09:00  12:30 Pre Forum Workshop: Empowering Customer Retention and Acquisition with Insurance Analytics
The term “Insurance analytics” has long referred almost exclusively to the technical work of actuaries, risk managers and pricing specialists. More recently, analytics and machine learning technologies have been deployed in support of marketers, who seek higher conversion rates per advertising dollar by targeting customers most likely to respond to offers.

Building on these capabilities, the next generation of Insurance analytics:

  • Combines the worlds of the actuary, pricing analyst and marketer into a single technical model servicing all needs, while focusing directly on the customer and customer experience, thus empowering customer retention and boosting acquisition while ensuring profitability
  • Delivers an ability not only to detect and predict existing sales opportunities, but to manifest these where they did not previously exist
  • Creates a paradigm and supporting platform for end-to-end automation of the Insurance value chain, driven by Artificial Intelligence and interfaced by Chatbots

Come along to share how this exciting transformation is taking place in your own Insurance business, and to learn how others have risen to the challenge with various approaches.

Workshop Leader:

James Ward, Managing Director, Epistemology

14:00  17:30 InsurTech Innovations Showcase
With the high demand from the Australian insurers in looking for new innovations to improve their customer service delivery, generate deeper risk underwriting and predict losses and enable sophisticated operational capabilities, more InsurTech startups have leveraged this opportunity to assist in addressing such challenges.

Join this mind-blowing session to discover how InsurTech startups are able to lift your business differently through its disruptive innovation. Be enlightened by demonstrations from InsurTech startups below to unlock the growing opportunity in your organization.

Catch the future of insurance in real-time with an exciting agenda built around business challenges and innovative solutions. From keynote speeches to fireside chats, panels, showcases, startup pitches, and users cases from entrepreneurs and insurance professionals within the InsurTech ecosystem, join us in the groundbreaking session focused on insurance & technology.

Munich-Re-logo Vanessa-Dobson-rounded

Vanessa Dobson (Chairperson), Head of Research and Development, Munich Re

flamingo-logo Dr-Catriona-Wallace-rounded

Dr Catriona Wallace, CEO & Founder, Flamingo Venture

MCM_Logo (new) Gilberto-Spencer-rounded

Gilberto Spencer, CEO, MyClaimMate

Mercurien Logo Michael-Graham-rounded

Michael Graham, CEO, Mercurien

insured by us Ben-Webster-rounded

Ben Webster, Co Founder, Insured by Us

Cover Genius Logo Chris-Bayley-rounded

Chris Bayley, CEO & Founder, Cover Genius

claim-central-logo Brian_rounded

Brian Siemsen, Managing Director & CEO, Claim Central Consolidated

POSS E logo Michael-FitzGibbon-rounded

Michael FitzGibbon, Managing Partner, The Waterman Partnership Pty Ltd, Founder, Poss-E



09:00 Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Forum Producer
09:05 Forum Introduction and Main Forum Day 1 Highlights by Chairperson

Vanessa Dobson, Head of Research and Development, Munich Re

09:15 Disruptive Innovations Rising From InsurTech
  • New waves of opportunities InsurTech will bring to the Australia Insurance
  • Top Insurtech Trends to Watch
  • How InsurTech helps to narrow Australia’s underinsurance gap

Brenton Charnley, CEO & Co-Founder, Insurtech Sydney

10:00 Harnessing The Start-Up Opportunity
  • What is the opportunity?
  • What needs to be in place?
  • Why is it so hard?

Ron Arnold, Managing General Partner of IAG Firemark Ventures, IAG

10:45 Morning Refreshments & Networking
11:00 Emerging Technology Spotlight: Showcasing New InsurTech Innovations
  • Mobile Health
  • E-brokers/Real-time Online Insurance Quoting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Automated Underwriting
  • Digital Customer Experience & Engagement

Samantha Clarke, Co-Founder and Director, Advice RegTech

11:45 Legal and Regulatory Challenges Presented by InsurTech
  • Data privacy
  • Ethical considerations including vulnerable customers
  • Regulators approach to InsurTech

Paul Muir, Director, Compliance Advocacy Solutions Pty Ltd

12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Utilizing Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to Improve Underwriting, Loss & Claims
  • How big data and machine learning can be used to improve underwriting
  • How AI can improve claims processing and help to spot fraud
  • Leveraging existing data and analytics to generate deeper risk insights
  • Automating Underwriting Processes

Peter Tilocca, Chief Underwriter, ANZ

14:15 Advanced Analytics in Product and Pricing Innovation in Insurance
  • Impact of advanced data in the advancement of product and pricing innovation
  • Transforming into “next-generation” insurance business through applying big data in business growth
  • Using Big Data in predicting risk and enhance pricing mechanism for insurance product
  • Usage-based Insurance (UBI) – Introducing premium by usage through real-time monitoring and visualization

Dr. Tony Carter, Chief Underwriting Officer, Risk Analyst and Statistician, SLE Worldwide

15:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
15:15 Converting Analytics, Automation and InsurTech solutions into value for insurers
  • Evaluating the benefits of InsurTech solutions
  • Driving the best return on investment
  • Preparing for the opportunities of the future

Michael FitzGibbon, Managing Partner, The Waterman Partnership Pty Ltd, Founder, Poss-E

POSS E logo
16:00 Leveraging Data Analytics in Driving Greater Customer Experience
  • Using Big Data Analytics in assisting Insurer for better customer segmentation
  • Using customers data history to offer a better package
  • Understand historical data to managing new risks accurately

Bert Bakker, Chief Operating Officer – Actuarial and Analytics, Youi Insurance

16:45 Panel Discussion: How Incumbent Insurers Should Drive Internal Innovations
  • Sustaining Innovation Culture
  • Organizational Change
  • Adapting to Disruptive Innovation
  • Phasing out Legacy Systems
  • Developing New Capabilities: Analytics, Distribution and Products

Samantha Clarke, Co-Founder and Director, Advice RegTech


Brian Siemsen, Managing Director & CEO, Claim Central Consolidated


James Ward, Managing Director, Epistemology


Eoghan Trehy, National Head of Insurance Broking, Macquarie Group

17:30 Closing Remark by Forum Chairperson
17:35 Champagne Networking Session
Champagne networking session Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst networking with other like-minded individuals on topics that are of most interest to you and fellow delegates.
09:00 Forum Introduction and Main Forum Day 2 Highlights by Chairperson

Robert Kinkade, Co-Founder, CX360

 09:10 Fireside Chat: The Future of IoT in Transforming Insurance
  • Insights on insurance companies that are transforming with connectivity IoT
  • What is the current state of deployment on IoT in insurance industry?
  • How IoT Is changing the way insurer operates?
  • Discuss the emerging trends of IoT in Insurance

Simon Beitz, Former Head of Innovation Labs, Suncorp

09:55 Driving Profitable Growth with Insurance Telematics
  • Trends in insurance Telematics across the globe
  • What is the insurer proposition?
  • Harnessing customer acquisition and retention through telematics programs
  • What makes a customer proposition that drives profitable growth?
  • Other uses of telematics infrastructure – roadside, safety, parental, education, gamification
  • Challenges – Analytics, pricing, privacy & data
  • Where are we heading in Australia & NZ?

Jon Tindall, Consultant, Finity Consulting

10:40 Morning Refreshments & Networking
10:55 Cyber Risk in a Hyper Connected World
  • Info Security and Customer Data – Who Cares?!
  • Threats, Risks, Trends … and Trust
  • From Prevention to Resilience
  • Lessons From Cyber Insurance

Jeffrey Gonlin, Head of Underwriting and Product Development, Emergence

11:40 Offshore Capabilities – Shane Devlin GM of Technology at EML
  • Opportunities and Risks when considering Offshore team growth
  • Communication & Management Tools to empower and measure staff
  • Where to start and how to scale
  • Data Security, Regulation and common roadblocks

Daniel Breese, General Manager of Business Development, AS White Global

ASWHITE's logo - website

Shane Devlin, General Manager of Technology, EML

12:00 Drones in Assisting Insurer for better Inspection to speed up claims
  • Case Studies: IAG mobilized drones to inspect damaged properties from a bushfire from Victoria’s Great Ocean Road
  • Using drone in mitigating risk associated with unsafe physical site
  • Deploy drone inspection in reducing cost and reliance on human labor
  • Speed up claim process with faster inspection process

Scott Lindsay, Head of Supply Chain, IAG

12:30 Lunch & Networking
13:30 Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • What is RPA
  • Where it can be applied in Insurance Companies
  • Walk through of a use case from the UK insurance industry

Tim Ryan, Founding Partner, Innovior

14:00 Deploying AI across the Insurance Value Chain
  • How AI can transform the customer experience and step-change productivity from sales through to claims
  • Focusing on the right use cases
  • Successfully implementing AI solutions in the corporate environment

Dan Taylor, General Manager, Innovation, TAL Life

14:45 Panel Discussion: Blockchain Plus Emerging Technology that Redefines Efficiency, Competitiveness & Sustainable Growth for Insurance
  • Transformation on physical contract to power contract
  • Smart Contracts could help in managing claim in a transparent, responsive and irrefutable manner
  • Utilizing Smart Contracts in reducing Fraud in Insurance
  • Emerging Technology on Automation

Niki Ariyasinghe, Director of Partnerships, R3

16-11-02_R3_Master Logo-01

Hugo O’Connor, Co-founder, Head of Innovation, Bit Trade Australia Pty Ltd

15:30 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking
15:45 Smart phones – the Technophobes Tale
  • Look at the history of smart phones
  • Changing usage both
  • Future impacts on Insurance

Luke Warner, Co-Founder, OneClaim

16:15 Seamless Digital Customer Engagement
  • Digital communication
  • Claims transformation
  • Mobile technologies

Mike Emmett, Group Chief Executive Officer, Cover-More Group

16:45 Closing Remark by Forum Chairperson