Pre-Conference Masterclasses  
09:00 – 12:30 Masterclass A: RPA and IA Bootcamp: Preparing Your Organization for Successful RPA Implementation
RPA has been maturing quietly over the years. Many organizations are beginning to explore the use of RPA in different scenarios and processes to create competitive edge for its business. Nonetheless, implementation of the software can still be a challenge for those wanting to leverage automation. Join us to understand the outlook and roadblocks of a RPA and IA journey, discover RPA’s various functions and finally, the unlimited capabilities of RPA and IA.

  • Identify roadblock to its success and potential to add value to your business
  • Learn about IA’s current and ever-evolving capabilities and what it can offer in the years to come
  • Better understand which of the processes can be utilized by these technologies and how they are different from other automation management tools
  • Provide a variety of industries and corporate functional department
Shivangi-112x128 Shivangi Kamath
Head Quality Management and Process Improvement- Process Excellence Group
Tata AIG General Insurance Company limited
Tata Aig
12:30 – 13:30 Networking Luncheon
13:30 – 16:30 Masterclass B: Scaling RPA for Enterprise Wide Adoption

Designed to perform on a vast range of complex processes, enterprise-wide RPA delivers even more powerful outcomes at unlimited scale, helping companies become digital businesses faster and gain a valuable advantage on their path to AI. By the end of this program, participants will be able to acknowledge the internal processes for enterprise wide deployement of RPA, develop a governance structure suitable to your organization’s maturity level and achieve business success. This session will show you:

  • Reviewing Internal Processes for Deployment of RPA
  • Develop a Governance Structure by Maturing the RPA Culture in Your DNA
  • Scaling Your RPA from Local to Enterprise Wide Adoption
  • Developing Realistic Targets For Your IA Strategy & Roadmaps to Build Your Competitive Advantage and to Achieve Them for Business Success
  • The Importance of Internal Stakeholders & Governance Models
Vartul-112x128 Vartul Mittal 
Technology & Innovation Specialist
(Formerly – IBM, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Coca Cola)

  Day 1 – Main Conference Agenda  
 Case Studies of Successful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) Implementation
09:00 am Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:15 am What is RPA? How to Identify Opportunities for RPA in the Business?
Frederic-Ducros-112x128 Frederic Ducros
Chief Transformation Officer
10:00 am Citibank Case Study: How Robotic Process Automation Helps Citi Deliver Massive Benefits in Productivity Through Automation of Manual Process
 Roberto-112x128 Roberto Ramirez Pinson
Senior Vice President, Retail Risk Regulatory Reporting Global Lead and Data Strategy Expert
Citibank Singapore
citi logo
10:30 am Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:45 am How DBS Bank Accelerates Digitalization Transformation With Robotic Program & How RPA Enables DBS to Free Up 25K Man Hours of Menial
kailash-112x128 Kailash Ramalingam
Regional Head, Contact Center and Servicing Platforms
DBS Bank
11:15 am Reserved Session For Sponsor  
11:45 am The Dark Side of Robotics: Lessons Learnt from Failed Robotic Process Implementation
Allan Bocq
Data Analytic Project Leader
Schneider Electric
(Leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in East Asia Japan Pacific Region)
schneider logo
Chin-Ze-Wei-112x128 Chin Ze Wei
East Asia, Japan and Pacific Regional Leader for the End to End Lead Time Reduction Programme and Digizitation (RPA)
Schneider Electric
schneider logo
12:15 pm Networking Lunch
Implementation Strategy, Roll Outs, Governance Model and Scaling Up
13:15 pm Preparing your Organization for RPA and IA Implementation: Developing Realistic Targets, Quick Wins and Roadmaps to Enable Successful Implementation  
  • Defining where to start when you’re considering an RPA strategy
  • Understand how to set targets, relative to organization’s business goals and structure
  • Evaluate existing processes to determine where RPA and AI fits in your business
  • Learn how to leverage on RPA and IA to build market leadership
 Ritu-Thakur-112x128 Ritu Thakur
Head Of Operations Transformation
Allianz Malaysia
allianz Malaysia logo
13:45 pm Case Study: Applying Robotics in Banking and Financial industry
  • The evolution of Robotics in the banking industry
  • Business transformation model by leveraging process automation, loan processing, automated customer service, smart ATMs, mobile and online banking application
Dominic-112x128 Dominic Mascrinas
Head – Group Operations and Technology
Hong Leong Bank Berhad
hong leong logo
14:15 pm Dealing with Unstructured Data Analysis and Unclear Rules-Based Processes in RPA
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to Capture Unstructured Data
  • Connecting RPA with Artificial Intelligence
Pedro-112x128 Pedro Uria-Recio
Group Vice President, Head of Axiata Analytics
axiata logo
14:45 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session  
15:00 pm Assessing RPA Missteps to Avoid Failures in the Long Run  
  • Overcoming proof of concept confusion
  • Collaboration of selected vendors and your internal IT department to help choose the right selections
  • Overlooking the reality of diminishing returns by only focusing on a fully automated end-to-end process only
Vartul-112x128 Vartul Mittal
Technology & Innovation Specialist
(Formerly – IBM, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Coca Cola)
15:30 pm RHB’s RPA Journey – Automating Different Types of Processes, From Simple to Complex Process
selveen-112x128 Selveen Muniady
Head, Robotics Process Automation
RHB Bank Malaysia
RHB logo
 16:00 pm Setting Up An RPA Center Of Excellence, From inception To Steady State
Ferhad-Ismail-112x128 Ferhad Ismail
Head of Freight and Transportation systems and RPA (Asia Pacific)
CEVA Logistics
16:30 pm Digitalization Of Procurement: A Compelling Value Proposition
  • Contextualizing the elements of digitalization for a world class procurement organization
  • Optimizing cloud platform to enhance procurement digitalization
  • Utilizing a strategic procurement leverage on digitalization
Ramesh-Krishnamoorty-112x128 Ramesh Krishnamoorthy
Head of Procurement – APAC, India & Japan
Philips logo
17:00 pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman
17:10 pm Champagne Networking Session  

