Forum Highlights

Smart Cities Innovation Showcase


The Smart Cities Innovation Showcase which will provide an unprecedented stage for city councils and top city leaders across Australia to see some of the most progressive, exciting innovations (AI, smart sensors and IoTs ) that will see how Australian cities can optimize citizen experience by making cities more liveable while driving urban renewal with inclusivity and innovations.



Future Smart Cities Site Tour


In this site tour, delegates will discover how smart city analytics can aid city planning and design and  latest urban renewal projects and smart mobility proiects at UNSW’s Smart Cities Research Cluster and CityLab by City of Melbourne. Participants will see how City of Melbourne are using open data, predictive analytics and AI to gain deeper understanding towards smarter cities and resource optimization.

Key Themes

  • Key Smart Cities Developments Around the World: Singapore, Barcelona, Hamburg and Seoul
  • Planning and Designing Award Winning Smart Cities
  • Benchmarking Your Progress: National Cities Performance Framework
  • Australia Leading Smart Cities Visionary Showcase
  • Smart Mobility and Intelligent Transportation
  • Building a Smart, Connected Community with Liveable Neighbourhoods
  • City Sustainability and Resilience Strategies
  • Smart City Network Infrastructure, Data and Analytics
  • How Artificial Intelligence and IoTs Are Making Smart Cities Even Smarter
  • Public-Private Partnership to Advance Smart Cities
  • Civic Engagement & Citizen Experience
  • Smart Technology for Public Safety