Forum Highlights

10 Reasons To Join Us At The Global Digital Currency Forum 2021

  1. Participate in the world’s pre-eminent forum dedicated to creating opportunities for significant research and knowledge-building among central banks to serve common and unique research goals across all countries, and to reduce the risks of implementation
  2. Understand how to scale R&D efforts while reducing costs and inefficiencies, and uncover opportunities for collaboration for the benefit of all participants
  3. Learn from successful strategies through insight-sharing from central banks on technology solutions that best meet their unique needs and interests
  4. Get the latest updates on new Central Bank Digital Currency projects in the various states and cities of Asia Pacific, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East
  5. Discover responsible experimentation globally and ensure that any future implementations are validated by robust research and diverse test cases
  6. Rethink and rebuild lessons from current research and pilot projects following appropriate levels of privacy and anonymization to avoid potentially harmful market signaling
  7. Enjoy unrivalled networking opportunities to meet key decision makers and experts within the finance industry
  8. Connect with the central bank community, financial institutions, academia, and technology startups to enrich and inform DLT knowledge and R&D
  9. Discuss central banks’ knowledge of DLT and its opportunities and risks, as well as their access to the best-suited technology solutions
  10. Gain familiarity of technology capabilities available now and in the future, and evaluate their value and applicability to financial systems and central bank operations

Hot Themes To Be Discussed

  • The Future Of Digital Currency: Digital Financial Services And Financial Inclusion
  • The Bank Of England’s Exploration Of CBDC
  • Bank Of Canada’s Transformation Journey With CBDC
  • Implementing A Retail CBDC: Lessons Learned And Key Insights
  • How Digital Currency Could Build A More Sustainable Global Economy
  • Creating A Trusted Global Digital Currency: The Spectrum Of Privacy And Confidentiality
  • Regulating Central Bank Digital Currencies Framework
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) As A Tool For E-money Interoperability
  • Regulatory Sandbox Strategy For Central Banks Looking To Embrace Digital Currency and Blockchain
  • The Future Of CBDCs, The Impact Of CBDCs On Cross Border Payments And The Importance Of Interoperability
  • The Future of Blockchain Powered Digital Currencies

Post-forum Workshops (virtual)


Workshop A: Future Of Digital Currency With Blockchain Technology

Workshop B: Dispelling CBDC Myths: Exploring Better Technological Approaches To CBDC