Summit Highlights

Why Join This Summit

  1. DISCOVER EMERGING TRENDS: Discover advances in machine learning and AI from the world’s leading innovators, and their applications in different industries
  2. EXTRAORDINARY SPEAKERS: Learn from the most inspirational case studies and solutions on how AI can be applied effectively across different industry sectors: Healthcare, Media, Oil & Gas, Energy and more
  3. INVEST TO BRING AI TO LIFE: Find out the key opportunities and potential AI projects to transform the industry
  4. MAXIMIZE ROI: Utilize AI to generate actionable insights to bridge the missing link between data and business value
  5. DEVELOP YOUR OWN STRATEGY: Establish an effective framework for managing and planning AI integration
  6. OVERCOME THE CHALLENGES: Understand and learn how to resolve key challenges in Natural Language Processing and how it can bring to the tables besides automation
  7. DEVELOP TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES: Learn from and build effective technical and analytics capabilities within your organization with AI and other disruptive technologies
  8. EXPAND YOUR NETWORK: Engage with new tech innovators as well as global brands that are driving the change

The Summit AT A GLANCE


  • Advances in Quantum Technology with AI
  • Moving Towards SuperIntelligence: New Developments in Artificial General Intelligence
  • Emotion Synthesis for AI and Robots
  • Beyond Moonshots: Bring Real Intelligence to Machines – the Interplay Between Biology and Machines
  • AI in Complex Issues
  • Many Use Cases Across the Industries & New Applications of AI


  • The Future Economics of AI
  • New Business Models in Investing in AI & Robotics
  • AI in the Hospitals by Practising Physicians
  • Self-Driving Cars and AI New Developments
  • When Drones Intersect with AI & AR


  • Benefiting From the Advent of VTOL, Flying Cars and Passenger Drones
  • Preparing for the Advances & New Developments in Exponential Singularity

2017 Speaker List

  • NASA
  • 5D Robotics
  • BMW i-Ventures LLC
  • BNY Mellon
  • BootstrapLabs
  • Citi Ventures
  • Connected Car
  • DeepVu
  • Emoshape
  • Ford Motor
  • GE Digital
  • General Motors
  • Gofind.AI
  • GVA Capital
  • IBM Watson Labs
  • Innovation Shift
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Kimera Systems
  • KnuEdge
  • Kyndi
  • Lux Capital
  • Mendel Health
  • MyVest
  • Sibly
  • Stanford University
  • Story World Productions
  • TensorFlight
  • Uber
  • Wildcat VC
  • Woodside Capital