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Executive Education
Clariden Leadership Institute
Data Analytics And Visualization With R Programming (Melbourne)
Dr. Abhay Singh
Macqurie Business School
Dr. Abhay Singh, Macqurie Business School
  • Experienced Data Scientist with strong focus on interdisciplinary research in financial risk modelling, econometrics and data analytics 
  • Senior Lecturer in Applied Finance and Director of Finance Decision Lab for the Department of Applied Finance, Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University, Sydney
  • Author of R in Finance and Economics: A Beginner's Guide, published by World Scientific Publishing

Dr Abhay Singh is a leading researcher in Data Science with a strong focus on interdisciplinary research in financial risk modelling, econometrics and data analytics. He is a big believer in open source software and has been using R for statistical computing including quantitative research methods for over 8 years. He is the author of R in Finance & Economics: A Beginner’s Guide and has extensive experience in training industry professionals, early career and experienced researchers in data analytics and quantitative research using R. 


His expertise in the field of empirical research has been demonstrated through industry-funded research projects, high impact publications and research-informed teaching. He steers the Finance Decision Lab (FDL) at Macquarie University, an innovative collaboration space for students and academics with the objective of creating industry engagement opportunities and enhancing the research capabilities of academics through access to research data, simulation and training courses.



It’s a great experience to attend the two days workshop. I really appreciate this opportunity to start my R journey! Thank you very much Dr. Singh”

I was very pleased with the content and structure of topics covered; it was delivered at a comfortable pace, and provided a good overview of R's capabilities and functions.”

Program Summary

R is one of the most widely used open source languages in analytics in the world and continues to be the platform of choice for the data scientist. R is the language of big data—a statistical programming language that helps describe, mine, and test relationships between large amounts of data.


Spanning 2 days, this comprehensive program will show you how to execute data preparation, visualization, statistical inference, predictive modelling and decision making using the programming language R.  You will discover how to manage and manipulate data with the R, perform computational analyses on Big Data to generate meaningful insights and use the application of R Programming to drive strategic business decisions. Covering the holistic foundation of R, from data loading, exploration and visualization to statistical techniques, you will master advanced data visualization with ggplot2, and integrate it into your financial and business analytics use cases.

Programs, dates and locations are subject to change. In accordance with Clariden Global policy, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national or disability in admission to our programs.


R is an open source software package and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Its potential for data visualization, analytics and reporting has seen its use in various industries grow significantly in recent years - analysts, statisticians, marketers and data miners worldwide are either already using the R language or will use it at some point.


Under the guidance of seasoned data analyst and R trainer Dr. Abhay Singh, you will learn to apply R Programming for strategic business decision-making. Covering the holistic foundation of R, from data loading, exploration and visualization to statistical techniques, this course will help you master advanced data visualization with ggplot2, and integrate it into your financial and business analytics use cases.


You will take away hands-on insights on various techniques crucial to a data analytics function such as regression analysis, machine learning and text mining.

What You Can Expect

  • Get started with R Programming from data loading, exploration and visualization to statistical techniques
  • Data wrangling - Cleaning the data to extract useful information
  • Develop new insights and understanding of programming and logical thinking for data analysis
  • Explore fast, streaming, and scalable data analysis with the most cutting-edge technologies in the market
  • Strengthen your skills from simple to advanced data and analysis visualization
  • Learn practical case studies in demonstrating contemporary methods like Data Mining, Machine Learning and more

Who Will Benefit Most

Executives, Managers, Directors, Head of Departments and C-Suites in (but not limited to) data science & engineering, solution architects, business intelligence and analytics, information technology, artificial intelligence and software development, as well as practitioners involved in product planning & operations and business & finance strategy and economy.

Program Outline

Day 1


Session 1: Hello R: Getting Started

  • Introduction To R
  • Installing R
  • Introduction To R Studio
  • Installing Packages, Getting Help, Data Types And Variables
  • Data Import And Export


Session 2: Programming & Logical Thinking

  • Programming Basics
  • Loops, Logical Operators And Functions
  • Data Pre-processing


Session 3: Handling And Describing Data

  • Data Exploration In R
  • Summary Statistics
  • Introduction To Data Visualization Using R


Session 4: Wrap-up For Day 1 And Q&A


Day 2 


Session 5: Data Visualization And Analysis

  • Introduction To Ggplot2
  • Advanced Data Visualization In R (Including Interactive Visualization)
  • R And Databases
  • Introduction To Statistical Analysis Using R (Regression Etc.)


Session 6: Data Analytics I

  • Financial Analytics Using R (Time Series Methods, Risk Modelling Etc.)


Session 7: Data Analytics II

  • Business Analytics Using R
  • Introduction To Machine Learning Using R


Session 8: Wrap-up For Day 2 And Q&A

  • Identify Strengths And Areas For Improvement In Your Analytical And Reporting Skills With Feedback From Peers, Instructors, And Guest Panellists. 

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Venue: InterContinental Melbourne
Date: 26 - 27 March 2020
Faculty: Dr. Abhay Singh
Early Bird 1: AU$2,395 (by 7 Feb 2020)
Early Bird 2: AU$2,595 (by 6 Mar 2020)
Regular Fee: AU$2,695
Group Discount: 2nd participant get 10%, or register 3 participants and 4th participant get a complimentary seat
(1 discount scheme applies)
Contact: [email protected]
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