About the Forum

Artificially Intelligent Funds – Generating Excess Returns with Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

The Eurekahedge CTA/Managed Futures index has shown that AI hedge fund firms with machine learning are outperforming traditional quants and doing so with low correlation. These self-learning and self-adjusting hedge funds are also beating funds managed by humans. These observations are in line with a survey by PREQIN, where AI traders closed with a profit of 2.47% when humans made losses of
– 1.78%.

As hedge fund returns fall over the years, investors are calling for a rethink of the traditional 2-and-20 fee model, and are beginning to move away from it. Coupled with the need to reduce operating costs and to comply with the increasing demands for transparency in compliance reporting, funds are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve these pressing problems.

While financial advisors will remain central to wealth management, 49% of high net-worth individuals worldwide welcome having some of their wealth managed by robo-advisors. It is estimated that the APAC region will overtake the U.S. in investable wealth by the end of 2017, representing $2.4 trillion in robo-advisor AUM by 2020.

As a whole, capital for the total hedge fund industry surpassed the $3 trillion milestones for the first time at the beginning of this year. In this exponentially growing market, funds are locked in an intense battle to recruit talents to develop AI, machine learning, and deep learning to increase their competitive advantage.

Discover emerging trends and investment models that leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to generate consistently better returns than traditional methodologies, and explore the potential risks and pitfalls of these approaches. Find out how to build the infrastructure required to integrate AI into investment models, all at The Artificially Intelligent Fund Conference happening December 4 – 6 2017 at Manhattan, right in the heart of New York City.

Mark your calendar and join us in this gathering of quants, AI and machine learning experts, data scientists, investment officers, and investors.

Why Join This Conference

Artificially Intelligent Funds – Generating Excess Returns with Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

10 Compelling Reasons to Join Us This December at the Artificially Intelligent Fund Conference

  1. Develop AI and machine learning capabilities through real use cases from big players in the industry
  2. Discover emerging trends and latest developments in AI and machine learning from industry players trading and investing on live investment models
  3. Learn how to develop a compelling Business Case to clients and CEOs to adopt AI and machine learning in investment approaches
  4. Rare gathering of talents including Quants, Data Scientists, Researchers, AI and machine learning experts and Investment Officers
  5. Explore solutions to challenges and potential risks and pitfalls before adopting AI and machine learning
  6. Discover more uses and applications of using AI, machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning to make investments decisions and create positive trading outcomes
  7. Established speaker lineup from prominent and big industry players to meet and learn from
  8. Excellent networking platform to meet large hedge funds, fund of funds, researchers and investors
  9. Robust and all rounded exploration of different forms of machine learning techniques on investment strategies
  10. Build a world-class infrastructure that supports AI investments

The Forum at a Glance

Artificially Intelligent Funds – Generating Excess Returns with Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning


AI and Deep Learning for Trading

  • How AI & Deep Learning Can Learn Your Past Successful Trades and Replicate It Forward
  • Utilizing AI and Machine Learning to Establish Market Predictions and Placing High Probability Trades
  • Applying Different Machine Learning Techniques to Different Trading Strategy
  • Developing Robust Investment Algorithms with AI and Deep Learning
  • Applying Machine Learning and High-Frequency Trading

AI and Deep Learning for Investment for Investment & Portfolio Management

  • Next Generation Investment Systems with AI and Deep Learning
  • Picking Stocks with AI
  • Optimizing Asset Allocation with Artificial Intelligence
  • Assembling an Effective AI Team to Identify Investment Trends – Who and What Expertise You Need

Key Risks and Challenges with AI and Deep Learning

  • Challenges and Risks with AI and Trading
  • Understanding Weak Points of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Model Risk Management for Machine Learning and Trading Strategies

Companies Expected at the Forum

  • CFA Institute
  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Council of Institutional Investors
  • Wells Fargo
  • Citigroup
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • U.S Bancorp
  • PNC Financial Services
  • Capital One
  • TD Bank N.A.
  • Barclays
  • HSBC Bank USA
  • Berkeley Asset Management
  • Protégé Partners
  • Eleven Two Capital
  • Trifecta Capital
  • Mesirow Advanced Strategies
  • 4Degrees
  • Forrester Research
  • IDC
  • Blackstone Alternative Asset Management
  • UBS Hedge Fund Solutions
  • Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • HSBC Alternative Investments
  • Grosvenor Capital Management
  • Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners
  • Blackrock Alternative Advisors
  • Permal Group
  • J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management
  • SkyBridge Capital
  • Man FRM
  • Aberdeen Asset Management
  • EnTrust Capital
  • KKR Prisma
  • Rock Creek Group
  • Aetos Alternatives Management
  • K2 Advisors
  • Crestline Investors
  • Aurora Investment Management
  • Union Bancaire Privee Alternative Investments
  • AXA Investment Managers
  • LGT Capital Partners
  • AllianceBernstein
  • Credit Suisse Asset Management – Alternative Funds Solutions
  • Lighthouse Partners
  • Hall Capital Partners
  • Pictet Alternative Advisors
  • Lyxor Asset Management
  • Gottex Fund Management
  • Amundi Alternative Investments
  • Carlyle Liquid Markets
  • Brummer Multi-Strategy
  • Capital Holdings Funds/
  • Edmond de Rothschild
  • Titan Advisors
  • Banca del Ceresio Group
  • Evanston Capital Management
  • ABS Investment Management
  • Silver Creek Capital Management
  • Corbin Capital Partners
  • Strategic Investment Group
  • Magnitude Capital
  • Stenham Advisors
  • GAM
  • EACM Advisors
  • Morgan Creek Capital Management
  • Abbey Capital
  • Ironwood Capital Management
  • Archstone Partnerships