About the Forum

With cumulative venture capital investment in blockchain technology peaking at $921 million in 2015 and multinational banks and financial institutions including Citi, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan analyzing, testing or investing in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) to enable greater efficiency, security and lower costs. There has never been a more critical time where innovation is so crucial to the success and survival of financial institutions.

Join us at the inaugural Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledger Forum to explore how innovative technologies disrupt and revolutionize financial services. Hear from industry thought leaders and evangelists share the various applications of blockchain technology in the finance sector and examine how to overcome the security and privacy issues in distributed ledgers. You will gain insight on managing and adopting disruptive fintech innovations within your organization’s processes to transform how you deliver financial services to your customers and envision what the future holds for blockchain technology in the financial sector.

Why Join This Forum


  1. Develop a detailed understanding for blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger technology
  2. Evaluate the disruptive impacts of these technologies and innovation on your business or business units
  3. Discover the opportunities that blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger can bring to financial services in terms of enhanced security, speed and transparency
  4. Hear blockchain evangelists share an unparalleled diversity of insights on real implementation stories
  5. Identify critical issues and risks in blockchain technologies, such as security and privacy
  6. Understand challenges in commercializing blockchain applications and develop potential solutions through discussion with industry leaders
  7. Rationalize the adoption of blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger technology for your own organization by understanding its cost and benefits
  8. Gain practical insights about regulations and standards for blockchain technology and its application
  9. Forge strategic collaboration with industry partners and entrepreneurs for greater adoption and commercialization of these technologies
  10. Redefine strategies for the incumbents to cultivate innovation and compete with industry start-ups

Featured Speakers

  • Peter Evans-Greenwood
    Fellow, The Centre for the Edge Consulting, Deloitte
  • Peter Robinson
    Former Senior Engineering Manager, RSA (Security Division of EMC)
  • Nick Addison
    Finhaus Labs
  • Tim Lea
    CEO, Veredictum.io
  • Hugo O’Connor
    Head of Innovation, Bit Trade Lab Australia
  • Thomas Miller
    Full-Stack Blockchain Developer, Founder of BlockchainAcademy.com.au
  • Danielle Henderson
    Former General Manager, Clearing Services, ASX
  • Rhys Bollen
    Assistant Commissioner, Policy & Strategy (Acting), Fair Trading NSW
  • George Samman
    Committee Chair – Blockchain and Financial Services; Residence for Blockchain, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance; Tyro Fintech Hub; Startupbootcamp
  • Alec Christie
    Partner, Digital Law, EY
  • Dee McGrath
    VP, Financial Services, IBM
  • Philip Gomm
    Banking and Capital Markets Leader, Capgemini
  • Nicolas Giurietto
    CEO & Managing Director, Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association
  • Dr. Bronwyn Evans
    CEO, Standards Australia
  • Jonathan Ewing
    Co-founder & Blockchain Solution Architect, Bitto NZ
  • Tessa Hoser
    Non-Executive Director & Consultant, Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Gary Collins
    Managing Partner; Former Head of Innovation, Insight Associates; Westpac

How is Blockchain Transforming the Financial Services Landscape?

“The blockchain is, actually the bit about Bitcoin that was, I think, the really clever bit.”–  Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens

“Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to rethink business models in almost every industry. A globally consistent regulatory framework will speed up the pace of innovation and simplify implementation.”– Ron Tucker, Chairman, Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association

“Every now and then, something comes along that might just change everything. And this is one of those moments.” – ASX chief executive Elmer Funke Kupper on Blockchain technology

“It is clearly, in very clear terms, faster, cheaper and more transparent than some of the existing practices we have today,” says CBA’s chief information officer David Whiteing on Blockchain

“This (Blockchain technology) is everything from identity, to corporate payment solutions, to treasury, to supply chain, to core payments.” – Derek White, Chief Design and Digital Officer, Barclays