  Day 2 – Main Conference Agenda  
RPA and IA Successful Use Cases, Case Studies and Next Steps
09:00 am Welcoming Speech, Opening Remarks & Thank You Sponsor Speech by Conference Producer
09:15 am Industry Interactive Roundtable Discussion (30 mins per table):
  • Roundtable A: Vendor Assessment & Selection
  • Roundtable B: Getting started with RPA – Decide What, Where, When, Why and How to Automate
Ferhad-Ismail-112x128 Ferhad Ismail
Head of Freight and Transportation systems and RPA (Asia Pacific)
CEVA Logistics
  • Roundtable C: How RPA and IA Can Improve Productivity of Legacy Systems
Alain-Boey-112x128 Alain Boey
Chief Transformation Officer
Media Prima Berhad
Media prima logo
  • Roundtable D: Justifying the ROI of RPA for Buy-in
  • Roundtable E: Developing the Center of Excellence to Scale Up RP
Rajan-112x128 Rajan Kumar Upadhyay
Machine Learning Technical Expert
10:15 am Morning Refreshments & Networking Session
10:30 am Live Demonstrations:
Live Demonstration A (30 mins): 10:30 – 11:00am
Live Demonstration B (30 mins): 11:00 – 11:30amLive software robots automation demonstration of a process being automated. To see the bot’s process workflow and the application that how the technology might revolutionize your business & operation processes
11:30 am How RPA Will be a Game Changer in the World of Data  
  • Managing data tasks with RPA
  • Extracting, analyzing and recording data in a much more efficient way with RPA
  • Optimizing Big data analytics with RPA
 Rajan-112x128 Rajan Kumar Upadhyay
Machine Learning Technical Expert
12:00 pm Case Study: How RPA Delivers Value by Improving Automation in Operations
Neeti-112x128 Neeti Mahajan
Managing Director, GSC HSBC Malaysia and Head of Workforce & Capacity Management Global Operations
HSBC Malaysia
HSBC logo
12:30 pm Networking Lunch
13:30 pm Case Study: How RPA Can Automate 65% of HR’s Rule-Based Processes  
Safinas-Mohd-Ibrahim-112x128 Safinas Mohd Ibrahim
Senior Vice President, People Intelligence & Project Activation (HR)
Axa logo
14:00 pm Case Study: How RPA transforms your customer experience
 Raj-Chaudhuri-112x128 Raj Chaudhuri
Director, Global Servicing Network
American Express
amex (bok)
 14:30 pm The Next Steps: Integrating RPA and IA with Machine Learning and AI  
  • Integrate intelligent decision making using big data and analytics
  • Amalgamation of machine learning, advanced analytics and RPA
  • Natural language generation/speech recognition to build completely virtual workforce
Sandeep-Bhalekar-112x128 Sandeep Bhalekar
Vice President, Audit Automation and Data Analytics, SME for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
15:00 pm Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session  
Future Innovations With RPA and IA
15:30 pm The Importance of Governance Models in Process Automation and Implementation Roll-Outs  
 RAJESH-NANDAKUMAR-112x128 Rajesh Nandakumar
Head of Enterprise Architect Governance Global Consumer Technology Asia & EMEA
citi logo
16:00 pm AXA Case Study: Developing a Robotic Process Centre of Excellence
 Winnie-Wong-112x128 Winnie Wong
Head, Operations excellence
AXA (Business Process Improvement & Robotics Process Automation)
Axa logo
16:30 pm Incorporating Successful Change Management Strategy as a Part of RPA
  • Designing an effective change management strategy
  • Seamless communication and hand off between stakeholders to incorporate changes without affecting execution
Vartul-112x128 Vartul Mittal
Technology & Innovation Specialist
(Formerly – IBM, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Coca Cola)
17:00 pm Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman