09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Forum Producer
09:05 Forum Introduction & Highlights On Forum Day 1 Key Sessions By Chairperson
Karen-Dwyer-rounded Karen Dwyer
Dwyer Law Ltd
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Case Studies Of Successful BTR Projects
09:15 Australia’s First Pioneer Build-To-Rent Project For Integrated Social And Affordable Housing: Redfern Communities Case Study
  • Integrated social and affordable housing with housing supply for the broader community
  • Greater diversification of social mix to develop more resilient communities
  • How BTR bridge the housing gap in NSW
  • Long-term leasing of state land for the BTR sector
  • Perspectives from the John Laing Consortium, Hume Community Housing Association and the Evolve Housing Consortium
09:45 Innovative Build-To-Rent-To-Buy Model: Why Assemble’s Model Could Be A Game Changer For Developers And Institutional Investors
  • At Assemble’s Kensington BTR project, prospective tenant are offered an option to purchase their apartment at a pre-agreed price
  • The company also offers complementary financial coaching to residents to help them achieve their savings goal to buy their apartment at the end of the lease if they decide they want to
  • Response to the model has been huge, with around 6000 people signing up to the database for the first Kensington project of 71 homes
Emma-Telfer_Assemble-rounded Emma Telfer
Director, Culture & Strategy
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10:15 Morning Break
10:30 Interactive Roundtable Discussion: Planning, Developing And Financing BTR Projects
  • Roundtable A: How BTR drive urban renewal in the cities
  • Roundtable B: The role and yield participation of REITs, Super Funds & Pension Funds in the BTR market
  • Roundtable C: How developers view BTR as the newest, fast-growing asset class
  • Roundtable D: Exploring financial metrics for multi-family housing to work
  • Roundtable E: Tenant pre-commitments, tenants’ rights & tenancy Management for BTR
  • Roundtable F: The role of community housing providers in BTR
  • Roundtable G: Understanding the profile of your BTR occupiers and finding them
  • Roundtable H: Place-making in BTR Projects
Les-Koltai-rounded Les Koltai
Managing Director
LS Global
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  • Roundtable I: Implementing the BTR bridging model: rent, then sell
11:45 Case Study Of West Australia’s First BTR Apartment Community: The Element 27 BTR Project In Subiaco, WA
  • The new rent disruptor
  • Starting a groundswell of Australian build-to-rent development
  • Turning the rental market on its head
  • The tenant as the customer. Coming in with your pets
  • Benefiting from the forward thinking of the City of Subiaco and Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
Georgina-Duck-rounded Georgina Duckworth
Director Client Services/Marketing
Sentinel Real Estate Corporation
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Keith-Lucas-rounded Keith Lucas
Managing Director
Sentinel Real Estate Corporation
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12:15 Lunch Break
13:15 Affordable Build Model: Case Study On How Rent Converters Helps Make Homeownership More Accessible For More Australian
  • This session will focus on the Affordable Build Model they have created and what is being done at Rent Converters to help make homeownership more accessible for more Australians
  • The 3 phase plan of entry they have created along with the 5-year forecast
Matt-Lanigan-rounded Matt Lanigan
Managing Director
Rent Converters
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13:45 Case Study: Making Affordable Housing A Reality In Cities
  • How BTR Model, Modular Delivery System And Collective Community Can Impact Delivery Platform As Well As Focus On Affordability And Environmental Resilient Outcomes
Nick-Lane-rounded Nick Lane
Executive Director and Founder
Passive Place
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How BTR Can Solve New Zealand’s Acute Housing Needs
14:15 New Zealand’s Residential Market’s Immaturity. A Problem Yes, But A Development Opportunity Too, Including Build To Rent
  • Build-to-rent has been popular in the UK and Australia over the last decade, but has not yet taken off in New Zealand. This session will cover what are the opportunities for build-to-rent in New Zealand among local and international investors
Natasha-Sarkar-rounded Natasha Sarkar
CBRE | Structured Transactions & Advisory Services
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14:45 Afternoon Break
BTR Project Feasibility, Development And Financing Considerations
15:15 Panel Discussion

Where Are The New Opportunities For BTR development In Australia And New Zealand?

  • How to Identifying the locations and opportunities?
  • What are some of the financial & legal hurdles and how it can be managed?
  • Identifying the essential elements in planning phase
  • What are the key drivers of designing with BTR tenant & flexibility in mind
  • How to appeal to the right investor?
Hanna-Ebeling-rounded Hanna Ebeling
Chief Executive Officer
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Thomaswalkley-rounded Thomas Walkley
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Erin Living
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Mark-Fischer-rounded Mark Fischer
Managing Director & Global Head of Real Estate
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David-Hill-rounded David Hill
Director, Alternative Investments – Australia
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16:00 Lesson Learnt From UK On How To Make BTR Work
Build to rent has exploded in popularity within the UK in the last few years. It has grown steadily over the past decade into the second largest form of tenure in the UK. In this session, explore the key lesson learnt from the rapid development of the UK BTR sectors.

  • Government housing policy reform from that supports the development of the whole of BTR Sector is necessary
  • Flexibility for planning – case by case
  • Housing at scale – how scale is crucial to lift up margins and ensure stable returns
  • Customer focus – when tenants have a home with greater rights and a sense of belonging – a community culture
  • Financing options needed to fund the development
16:30 BTR Investment And Financing Considerations: Valuing A BTR Project
  • Valuation principles and return hurdles for a BTR project
  • Understanding the elements underpinning cashflow
  • Return hurdles before capital commitment
Marwan-Rahme-rounded Marwan Rahme
Managing Director
Kanebridge Group
17:00 Closing Remarks By Forum Chairperson
Karen-Dwyer-rounded Karen Dwyer
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09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech By Forum Producer
09:05 Forum Introduction & Highlights On Forum Day 2 Key Sessions By Chairperson
Karen-Dwyer-rounded Karen Dwyer
Dwyer Law Ltd
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BTR Successful Case Study
09:15 Case Study Of Queensland’s First BTR Project, The Smith Collective Commonwealth Games 1251-Apartment Village At Gold Coast
  • The largest urban renewal project on the Gold Coast, Smith Collective, offers 2500 apartments and townhouses which are only available to rent, with leases ranging from six months to two years
  • The project’s focus on community, through a residents’ hub and range of on-site services, had drawn in tenants of all demographics. It has won the 2018 Queensland and 2019 UDIA National Award For Master Planned Development
BTR Strategic Considerations
09:45 Mirvac Strategic Case Study: Creating Australia’s First Institutional Build-To-Rent Investment Platform
  • In a push to establish a viable build-to-rent sector in Australia, ASX-listed property group Mirvac has announced the formation of the Australian Build-to-Rent “club”
  • It has won substantial commitments, including a cornerstone investment from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation for a 30 per cent interest in the club. The club will look to expand to a portfolio of 5-6 properties in Sydney and Melbourne and is reportedly targeting an initial yield of 4.5 per cent to potential investors
  • Mirvac plans to grow the club over time partnering with investors interested in what could eventually become a $300 billion sector
  • In this session, explore the central role of investments to accelerate growth for BTR developments and Mirvac’s vision for the club
Doug-Winger-rounded Doug Winger
Portfolio Manager
10:15 Morning Break
10:30 Learning Lessons From How Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) Has Taken Off In Australia And Implications For BTR Sector
  • As a residential development product designed for long-term rental use, PBSA has clear similarities with the BTR model. The PBSA sector has experienced rapid growth along with the globalisation of higher education, as well as demand from global investors for income-generating assets in Australia
  • For student accommodation, yields have generally moved in recent years as the operational residential asset class has matured to sit around 5-8%. Through an exclusive focus on small units, professional management, operational delivery, efficient design and the provision of add-on services
  • In this session, explore how PBSA has taken off in Australia and the key lessons learnt and implications for BTR investors and developers
Paulsavitz-rounded Paul Savitz
Director, Operational Capital Markets
Savills Australia & New Zealand
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BTR Design And Development Best Practice
11:00 Urban Land Institute: Design Thinking And Designing For BTR
  • Why is design for BTR so important
  • Critical design features to avoid operational constraints
  • How does a design-in-a-true-and-fit-for-purpose BTR look like
  • Building sociability and communities into the design for a successful BTR
11:30 How Modular Construction And Offsite Pre-Fabrication Can Deliver Faster Build Rates, Higher Quality Finish For BTR
  • A key aspect of the commercial rationale for BTR projects is their ability to generate long term incomes rather than the more immediate capital gains of build for sale developments
  • BTR projects will therefore benefit from shorter construction periods which will accelerate the rental income stream and also reduce finance costs such as interest payments on development loans
  • Modular construction is particularly suitable where it is possible to achieve economies of scale which mitigate the higher up front and unit costs
  • The improved quality and precision which can be achieved in off-site prefabrication can help minimise whole life costs by improving sustainability engineering such as sealed unit insulation and energy consumption
  • It can also significantly increase design life and durability reducing the need for maintenance and refurbishment but also making these quicker, easier and cheaper when they are required
12:00 Operating A Successful BTR Model
  • Best practices in managing BTR models
  • Financialization of the rental market
  • Developing a professionally managed rental sector
  • Delivering a service proposition akin to the environment
12:30 Lunch Break
Integrating BTR With Affordable And Social Housing
13:30 Towards Affordable Housing: View From The Queensland’s Government $70 Million Build To Rent Pilot Project
  • The Queensland Government has made commitment for a $70 million Build-to-Rent Pilot Project, as a step towards ensuring Build-to-Rent gets a foothold in the Queensland market
  • The targeted subsidy will enable the successful proponent to deliver affordable housing through a Build-to-Rent development within 10km of the Brisbane CBD
Adrian-Pisarski-rounded Adrian Pisarski
Executive Officer
National Shelter
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14:00 Innovative Funding Model To Increase The Supply Of Social And Affordable Housing
  • Understand how a voluntary tax-deductible contribution can change the face of social and affordable housing
  • How the whole sector get be involved in a positive and simple solution
  • How the BTR model can help generate donations through lease agreements
Sarah-Witty-rounded Sarah Witty
National Partnerships Manager
Homes for Homes
14:30 How Technology Can Influence BTR Projects
Not only is the energy efficiency of a building an ever more crucial selling point for more environmentally and cost-conscious tenants, but it is also imperative for landlords looking to future-proof their buildings in line with a more sustainable agenda. Integrated energy systems can play an important part in this effort, as well as offering a more effective and responsive option for tenants looking for control over the quality and costs of their living space. This session will cover how tech and connectivity can future-proof Build to Rent developments – ensuring buildings continue to evolve in line with a growing sustainability agenda.
Chris-Efthimiou-rounded Chris Efthimiou
Commercial  Director
Erin Living
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15:00 Afternoon Break
Innovative BTR Models
15:30 Maximizing Values For BTR Through Innovative Scheme And Models: BTR In Mixed-Use Development
  • Oxford Properties Group and its Australian partner, Grocon, have been chosen to develop an office and build-to-rent (BTR) project in central Sydney
  • The end value of the project has not been disclosed, but sources said it would be upwards of A$1bn
  • Find out about the benefits of mixed use development to boost BTR projects’ added values and asset appreciation in the long run in this session
16:00 Build To Rent And UKO Co-Living: The Future Accommodation Model
  • What is the future accommodation model and how it works?
  • Who owns the scheme and the individual units?
  • How can co-living work with Build to Rent?
Rhys-Williams-rounded Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams's logo
16:30 Investing In Student Accommodation BTR Projects In Australia And New Zealand: New Opportunities And Projects
  • Analyzing the entire PBSA life-cycle
  • How are supply and demand dynamics for student housing evolving
  • Case studies in Victoria and NSW
  • Future prospects for sustainable growth in the student accommodation BTR market
17:00 Closing Remarks By Forum Chairperson
Karen-Dwyer-rounded Karen Dwyer
Dwyer Law Ltd
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Tax Planning, Legal Structuring & Funding For BTR

