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Planning And Managing Successful PR Campaigns (SG)
Stuart Bruce
Stuart Bruce Associates
Stuart Bruce, Stuart Bruce Associates
  • International Best Seller and Co-Author of 2 Major PR Books
  • Elected Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Council and Founder Member of its Social Media Panel
  • Co-founder and Managing Director of UK’s First Online PR Consultancies Which Was Listed As PR Week's Top 150 Consultancy and Top 30 Digital Consultancy Globally


Stuart Bruce is a management consultant who has earned an international reputation as a PR Futurist who is a pioneer, thought leader and doer in modernized public relations, corporate communications and public affairs. He advises companies, governments and PR/communications agencies around the world on how to future proof their public relations and communications focusing on PR strategy, reputation management and crisis communications, and measurement and evaluation.


He is a Chartered Public Relations professional and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). The CIPR is the world’s only PR organization accredited and regulated by a rigorous Royal charter and Stuart also serves on the CIPR board as a non-executive director. Stuart is also one of only a handful of Fellows of the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC). Stuart is also a professional trainer for the CIPR and the Institute of Internal Communications, running the CIPR’s crisis communications, risk management, social media strategy and communications measurement courses.


He is the co-author of two best-selling PR books and has contributed to numerous other books and academic papers. He has 30 years’ of experience and is one of the world’s first PR bloggers, writing at www.stuartbruce.biz since 2003. He was the co-founder and managing director of one of the UK’s first online PR consultancies, growing it in less than three years into a PR Week Top 150 Consultancy and Top 30 Digital Consultancy. Stuart’s client experience includes the UK Government Cabinet Office, Rolls-Royce, Tourism Ireland, Specsavers, European Parliament, Skanska, Siemens, Zurich Insurance, HSBC, Bayer, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, Unilever, United Nations, Sony, PayPal, Philips, Discovery Channel, Weber Shandwick, Finsbury, Leo Burnett, GSK, Petronas, Gazprom and Du Pont.


Stuart regularly speaks at international conferences and forums such as delivering the keynote speech in Istanbul on social media at the Global Crisis Communications Summit of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the heads of public relations and communications of more than 100 of the world’s leading airlines. He sits on the international advisory board of the World Communication Forum in Davos and was the chief moderator of the 2015 Davos forum. He also regularly provides expert comments, articles and interviews to the media including Al Jazeera, France 24, BBC, The Guardian, PRWeek, The Independent, Communicate Magazine and The Holmes Report.


He has also provided confidential advice and training to senior PR and communications professionals running the offices of senior politicians and business leaders including senior UK government cabinet ministers, the government of Ukraine, the Office of Prince Ali bin Hussein (Jordan and Vice President of FIFA), the Office of HH Sheika Moza bint Nasser (Doha), the Office of the Prime Minister of Brunei and the Office of the President of the European Parliament (Brussels).


Stuart is also a visiting lecturer at Leeds Beckett University in the UK where he teaches post-graduate qualifications to international students.



“It was a huge privilege to have such close tuition, in a good group. I hope and trust it will stick with me for a long time. I would recommend it very highly to anyone, whether undertaking or advising on this type of media activity.”

Director of Communications 


“This was, quite simply, the best course I have ever been on in the company. It provided a terrific insight into dealing with tough questions but had so many applications; I’m sure there were many executives who would have benefited from attending.” 

 Executive Producer

Program Summary


To be led by Stuart Bruce, International Best Seller and Co-Author of 2 Major PR Books, this program is designed to provide PR and Corporate Communications professionals with insights on how strategic and public relation campaigns can be successfully planned and delivered in a fast-changing global and local media landscape.


Throughout this highly interactive two-day program, you will learn how traditional and digital media platforms can be integrated seamlessly to promote your brand, enhance your company profile and market your product with powerful results. You will gain a solid PR foundation to engage the press and media professionals and learn how to enhance your PR campaigns through creative and lateral thinking to complement the way the media receives, processes and delivers your message.


You will learn the skills of active story-telling and how your brand and company’s story can be told across multiple platforms, from newspapers, television and radio to social media and the blogosphere. You will also discover how PR can operate in a reputational crisis, not only to defend brand trust but emerge from the crisis with trust enhanced. At the end of the two days, you will be able to lead and manage successful PR campaign within your organization to deliver breakthrough media strategies. Taught by renowned expert in the communications world, the intensive two-day program is led by outstanding professional from the PR world in Asia Pacific and London.

Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.



Many global companies now see effective communication as a vital skill for senior managers. From Richard Branson to Indra Nooyi, it is clear that executives who are effective communicators are in a position to define, explain, promote and tell the story of their brand. Meanwhile, the world of communications is in continuous revolution with brands struggling to keep up with the latest development. The world has moved on from the Internet and blogs to new social media innovations such as Pinterest, Klout, etc. and to understanding and using the latest in mobile technology and cloud computing.


