About the Forum

Panama Papers, iCloud leaks of celebrity photo, Wells Fargo Accounts Scandal, Ebola Virus Disease, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, New South Wales Bushfires and others are just some of the many crises that have occurred in the past 2 years. All these events are proven to be poles apart from each other yet share the same traits of a crisis. Lucid communication is essential in limiting the damage that could be done to an organization in time of crisis and a highly agile crisis management plan could ensure that the crisis could be mitigate or well attended.

With these issues in minds, Clariden Global is proud to present to you our inaugural International Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications Forum that will equip government and business leaders with the necessary skills to effectively improve your crisis communication strategies.

Why Join This Forum

Defend Your Organization’s Reputation with 6 Proactive Crisis Communications Game Plan:

  1. Anticipate Changes. Understand the crisis landscape today and avoid the crisis communication blunders
  2. Build Relationships. Understand today’s media agenda to build a sustainable relationship with it
  3. Convey Message. Optimize all channels to convey your message to the right audience
  4. Demolish the Communication Silos. Demolish the traditional communication silos and create an effective crisis communication plan
  5. Evolutionary Media. Time to integrate traditional media with new media to form an impeccable crisis communication strategies
  6. Forward Thinking.  Be at the forefront of the crisis management landscape to secure your organization’s image and value

The Forum at a Glance


  • How to Respond Effectively Within the First 24 Hours During a Crisis
  • Shaping Your Crisis Communications Message
  • Regain Control in a Media Interview to Reduce Damage of Crisis
  • Understand How the Media View You
  • Multi-Channel Crisis Communications Response Plan


  • Dealing with Crisis Communications in a Digital Age
  • Managing Your Reputation with Public Scrutiny
  • Developing a Resilient Crisis Communications Plan
  • Demonstrating Leadership in Crisis Management


  • Workshop A: Using Social Media To Improve Crisis Communications: Developing Effective Engagement Plans and Messages
  • Workshop B: Dealing with the Media During a Crisis – Handling Interviews, Negative Publicity and Difficult Situations

Companies Expected at the Forum

  • AGL Energy
  • BHP Billiton
  • BP
  • Caltex
  • Department of Defence
  • ExxonMobil Australia
  • Glencore
  • Its Australia
  • John Holland
  • Melbourne Rail
  • Minister for Agriculture
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Minister for Health
  • Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
  • Minister for Industry
  • Rio Tinto
  • Shell
  • Total
  • United Energy and Multigas