About the Conference

Australia’s cosmetic surgery industry is booming with latest spending figures exceeding $1 billion a year. In order to maximize revenue captured and maintain your organization’s competiveness, it is vital for any organization within the cosmetic surgery industry to align their current practices with the latest cosmetic and plastic surgery trends, best-in-class techniques and technology innovations to succeed and sustain.

In addition, rising safety concerns and new regulatory requirements are posing stricter and tougher guidelines for doctors. Therefore, it has never been a more transformational time for industry professionals to gain key insights and advisory from industry experts on how to effectively and efficiency manage clients’ requests while ensuring safety compliance to protect you and your organization from potential legal risk, consequences and liabilities.

Discover more at this year’s inaugural National Cosmetics and Plastic Surgery Conference 2017, where renown doctors and industry thought leaders from across APAC region gather to discuss and debate about practical and innovative cosmetic surgical and non-surgical techniques applied to the face, body and breast to achieve amazing outcomes and resolve potential risks and complications during and after surgery. In addition, broaden your knowledge and hone your skills and expertise through live demonstrations from industry experts and the sharing by international speakers to discover global cosmetic market trends and prepare for the future challenges ahead.

Why Join This Conference

6 Powerful Reasons to Attend National Cosmetics and Plastic Surgery Conference 2017

  1. Build and envision a world class cosmetic and plastic surgery experience with valuable insights from real life international case studies – Thailand and Korea
  2. Effectively improve surgical efficiency and minimize recovering time with latest development in breast implants, laser lipolysis techniques, 5D face-lifting and more
  3. Address and resolve surgical and non-surgical risks and emergencies in today’s cosmetics and plastic surgery clinic
  4. Up-skill both invasive and non-invasive treatment techniques focusing on face, body and breast
  5. Tap onto expert legal advices to protect practitioners from potential legal liability and consequences
  6. Yield maximum ROI and business profit in an ethical way

Featured Speakers

Dr. Kim Young Jin
Cornerstone Dermatology

Dr. David Topchian
Cosmetic Surgeon, Managing Director
The Doctor’s Studio

Dr. Kyung Chun An
Professor, Director
Korea College of Cosmetic Surgery, Cellpia Clinic

Dr. Pichansak Bunmas
Founder, Plastic Surgeon
Vplast Clinic

Elissa O’Keefe
Bravura Education

Dr. Mahyar Amjadi
Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon
Wollongong Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Luxe Clinic

Companies Participating at the Conference

  • Bravura Education
  • Cellpia Clinic
  • Cornerstone Dermatology
  • Cosmos Clinic
  • Erase Aesthetic Services
  • Harley Academy
  • Korea College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Luxe Clinic
  • The Doctor’s Studio
  • The Gaswerx
  • The Private Practice
  • Vplast Clinic
  • Wollongong Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery