Governance of Managing change




Session 6 - Mega Project Governance - Effective Controls

  • Governance of Controls checklist
  • Resource allocation and estimating
  • Planning for risk with contingency
  • Control governance


Session 7 - Governance in Leadership, Management and Communication

  • Leadership styles
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Appropriate leadership strategies for each stage
  • Conflict scenario and strategies for initiating conflict resolution


Session 8 - Governance of Mega Project  - Effective Processes (risk)

  • Governance of Process Checklist
  • Risk boundaries – appetites and adversity
  • Planning for risk management and identifying risks
  • Planning response to risk
  • Contingency plans and workarounds
  • Other governance processes


Session 9 - Governance of Mega Project  - Procedures

  • Governance of procedures - Procedures checklist
  • Quality Control and Quality audits
  • Closeout guidelines and issues
  • Procurement and project or phase closeout lessons learned


Session 10 - Review

  • Awarding of Certificate
  • End of Day

CFOs Leadership :
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Discover how our leadership program has shaped the perspectives of CFOs across Asia
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
Date: 15 - 16 April 2019
Faculty: Beverley Honig
Early Bird 1: $2,395 (by 18 Feb 2019)
Early Bird 2: $2,595 (by 18 Mar 2019)
Regular Fee: $2,695
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Note: GST is applicable to participants from Singapore registered companies.
Contact: [email protected]
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