This highly interactive course explores how PR should operate in the midst of this fast moving situation. From the principles of brand trust and the basic ideas of story-telling through to social media and crisis communications, this leadership and management program will underpin your knowledge about how PR works and will challenge you to go back to your company with renewed fervor about the importance of strategic messaging and story-telling in everything the company does. Whether you are the chief executive, a marketer, PR or communications professional, this executive program is designed to help you think more strategically about PR as it seeks to support your brand and how it weaves into the different functions in the organization and what your strategic role in this matrix is. You will learn how to become an active, not passive, consumer of media and an advocate for a strategic approach to integrated PR and marketing. The program explores the need for creativity in PR, matched with a rigorous approach to risk management of your campaigns and programs. The course will look at examples of successful PR in carefully selected case studies; while expert speakers will look at how some current hot topics such as measurement of PR success and mobile technology can be approached.


With group discussions and interaction, the program will maximize the benefit of all of the delegates’ experience in a supportive atmosphere. This executive program will leave you with a strategic view of PR and equip you with skills in communicating your story to the media and to your different audiences.

What You Can Expect


In this intensive two-day executive program, you will learn to:

  • Execute PR campaigns with clear objectives linked to your business needs
  • Generate creative ideas and deliver them on the right channel to tell the story of your brand and organization to your intended target audience
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and digital media platforms to craft an all-rounded PR campaign which utilizes a myriad of platforms
  • Understand the changes in communication trends and how this will affect the way you conduct your PR campaigns
  • Learn how to handle difficult situations during press conferences
  • Discover the metrics you should use to measure the effectiveness of your PR campaigns
  • Craft an effective crisis management and contingency plan to mitigate negative publicity and restore brand and corporate reputation

Who Will Benefit Most


This executive program is designed for:

  • Directors, Managers, Vice Presidents, Senior Directors, Senior VPs, and General Managers who have responsibilities in protecting the brand and promoting their organization’s name and reputation and in articulating to external audiences and media the company’s aspirations and ideals
  • Organizational leaders who are leading, managing or overseeing marketing, PR and communication functions and teams in the company or agency, and wish to enhance and innovate their PR approaches and advance their leadership to the next level
  • Practitioners, professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals who are launching or leading businesses and believe that public relations is key to the success of their enterprise

Program Outline




Session 1: 

What is successful PR?

Stuart will lead a discussion on what successful public relations looks like and how it relates to marketing communications, brand and reputation. We will interrogate what integrated communications means and how it leads to successful PR campaigns that impact on real business objectives such as sales, share price and recruitment.


Session 2: 

What is PESO? Why does it matter? How do you benefit from it?

The PESO model of paid, earned, shared and owned has been widely adopted around the world as a new template for planning and managing public relations and communications campaigns. Learn what PESO is and how you can benefit from using it in your successful PR campaigns.


Session 3: 

What are the essential elements of a successful PR plan?

Understand the importance of setting objectives and how to do it well. Learn how to build a template for planning and managing PR campaigns using globally recognized best practice standards. It will examine the importance of research and insight in successful planning.


Session 4: 

The modern way to manage public relations – part one

In this session we will learn how to manage modernized public relations and how to use the latest digital tools to help make your PR team more effective. We’ll look at how best to manage your resources – people, content and money – to help achieve your PR objectives. Get to grips with tools that improve workflow and get the best from your PR and communications team.


DAY 2 


Session 1:

The modern way to manage public relations – part one

To start day two we’ll explore more PR tools, models and techniques. We’ll also look at some of the new innovative channels and ideas that can make your PR campaigns even more effective.


Session 2:

Using the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework to plan successful PR campaigns

The AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework is an online tool to help you structure and plan effective public relations and communications campaigns. We will learn how you can use it as an individual, but more importantly how it can become the central tool you use with senior management and external clients.


Session 3: 

Workshop: Planning a successful PR campaign

Participants will group into teams to work together to plan a PR campaign using the new techniques and tools that we’ve explored in previous sessions. Stuart will work with each group to help them solve problems and uncover new ways of working.


Session 4:

Creating a personal action plan for planning a successful PR campaign

In the final session we’ll reflect on what we’ve learnt and create personal action plans so everyone can translate what they’ve learnt into practical next steps to help them better plan and manage successful PR campaigns.

CFOs Leadership :
Experience Clariden
Discover how our leadership program has shaped the perspectives of CFOs across Asia
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
Date: 5 - 6 Nov 2019
Faculty: Stuart Bruce
Early Bird 1: S$2,595 (by 10 Sep 2019)
Early Bird 2: S$2,795 (by 8 Oct 2019)
Regular Fee: S$2,895
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Note: GST is applicable to participants from Singapore registered companies.
Contact: [email protected]
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