This virtual workshop aims to provide participants with a good understanding of the current practices relating to tax planning for BTR project. Participants will learn the key tax issues and legal structure to obtain funding for BTR projects:

  • A Comparison and Examination of Tax Environments where BTR markets are more successful: UK and US
  • Overview of Australia’s withholding tax system and land tax, on returns from BTR investments
  • Currently, build-to-rent is denied the concessional tax rate of 15 per cent that applies to income from most other property asset classes for foreign investors in managed investment trusts. For BTR to qualify for the MIT concessional rate, it should be classified as ‘commercial residential’
  • Transfer duties, local government rates involved
  • Securing land grants for BTR
  • Doubling the withholding tax rate from 15 per cent to 30 per cent on MIT fund payments to foreign investors
  • Examining current GST treatment of BTR, vis-à-vis BTS
  • Structuring a BTR project
  • BTR business models
  • Executing the financial close of a BTR project
  • How foreign investors view the ANZ market, going forward
Manuel-Makas-rounded Manuel Makas
Managing Partner
Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills
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Virtual Visit To A Prefabricated Construction Project In Victoria

In this virtual site tour, the delegates will have a glimpse of the Melbourne Burwood Campus facility of Deakin Residential Services accommodation. Bordered by picturesque parkland, the accommodation at our Melbourne Burwood Campus is home to 1175 students. With a great mix of state-of-the-art contemporary student housing and traditional village living, students in Burwood enjoy a unique Melbourne lifestyle.

*Space In Each Site Tour Is Limited, Registrations Will Be Available On First Come, First Reserved Basis.